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2 hours ago

Jack’D Up™ is the Ultimate Pre-Workout formula containing the right combination of compounds to deliver consistently mind-blowing workouts! #HiTechPharma #JackdUp #Preworkout

3 hours ago

Current situation...6' 247lbs. Despite the fact that I tore my Hamstring and had rotator cuff surgery earlier this year, I am pretty happy with my progress so far. Friday has been 20 weeks since I had the surgery and the surgeon gave me the blessing to get back into training without restrictions. My current goal is to get a bit leaner while maintaining my overall health. #TeamHiTech @germanatorfit #HiTechPharma #NeverGiveUp !

4 hours ago

📆 Countdown to the #Olympia starts now 🥳 I’ll be there with my team @hitechpharma 👏🏼 Training & Cardio will be ON POINT as well as staying on top of my diet & energy supps such as my Fireball right here 🥵. #TopSecretNutrition Fireball L-Carnitine is unlike any other formula out there! I take this with a combination of @apsnutrition Mesomorph and 5g Glutamine for my #preworkout esp on days like today where I’m dragging 😅 #TeamHiTech @jovy_castillo

1 day ago

💪🏼MUSCLE SORENESS💪🏼 Working my body hard constantly means that I often times deal with muscle soreness. I’m sore at least or two days per week in various muscle groups, depending on how I trained throughout the week. When I train extra intensely, try a new workout, or even perform an exercise that I haven’t done in a while, I can assume I’ll be sore the next two days. . Some things that I do to help with soreness 👉🏼 I make sure to stretch, hydrate, consume extra glutamine/protein (such as @hitechpharma Precision Protein), light cardio or a dynamic warm up helps! Especially before training again. I also get regular massages and take epsom salt baths 🛁If you have access to a hot tub, that could also be beneficial 👌🏼 #TeamHiTech @ashleykfit #HiTechPharma #neverGiveUp !

4 days ago

So thankful to be the youngest competitor to ever win an Open class in the Mens Physique division at the Dexter Classic. I have one full Calendar year to compete at Nationals, the next thing I’ll be able to say is that I have became one of the youngest IFBB pro competitors of all time! This is just the beginning I will destroy this physique next year 💪. #physique #npc #TeamHiTech @mohammad_samardzic

1 week ago

Our revolutionary new #PrecisionProtein utilizes a proprietary process known as Embedded Enzyme Technology™ (EET™). EET enhances the disbursement and assimilation of Leucine, transforming Precision Protein™ into an #anabolic muscle-building powerhouse with the ability to offer increased #muscle growth that other types of whey can’t provide. Get yours now! #HiTechPharma #PrecisionProtein #NeverGiveUp !

1 week ago

NEW Tribesterone® Tribulus Terrestris supplement from #HiTechPharma contains over 100mg of Protodioscin, an amount 2100% greater than the competition! . ✅ Clinically Researched Tribulus Terrestris ✅ 2100% Greater Active Ingredient than Competition ✅ Increase Muscle Mass ✅ Improve LH & T Response . If you're looking for a Tribulus supplement that blows everything else away, you need Tribesterone now! #Tribesterone #Tribulus #HiTechPharma #NeverGiveUp !