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Learn To Lift Seminar with @thorbjornsson and @australianstrengthcoach is doing a second seminar in London on the 28th of September!!! The first seminar sold out so quickly that we have rearranged our schedule to add an extra day due to popular demand 😊 We will be discussing lifting technique, programming principles and also the mindset of a champion. After all the theory we will be getting under the barbell with all the students to practice the best strength techniques IN THE WORLD!!! This is suitable for all levels of strength. Whether you are a competitive athlete, (not just strongman, but also powerlifting, combat sports and team sports), or if you are a personal trainer, or even just a lifting enthusiast looking to make the most out of your training. Beginners all the way through to the most elite athletes in the world, this one day seminar is for you!!!! To reserve your spot, jump on or click the link in my bio. Spots are limited And this seminar will sell out, so make sure you book! London Venue : @genesisgym Date: Saturday the 28th September (29th completely sold out) Time: 12 midday to 6pm 🇬🇧 Iceland Venue - @thorspowergym Date: 6th of October 🇮🇸 Time: 10am-4pm DON’T MISS OUT!!! 🤓 #learntolift #seminar #hafthorbjornsson #australianstrengthcoach #learnfromthebest @thorbjornsson @australianstrengthcoach @thorspowergym

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Dear everyone on insta who follows me that doesn’t give a shit about training tips. My shit must be quite boring for you. Soz. Dear everyone else, here’s my favourite exercise to train with to iron out any weakness in my bench press, whether its symmetry, lockout strength, strength off the chest, it’ll actually fix weak points in any press variation. Do you want no weak points? Do your dumbbell presses like this 💁🏻‍♂️ •Use a neutral grip •Start from a full stretch position •Finish with a complete lock out of the elbows. If this exercise still doesn’t fix your weak points, it’s because your technique sucks, in which case, you should try my bench press technique 🤗 #cuteboys @australianstrengthcoach

3 days ago

280kg squat. This is the most I’ve ever done without a belt. It’s not the strongest I’ve been, I’ve just never really tested my maxes without a belt before. I’m very happy with this. My penis may also be a little bit bigger after this. Which also makes me happy. Felicia will be happy too because then we can do cool things like hang a wet towel on it and stuff like that 🤗🤗 #peepeegains @australianstrengthcoach @basebodybabes @cameronoreb @theanimalkid1 @mmunozpowerlifter @annieshortstrength @thebodybuildingphysio @paddoperformance

4 days ago

Thors Power Program Package Deal 💪🏼 After the success of the first version of Thors Power Program, my coach @thorbjornsson and I have released the next 12 week phase of training so that everyone can benefit from following the same training structure that has helped make Thor one of the most dominant strength athletes in history 💪🏼 For this month, we are selling the package for an introductory price of $47 which is more than a 50% discount off the total price of these program 😊 To access this strength training package, visit or click the link in my bio and start training the way Thor trains. Let’s do this!! Or as the Icelandic’s say, Koma Svo!!! 👊🏼 #thorspowerprogram @thorbjornsson @australianstrengthcoach @thorspowerprogram