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5 days ago

OH HOLY MOLY!!! I cannot describe to you how excited I am to share this photo with you guys! (Heck! To have been able to even SHOOT this photo in the first place was an actual miracle granted to me by the cat gods from their cat clouds up in heaven!! 🐈) On my recent adventures in Lake Tahoe, I met so many amazing, once-in-a-lifetime sort of animals. Animals that loved to adventure, splash, play and explore the wilderness. The spirit of the shoots that I did out there was all about adventure. Exploration. The Magic of the Wild. Never ever did I imagine, however, that one of those amazing adventure animals would be a CAT! Say hello to @nixthebengal , a feline companion to his human best friend whose on board for any adventure out in the sprawling western wild. 💦 We went to this spot twice - once to scout it and once to actually do the shoot. The 1st time we were there, the water was calm and smooth as glass. However, as Mother Nature likes to keep us guessing — the day we got there for the actual shoot, the winds were whistling across the top of the lake, throwing waves and whitecaps in every direction. It was quite a different scene than our location scouting day, and so we had to reassess everything. While Nix enjoyed standing in and exploring the water while it was nice and calm, putting a cat - any cat- near a splashing, swaying, frothing body of water was naturally going to be a little more challening than the former perfectly calm, glassy option. So, we had to come up with a plan. We decided to build a little dam out of rocks and logs to create a quiet cove that would protect our rockstar model Nix from waves and splashes. Once we had a serene little cove created for our four-legged dude, we gave it a try, and holy moly, wouldn’t you know? It worked! Nix stood on his little flat submerged stone wondering what all the human fuss was about, and rock and rolled this shot into Dog Breath Photography history. GAHHH! #catsoftahoe #catsofinstagram #bengal #bengals #bengalsofinstagram #adventurecat #adventurecats #hikingwithcats #adventurecatsorg #kayleegreer #dogbreathphotography #commercialcatphotography #bengalworld

6 months ago

Most of the girls on my floor have cats and they love their cats. My next door neighbor recently put a picture of her and her cat on her door. It’s adorable and heartfelt. I don’t have a cat but I do have this ridiculous picture of an ex girlfriend’s cat intruding on my nap time. Not to be one to miss the opportunity for a laugh, this is now on my door. #snc #snctahoe #catfloor #laketahoe #sierranevadacollege #catpics #funnycatpics #catsofinstagram #catsoftahoe #cats #meow #napping #catfriend

3 years ago

Happy Birthday to this handsome little devil! Salvador turned 15 yesterday❤️ #catsoftahoe

3 years ago

This sweet kitty was wandering around the parking lot at our apartment complex and followed me inside, so we're using local Facebook pages to see if we can find her owner, but is 30 degrees out here and supposed to snow tonight! I couldn't leave her outside so she's with us until we find her owner. Archer is on high alert and she mostly hides from him but I think they'd get used to each other with time. Im going to take her to the vet to check for a microchip tomorrow. She's an absolute darling! #kittycat #catsofinstagram #catstagram #blackandwhite #blackandwhitecat #tahoesouth #catsoftahoe #tahoecat