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16 hours ago

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes..... this was 100% not the color I was going for. Tell me it’s ok, because I have to wear it around a while and give my hair time to rest before adding color. I haven’t seen this color since 1991, y’all. I’m going to freak right out. #blonde #whosthatgirl #itsgonnabealright #newhair #icarealot

17 hours ago

Missing my papa.. popped in to bring cookies and cakes to the nurses at his temporary home away from 🏡 Of course when chocolate cake is involved he believes that the cookies are just fine... maybe we should keep the cake for us? I wanted to take a new picture with him but frankly he looked awful and I didn’t want him to see me cry. I also knew if I cried my lungs would be working overtime. What is this Compassionate caregiver to do? . . #sadday #rallyformypapa #painsucks #parkinsonssucks #caregiverlife #caregiversupport #amacaregiver #icarealot #livelifewithlove #bekind #becompassionate #smilebehindthetears

3 days ago

(YouTube link is located on IG Bio page...feel free to SUBSCRIBE) 💢💢💛❤💛💢💢 "WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR (Music Video)" ❤💛🧡❤💛🧡 "We're Here For...Love...Respect...Patience...and Upliftment." ❤🙂❤ ODogg . Anti-Imperial . ThaChill 💡 Videographer - @w3.productions Model - @caribbeancurls_ Model - @iam_nancygx3

3 days ago

Last Friday night of filming #ICareALot ✨ this incredible cast, crew and whole experience made my first time working on a feature film (yes, first — I’ll be back ;)) so surreal... only a few more days left of pretending I’m a movie star 😂🤪

5 days ago

Morrn! 🧡 - Vad gör du här? Du är ju helt skruvad! - Du då! Du är ju mycket tjockare än alla vi andra. -Ska du säga, du har ju tre ben! -Min blast är snyggast! -Varför är du så smal? Är du inte riktigt frisk!? . Tur inte morötter är som många människor. . Alla morötter är morötter! 💛🥕💜🥕💚🥕💙 . Soon carrotbread. 🧡 . #odla #odlarglädje #giftfritt #ekologiskt #trädgård #garden #köksträdgård #kitchengarden #odladinegenmat #growyourownfood #livetpålandet #countryliving #helalandetlever #land #minlandsbygd #växlaner #slowliving #hållbarlivsstil #sustainablelifestyle #färskaråvaror #gårdsförsäljning #helalandetlever #supportyourlocalfarmer #grownnotflown #grönsakssäsong #vegetablesseason #veggies #grönsaker #carrots #morötter #icarealot

1 week ago

Eiza González compartió el nuevo look que llevará en su próxima película titulada "I Care a Lot". Actuará a lado de Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinkalge y Chris Messina. #ICareALot

1 week ago

Hollywood came by the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds ⁦ @NorfolkDeeds ⁩ today. Very interesting watching actresses Rosamund Pike and Eiza Gonzalez film their scenes for the movie I Care A Lot. #EizaGonzalez #ICareALot

1 week ago

La actriz, @eizagonzalez , se despidió de su cabellera, pero no porque estuviera cerrando ciclos, su transformación es producto del último proyecto en el que se encuentra. I Care a Lot es una película de suspenso escrita y dirigida por J Blakeson. 😃🎞 #eizagonzález #icarealot #movie #cine

1 week ago

Took a walk to the @dedhampubliclibrary for the #icecreamsocial today & got to see them filming @dedhamsquare #courthouse for the new movie coming out 'I Care A Lot' .... Justice was quite impressed with all the equipment it takes to shoot a scene, and this is only a small scene it looked. Funny kid said it reminded him of the show Catfish for some reason 🤷‍♀️🤣 Perhaps because they show more 'behind the scene' type stuff, but like I explained to my curious little 8 yo, ALL movies have all these people & equipment going on.... and then some! #movieshoot #icarealot

1 week ago

Ok due to unfortunate events recently I warn ALL of my followers and everyone who sees this to NOT put location on your post because my friends got hacked and when we refused the hacker what he wanted he threatened to hurt my friend I'm sure the hacker got her state and location from a post that has location. I warn ANYONE/EVERYONE DO NOT PUT LOCATION ON YOUR POST THIS IS SEROUS Tag/// #gachalife #hacker #safety #dontdoit #icarealot #please #everyone

2 weeks ago

My morning thoughts as we all start a new week. I start my day healthy. A lot of new decisions and choices to make as the day progresses. Some may want to drop a few pounds. Some may want to join me to change a few lives? Make money to cover your groceries? Get a student loan paid off? Save more for retirement or a dream trip. You don’t change your life overnight. You change your habits and a little bit, day by day, change happens. #mindset Get out your calendar. The reminders app on your phone. Post it notes. Whatever. And make a plan for ONE new habit this week. I will cut out soda. I will get up earlier to exercise. I will replace chips with veggies. I will do a plank every morning. I will message two people every day to check on them. I will make coffee at home instead of getting Starbucks. It doesn’t take massive action. It doesn’t take changing everything at once. Start. Small. I have a get healthier 7 day trial group coming up. It’s an easy way to start your healthy journey with a small step. Comment below if you want in and with your new habit for this week. You KNOW that you KNOW what you need to do. So do it. I believe in you. . . #newdecisions #habitsofhealth #successfulsteps #neweeeknewgoals #doitforyourhealth #onesmallstep #7daytrialchallenge #guthealthmatters #icarealot

2 weeks ago

یه سمت از زندگی راهی رو میزاره جلوی آدم تا مسیرش رو بهت نشون بده و ادامه بدی و از لوپ بیای بیرون اما یه سمت دیگه با اینکه چسب زخمی بر زندگیمون هست و همون رو ادامه میدیم و بر سوزش اون،میسوزیم حاظرین بسوزین و بگذرونین یا بگذرین و مسیر جدیدی رو باز کنین؟ #تناقص پ.ن: نیمه سمت چپ عکس با نیمه سمت راست فرق داره و هر کدوم معنی ای دارند برای خودشون. #naturelife #idontcare #icarealot

2 weeks ago

(YouTube link for LYRIC VIDEO is located on IG Bio page...feel free to SUBSCRIBE) 😘❤😚❤😘 "WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR" ❤💜🖤❤💜🖤❤ (Music Video will be released this upcoming Sunday Night, August 4th, 2019) ❤🧡💜📸📸📸💜🧡❤ "Preparing to get the First Performance Scene." 💯 ODogg . Anti-Imperial . ThaChill 💡 Videographer - @w3.productions Model - @caribbeancurls_

3 weeks ago

Self love! I’ve had several recent encounters with people who are struggling with low mood and mental health issues- some so severe as to lead to taking of their lives.... I am so passionate about sharing how life can be different , we CAN change our experience, our future. Watch my insta live in stories to hear more ❤️ #selfcompassion #care #icarealot #mindset #changeyourmindset

4 weeks ago

I’ll never stop writing And I’ll never stop hoping That one of these days my page will start glowing • And become light as air to carry me there To a land where people love to share • Who they are and where they’ve been In which language can YOU count to 10 Did you start over, beginning again Do you have a fave hat, favorite word, favorite friend?! And what are your thoughts on the end of the end? • The end of an era where we do not see That I, I am you. And you, you are me. • Let’s shift to a space where we see beyond face And move toward your heart That’s a run I will race • Because why dilly dally on the path to get happy There’s no need to get loud There’s no need to get yappy Just take the advice of my dear old sweet pappy and • DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY • ✨🌸💋🔮⚡️ • #friendfromthepen #feelinmyself #longhair #dontcare #justkidding #icarealot #poetry #doodle #characters #artschool #womenwhowrite #sunnyday #gooutandplay #strutyourstuff #lettheweirdnessout #sayhallelujah #withashout #creationstation #freedomisastateofmind #goodbyeworld #itsblastofftime

1 month ago

waiting to be called to set, I’ve run my lines a bunch so i think it’s okay to take a mirror selfie

1 month ago

It’s been less than 24 hours but what a day! Got called in yesterday for an audition with a major production company in Boston. Just as I returned from Boston I had to leave again to Boston and back to New York the same day to make the plane to Amsterdam that very same night (tonight)! This is the behind the scenes of the entertainment business and I love the trill so much! On board now and ready to take off! Thank you to those that are always there to make things happen for me! @bostoncasting @tbwmodels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #naira #nairaagvani #nairazakaryan #actor #actress #icarealot #commercial #casting #audition #film #theater #stage #tv #newyorkactor #laactor