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3 weeks ago

Day 1 - South Lake to PCT 14.5 miles Bishop Pass, then a long descent down to the trail that brought me into orbit with some of my favorite humans. Not having to run to the border meant we could take long indulgent breaks, actually talk to other hikers, enjoy some beers chilled by an ice cold river, and catch up on 3 years of post-trail life by a fire. I fell asleep with my face hurting. Too much smiling. 📍Native Southern Mono Land #backpacking #PCT #trailfam #trailtherapy #bishoppass #dusybasin #johnmuir

1 month ago

This was one of the most rewarding hikes I've done (because I usually chicken out at the idea of waking up in the middle of the night). We woke up at 3am to hike up Bishop Pass in the dark to photograph sunrise. Well unbeknownst to me Bishop Pass doesn't have much of a view so we decided to scale a small peak nearby that put us at about 12,400 feet and we were rewarded with this view! Dusy Basin and beyond is absolutely gorgeous at sunrise. #sierra #sierranevada #dusybasin #whataview #topoftheworld #view #vista #sunrise #sunset #twilight #dusk #dawn #mountains #mountainclimbing #bishoppass #goclimbarock

1 month ago

Last Saturday morning I woke up to one of the best sunrises of all time. Unfortunately it was also my last day on the trail. Here’s some photos of the sunrise and of the very end of the trip, South Lake. Stay tuned for lots more pics from this trip. It was absolutely stunning from end to end. . . . . #aurorahdr #photography #digitalart #hdr #hdrphotography #hiking #backpacking #optoutside #rei1440project #neverstopexploring #peakdesigns #garmin #luminar #smugmug #skylum #madewithluminar #nature #travel #adventure #landscape #wanderlust #outdoors #everyoneoutside #exploreinyocounty #northsouthlakeloop #dusybasin #kingscanyonnationalpark #jmt #jmt2019

1 month ago

A tiny down-stuffed mound with two heads wakes up overlooking a high alpine lake. It’s only half aware of what the day’s 10-mile trek over snow fields and boulder landslides will entail. Several snow caves (arching secretly over rivers) will serve as reminders to avoid walking over untracked snow. Natural granite “water slides”, hundreds of feet long, break up a serious 3-hour uphill climb. Reward is setting up camp overlooking the Dusy Basin lake followed by drinking wine while reading a cheesy novel all together. 🧀 📖 #HelenLake #morningmound #snowcave #iheartbackpacking #owowow #DusyBasin

1 month ago

Day 7 Aug 23. Climbed first thing in the morning over Cirque Pass 12,047 ft then dropped into a lake basin below palisade crest. Next we climbed over Potluck pass 12,146 ft which was a series of maze like ramps and 3rd class climbs. I quite enjoyed that one. Dropping into the huge Palisade basin was like being stuck in a beautiful hall of mirrors, we could see our next pass Knapsack pass 11,680 ft across the 2.5 mile basin, but we could just not seem to get to it, hitting cliff edges and dead ends. We finally found our first tree to have lunch under because we were frying from the high elevation hot sun, this day ended up blistering my lips which I had to cover for the rest of the hike. Finally Knapsack pass was reached and we scrambled down some large boulders into Dusy basin and made our way to the JMT which dropped us into Le Conte Valley, where we took our obligatory Le Conte Monster photo. We hiked about another 6 or 7 miles up toward Muir pass before sleeping at one of the water outlets half way up.

1 month ago

There will never truly be a way to show what a Middle Kings trip is really like, but here’s a little snapshot into what the hike is like. 12 miles, ~2,200 feet of climbing, ~3,200 feet of descending, countless hikers asking what lake we’re going to, and more than a little suffering brings you to the beginning of one of the most epic places on earth. Descending through every layer in the Sierra and traversing the mountains from East to West will always feel like such an accomplishment, can’t wait for next year!! . . . . . . #kokatat #intothewater #watersheddrybags #getwetstaydry #jacksonkayak #nuunlife #nuunelite #bishoppass #dusybasin #sierranevada #whitewater #whitewaterismagic

1 month ago

Sunrise at 11k. . . Humped 40+ lb packs 6 miles over Bishop Pass to Dusy Basin with friends C&C for Konrad's first backcountry trip.

1 month ago

Day 2 of this 4th Annual Dusy + Palisade Basin Trip is a big day-hike to the way off-trail Rainbow Lakes....aptly named for all their hungry rainbows. It looks to me like these lakes only get a few visitors per year. Get off the trail folks! #dusybasin #easternsierra #nofilter #wildrainbowtrout

1 month ago

So Darrell McGowan and I had this crazy idea to wake up at 3 AM and climb a small peak above Bishop Pass to shoot sunrise. Holy $#!% am I glad we did! The view was insane! We could see all of Dusy Basin and over four ridges across the Sierra. Words really can’t describe how incredibly beautiful sunrise was from up there. It’s a good thing we did it in the dark though, If it were light I might have chickened out seeing how close we came to dying from one potential missed step... @darrellmac #sunrise #sunset #twilight #bishoppass #mountains #hiking #backpacking #naturephotography #hiker #backpacker #peak #mountain #sierra #sierranevada #dusybasin #climber #climbing #mountainclimbing #mountainclimber #vista #mountainview #mountainvista

1 month ago

Two weeks ago, we went on this crazy hard hike and I was almost glad when it was over. It was rough!!! Now I kinda miss it. 4 days & 4 nights, 37 rough miles, 3 passes to climb, many miles without a trail, lots of snowfields to cross and boulders to climb over. Great adventures don’t come easy....and yes, that was the first weekend of August in California.... #northlake #southlake #lamarckcol #evolutionlake #wandalake #sierras #easternsierras #johnmuirwilderness #13000ft #altitude #muirhut #muirpass #bishoppass #mountains #snow #highsierra #jmt #dusybasin #backpacking #hiking #onthetrail #latergram #california #gooutside

2 months ago

If words were to describe what a trip down the Middle Kings is like, it would be a novel and still wouldn’t even come close to doing the experience justice. The suffering of strapping a ~90 pound kayak to your back, walking 12 miles over a 12,000 foot pass, paddling countless class V rapids, spending time in my favorite canyon in the world, and of course surrounded by some of the best people on the planet all come together for an unforgettable experience. I feel so lucky to have been able to make two trips down this epic river this year and I already can’t wait for the next! Thanks to @bcoleman176 @evannmoore @j_chase_kayak and @danejacksonkayak for an unforgettable few days in paradise! . . . . #kokatat #intothewater #watersheddrybags #getwetstaydry #jacksonkayak #jknirvana #nuunlife #nuunelite

2 months ago

Trail Report 8-6-19 . Well it took until August but thru hikers are finally coming and going over Bishop Pass in droves. Lots of JMT, PCT and Sierra High Route folks are pouring in and out of the canyon so the last week days has finally felt like a normal summer in the high country. . The trails are mostly wide open for day hikers, just some higher than normal creek crossings to contend with. Sabrina Basin, Bishop Pass Trail, the Tyee Lakes, Chocolate Loop and the Lamarck Lakes are just a few of the more popular day hikes. . The wildflowers are absolutely stunning right now - lots and lots of color lining the trails and dotting the meadows. . The skeeters 🦟 are still in full effect...bring the deet and/or a head net if you plan to hike near the water 💦 early or late in the day. (Photos: Hurd Lake, South Lake from the Bishop Pass Trail, Glacial Divide from Lower Desolation Lake, Sunset at Muriel). . Sierrally, The Parchers Gang

2 months ago

As I started ascending Mt. Agassiz, I could see the ridge line. With the snowy conditions, the route ranged from class 2 to class 5 near the top. I hadn’t planned on summitting this time. But it was clear as day. I needed to go for it. Things in life, namely my job, had been consuming my time and energy. I could feel it in my body as I hiked. As much as it pains me to say it, it was defining me. I was making more money than I ever have. But finances were running my life, and my faith wasn’t. This quickly became a moment of defiance. At the heart of the Christian faith is adventure—taking risks, but knowing it relates to some bigger picture. I needed to prove this is still alive and well in me. So without hesitation, I went for it. Alone. Occasionally looking back knowing one slip or fall would result in major injuries. But the adrenaline was too much. I kept climbing. This wasn’t about signing some summit register or taking a self portrait claiming to the world what I’ve accomplished. This was clearly about one thing—proving to myself that my faith is still the driver of my every thought and move.

2 months ago

I’ve been off grid in the backcountry backpacking solo in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I’ve been solo trekking the Sierra for four years and this was the sketchiest of all years and the first year that I’ve ever wished I had a hiking partner. . . In short trekking in snow was work, lots of trail locating because of snow pack, there were sections of snow that covered lakes, some areas melting revealing lakes and rushing streams, snow covered meadows that were more like huge lakes with rushing water, having caution on where I trekked because I didn’t want the snow to cave in and I fall under. The water crossings were sketchy and lots of hiking to find safer passages for crossings. . . Hiking with a beacon is essential because one never knows what could happen. My @spot_llc came in handy when I helped a fellow hiker after falling and breaking her knee while she was trying to cross on a log on a water crossing. Mother Nature demands our respect and for those who rely on cell service or want towers in the backcountry you are not ready to enter the wilderness. . . Even with all the sketchy trying moments that brought frustration, fear and tears, I still had an epic time, especially because this was the first year that I didn’t get extremely ill with acute mountain sickness. My last night on the trail I slept comfortably at 11,406’ without the aid of western medicine, just the plants! . . #dusybasin #bishoppass #johnmuirwilderness #wanderlustingencelia #xt_wanderlust #inyonationalforest #solobackpacker #spotllc #sierranevadamountains #jmt2019

5 months ago

Dusy Basin, one of the most beautiful basins in the Sierras. This picture is from 2015 and my trip with @needsabath on the South Lake to North Lake loop. One of these summers, maybe this one. I’m doing it again. . . . #aurorahdr #photography #digitalart #hdr #hdrphotography #hiking #backpacking #optoutside #rei1440project #neverstopexploring #peakdesigns #garmin #luminar #smugmug #skylum #madewithluminar #nature #travel #adventure #landscape #wanderlust #outdoors #everyoneoutside #dusybasin #sierranevadas

5 months ago

What drives your passion for photography? For me, it’s exploring the most difficult to reach locations and brining it to life. This is a fiery sunrise at 11,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains. #dusybasin

9 months ago

1 year ago

All you need is a good saddle horse and plenty of trail to ride