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#repost —> @shawntbellon Demonstrating how to put on my wrist wraps. Similar to how @underthebar does it. Messing with the thumb loop agitated the crap out of me so this was my solution. I’m sure many of you do it this way already. Demo: @andersonpowerlifting KLA wrist wraps (also wearing LONGHORN OILED LEATHER SINGLE PRONG BELT 4" - 10MM ) 👍 Raw Power Training Systems, LLC is owned by Coach Shawn Bellon and Kristen Bellon who are both international elite powerlifters. Coach Bellon is a nationally recognized strength coach, published author, wellness educator and mental health advocate. We start with getting everyone stronger first as the foundation of our programming while providing personalized training to help YOU achieve YOUR goals. At RPTS, we make sure that the YOU ARE the priority. Providing a myriad of strategies is what we believe sets apart a veteran personal trainer/coach compared to someone with less experience. We treat everyone like an athlete of some sort regardless of their background. Strength, flexibility, endurance and functional ability are all imperative for a healthy human being. For more information on please feel free to contact me with the subject listed. #ONLINECOACHING : Bringing back common sense regarding training frequency👍 Custom programming – no templates Weekly updates – consistent updates on your programming Unparalleled communication which is essential as an online coach 1 Skype Conference call a week for 30 minutes if desired Video analysis because if I can’t be there send me your videos for invaluable feedback 😁Learn from my successes and setbacks as a lifter of over 30 years #TeamRPTS #bloodsweatchalk #rawpowertrainingsystems #powerlifting #powerlifter #onlinestrengthcoach #healthandfitness #coaching #fitspo #workout #deadlifts #shawnbellon #squats #uspapower #iplpower #utahfitspo #getastrongerbody #benchpress #iplpower #uspapower 800-273-Talk is a great option along with the Crisis Text Line 741-741 ❤️ Here in Utah we have a warm line 801-587-1055 and a crisis line 801-587-3000 👍

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🍀Giveaway🍀 keep reading for instructions —>repost—> @kolbstrong After tons of interaction this weekend about KLA products from @andersonpowerlifting we teamed up for a giveaway! • These 36” wraps are what I use for every single workout and I swear by them — which is why I’m so excited to give a brand new pair away to one lucky follower! • Giveaway Dates: 8/12/19—8/31/19 • How To Enter: 1. Follow @kolbstrong 2. Follow @andersonpowerlifting 3. Tag three people in the comments who love powerlifting (every 3 person tag is another entry) • Good luck to all of you and I’ll be sharing more about these wraps in my stories over the next two weeks! . . . . #andersonpowerlifting #giveaway #powerliftinggiveaway #powerlifting #gearedlifting #rawlifting #kla #wristwraps #benchpress #benchonly #gearedbench #freeshit #kla4000

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What’s your WHY? •Repost• @aprilontherun Let's talk about what happens when life gets painful for no apparent reason. When everything in your life gets tough. When things just go wrong. When you put all your hard work and attention and effort, energy and thoughts into this goal and it just dosen't work out. When everything falls apart. When you are struggling financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. • What happens is; you lose all prospective. You lose that optimism, that motivation, attention and desire that got you started on this goal in the first place. • What happens to most people is they GIVE UP, then they SURRENDER and QUIT. They lose faith. They lose their drive. They lose their optimism and sparkle in their eye that got them started and they quit and they give up. And it's not because they don't have what it takes to succeed because we all have what it takes. They quit because their 'WHY' isn't big enough to carry them through the pain of defeat and failure to get them the success and greatness on the other side. But if you do have a 'WHY'. If you have a cause that's bigger than yourself, fight for it, believe in it, stand for it, to live and to die for it then you've got a fight in you. • There's nothing more powerful than somebody with purpose. Your PURPOSE will get you motivated for anything and everything that comes your way because the most successful people in the world all know their 'WHY'. They all have a very clear purpose, a very clear vision for what they want to accomplish, what they want to achieve, and what they want to contribute to other people. • I ask...WHY IS IT THAT YOU DO WHAT YOU DO? Think about it because if you want to be successful there has to be something powerful inside you. Find it. Connect with it. Tap into it and fight for your dreams. • LIVE YOUR PURPOSE! • #AndersonPowerlifting #TeamAndersonWomen #SSAHFitLab #FitWithAprilontheRun #BabyGroot #powerlifting #strongmom #squats #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #passion #aspiretoinspire #inspire #purpose #drive # heart #desire #noexcuses #strongmom @1stPhorm #iam1stPhorm #transphormation @jeremy.d.mullins #neversettle #5weeksout #Olympia #Vegas #platformready

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All the best to C.C. Ingram this weekend and all the time! ❤️💪🔥Repost—> @c.c_ingram Weigh ins are done! 10 kilos dropped in two weeks time! We did it coach @ponamarev_sergey !! Official body weight was 80.4 Kilos (176.8lb). Now, it’s time to refeed and rest!! Extremely excited to compete tomorrow!! One more day @power_mayan ❤️

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Hypersphere at Anderson Powerlifting • This little ball is AMAZING!!!! It has SO MANY BENEFITS!!!! 💯 • The HYPERSPHERE is an essential tool for localized soft tissue therapy. It helps pinpoint and eliminate trigger points by using high intensity vibration. It is much faster, deeper and less painful then other forms of self myofascial release. It increases range of motion and flexibility + increases circulation. • Keeping the body's soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) loose is essential for maintaining flexibility and range of motion. • While soft tissue balls can help the body stay loose, adding vibration with the intensity and frequency of The HYPERSPHERE takes the whole experience to another level. The HYPERSPHERE has been used by the world's best athletes to warm up and recover from training and competition. • It's only 5 inches in diameter which makes it perfect for travel and for your gym bag! I never leave home without it! • Check them out @andersonpowerlifting or contact me directly. • #AndersonPowerlifting #TeamAnderson #TeamAndersonWomen #Hyperice #HyperSphere #essentialtool #powerlifting #functionalfitness #crossfit #running #yoga #swimming #crosstraining #quads #glutes #hamstrings #hips #back

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Repost of Team Anderson Athlete, Jimmy Kolb •••• @thekatekolb Forever proud of this man for his strength, for his humble approach to lifting and life, for his tenacity, and for his dedication to his passions! . . Watching the person you love with your entire soul hold 1,000lbs in his hands and move it up and down is the most awe inspiring and terrifying thing in the world. . . And while he didn’t get it on the record books yesterday, he put a grand in his hands and moved it down and up THREE separate times. . . He is so close to being the 7th man in history to ever achieve this and I really don’t have words for how proud I am to be his wife—to see the daily ins and outs of what brought him here, to see his struggles, to watch his growth, to be apart of this journey! . . This 25sec video doesn’t do yesterday justice but it’s a snippet into his world! (next time I’m bringing the tripod because I was NOT paying attention to the camera as I was recording 😅👌🏻) . . Again, forever proud of you my bean . . 🖤 @kolbstrong

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WABDL Regionals in Dallas Pat Thomas, Action Jackson...,

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April Hamon 148 lb bench

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WABDL Southwest Regional Meet with the great Action Jackson