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@nickvavitiss See full size profile   25 Years Old 🐷 Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺🌏 Fitness... maybe Fatness 🏋️‍♀️ @musclenation | CODE: NICKV 💪🧪 ⬇️ALL MY FOOD REVIEWS 🔽

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ITS A VERY SAD DAY GUYS AND I AM EMOTIONAL EATING RIGHT NOW... I LOST MY SCRUNCHIE 😭😡 BUT COOKIE SANDWICHES MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER! 🍩Cadbury Cookies 🍩B&J Tonight Dough 🍩Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter 🍩Nutella 💀💀CALORIES 2573💀💀 ▶️SWIPE FOR THE EATING VIDEO▶️ .. Even though it’s a very very sad day IT KIND OF MAKES ME HAPPY THAT YOU GUYS CHOSE SANDWICHES 😻 Honestly is you haven’t mixed Nutella and Biscoff together you really are missing out it’s THE BEST 😋😋 What’s the best part about this meal though? ITS A SANDWICH 🥪 and sandwich means health so I am the healthiest man on Instagram. GOOOD NIGHT.

1 day ago

You know you’re in for a FAT AND GOOD TIME when you head down to @balwyncanteen on a Sunday 😻🥳 🍩Tim Tam/Peanut Butter Brownie/Jam/Vanilla Custard/Oreo Donuts 🍩’try it or diet’ - Fried Chicken/Beef/Swiss Cheese/Peanut Butter/Jam 🍩Oreo Cookies & Cream Donut with an Oreo Thick Shake ▶️SWIPE FOR SOME CLOSE UPS & THE EATING VIDEO▶️ .. So I went into @balwyncanteen and saw my guy DJ and said ‘I’ve gotta look good for Vegas I got some beach clubs to go to’ and he said ‘say no more fam’... next minute he comes out with this feast and you know I’m not gonna say no 😂🤣 I am honestly THE BIGGEST sweet and salty fan so for me the try it or diet is one of my all time favourites especially loaded with fried chicken, BECAUSE FRIED CHICKEN BEATS BEEF DONT @ ME. .. WHO IS A SWEET AND SALTY AND FRIED CHICKEN FAN? 😎👏

2 days ago

SUNDAYS ARE FOR DONUT ICE CREAM BURGERS 😻🥰🍩 especially when they are @bistromorgan n donuts with @gelatomessina stuffed inside 😎 🍩Twix Me Baby One More time / Twix donut with Nutella injection 🍩Molto Bueno special / OG Kinder Bueno deconstructed ice cream 💀💀CALORIES 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️💀💀 ▶️SWIPE FOR CLOSE UPS AND THE EATING VIDEO▶️ .. My fat mind came up with an idea today 💡 WHY HAVENT I PUT MESSINA IN BISTRO MORGAN DONUTS YET 💡 so you bet we did that exactly and guess what? IT TURNED OUT SO GOOD 😭 for all my international peeps Messina is basically THE BEST GELATO in Australia and they always have bomb flavours. In my opinion this is one of my top 3 specials they have ever had it tasted EXACTLY like a kinder bueno 😭😭 .. WHO THINKS THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN? Tag @gelatomessina 🤣🤣

3 days ago

😭😭😭😭 yes I’m actually crying right now because it’s DOUGHNUT SATURDAYS!l and when you can’t decide between doughnuts and ice cream, what do you do? YOU JAM THEM TOGETHER 😎🤝 🍩Salted Caramel 🍩Nutella Filled 🍩Cinnamon 🍩Strawberry 💀💀CALORIES: DONUT KNOW💀💀 ▶️SWIPEY SWIPE FOR SOME CLOSE UOS AND THE EATING VIDEO▶️ .. HANDS UP WHO ATE DONUTS TODAY 😻🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ I have all my hands and feet up because donut Saturdays is me living my absolute best fat life. I did a poll the other day and it was pretty even so I thought why not jam ice cream in some donuts and BOOM here we are 😎 Money makes people happy, shoes makes people happy. You know what makes me happy? Having 4 donuts in front of me smashed with ice cream. THIS IS MY BEST FAT LIFE 🥳🥳

4 days ago

HANDS UP WHO LOVES A GOOD NUT 🙋‍♂️ I DO, nuttin makes me happier 😻 so welcome to a FRIYAY PEANUT BUTTER LINE UP! 🍩Twix Peanut Butter 🍩Reese’s Peanut Butter Lovers 🍩Reese’s Choc Lovers 🍩Reese’s Outrageous w/ Pieces 🍩Snickers Peanut Butter 🍩Snickers Peanut Butter Crisper 🍩Reese’s Crispy 💀💀CALORIES: 1750💀💀 ▶️SWIPE FOR THE EATING VIDEO▶️ .. LIVING MY BEST PEANUT BUTTER LIFE because you know why guys? PEANUT BUTTER IS LIFE 😌🤝 I actually love peanut butter so much so I needed to have 7 chocolate bars in one sitting to truly show you how much I love it. What was fire? The Reese’s Outrageous Bar is an absolutely BEAUTY. Reese’s pieces make every bar so much better and if you are a PB lover you need the Pb Lover cups in your life 😭 What am I not eating again? the Reese’s Crispy, I was not a fan. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY POTATO REEVIEW TODAY 🥳

5 days ago

WELCOME TO THE KIT KAT LIT KAT SUNDAE 🔥😻🍨 🍩Magnum White Choc & Cookies 🍩Kit Kat Ice Cream 🍩Kit Kat White Bites 🍩Kit Kat White 🍩Kit Kat Gold Whirl 🍩Kit Kat Snax Mix 👀👀CALORIES 2600👀👀 ▶️SWIPE FOR THE EATING VIDEO▶️ .. Now THIS is what you call White Chocolate Wednesday.. but on a Thursday 😻😂 HANDS up if you love kit Kat 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ I have my hands and feet up because White Kit Kat is absolutely LIFE, I think we need it here in Australia 👀🕵️‍♂️ PRO FATNESS TIP go and buy the Kit Kat Snax pack and jam it in ice cream having them both together is honestly THE BEST sweet and salty mix and I am team sweet and salty 🥳🥳

6 days ago

WHITE CHOCOLATE WEDNESDAY IS HERE 🥳 does this even count as white chocolate? WHO KNOWS, we don’t follow rules 😎✌️ 🍩Cadbury Choc Chip Cookies 🍩Haagen Dazs Caramel Cookie 🍩Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter 💀CALORIES: 2600💀 ▶️SWIPE FOR THE EATING VIDEO▶️ .. If you close your eyes and think hard enough ANYTHING counts as white chocolate 🍫 I feel like we haven’t had cookie sandwiches on this page for a while and I needed something healthy after the weekend 🥗 SANDWICHES COUNT AS HEALTH RIGHT? If you haven’t tried this combo right here please go ahead and try or YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT. It’s basically cookie butter on cookie butter on cookie butter 😻

1 week ago

What happens when your boy eats 20+ donuts in the last 4 days? YOU GET HEAPS OF DONUT POSTS 🍩😂 I honestly hope you DONUT mind 😎🤷‍♂️ 🍩Thats Alotta Cream - Nutella Cream & Nutella 🍩Blue Heaven 🍩Oreo Cookies & Cream 🍩Peanut Butter & Nutella 🍩Golden Gay Time 🍩Salted Caramel 💀 Calories: I DONUT want to know💀 👀SWIPE FOR SOME CLOSE UPS👀 .. So basically on Friday night our greatest and stupidest decision to drive to Sydney began here at @thatsalottadonuts because it’s been proven that donuts help you make better decisions. ITS SCIENCE🧪 .. I haven’t been here before because it’s ages for me to drive but I was actually surprised 😮 You could definitely tell which ones were cooked fresh though, the Jam ones just came out of the oven and they were BOMB. .. Top 3 here is easily 🥇the Cookies & Cream; the Cream was so rich and Creamy. Number 2 🥈was the Nutella Cream and number 3 🥉was the Golden Gay Time, the filling is ON POINT. .. Moral of the story: IF YOU’RE TRYING TO MAKE A BIG DECISION.. Get donuts 🍩

1 week ago

ITS COOKIE BUTTER MADNESS IN SYDNEY 🤷‍♂️🍩 so you know I had to get my fat self down to @donutpapi to check it out 🕵️‍♀️ 🍩Cookie Butter filled 🍩Apple fritter with Cookie Butter 🍩Strawberry Milkshake 🍩Cinnamon Scroll 🍩Nutella Long Donut 🍩Fairy Bread Donut ▶️SWIPE FOR SOME COOKIE BUTTER CLOSE UPS▶️ .. By now you guys should know how much I love cookie butter, it makes my knees and my scrunchie weak 😭 Verdict? THESE ARE COOKIE BUTTER GOODNESS. That lotus filled one is more like a lotus bomb 💣 it was honestly filled with so much Cookie Butter that cookie butter was hitting you from every direction 🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️ Like I said, I am a HUGE fan of cookie butter so this is a BIG YES from me 😭😍

1 week ago

IM BACK 😭 BACK AT THE BEST DOUGHNUT PLACE IN SYDNEY LA DONUTS! 🍩Caramel Cinnamon Cream Bun 🍩Cinnamon Scroll 🍩Golden Gaytime 🍩Fairy Bread 🍩Caramel Apple 🍩Tim Tam 🍩Jaffa 🍩Nutella Filled 🍩Apple Flitter 🍩PB & Jam 🍩Maple & Cream 🍩Snickers ▶️SWIPE FOR SOME CLOSE UPS▶️ .. Every once in a while I surprise myself and surprise myself with how much I can eat, over the last three days I have consumed I think 25 donuts 😂 as well as maybe 8 or so burgers... this has been my fattest weekend YET 🐷 but it still didn’t stop me from heading down to my favourite donut place @l.adonuts and honestly THEY GET BETTER EACH TIME 😭 PLS swipe and look at the beautiful Caramel cinnamon roll with the cream it was honestly beautiful 😭😭 .. I hope you guys enjoyed the Sydney weekend this weekend and the road trip with @shaftyeats and @jakobmcdowell we came, we saw, we ate and we conquered 😎😎

1 week ago

I FINALLY DID IT, I GOT TO CREATE MY OWN MAGNUM 😱😍🍨🍦 🍩White Choc Magnum dipped in White Chocolate 🍩Marshmallow 🍩Crunchie Honeycomb 🍩Caramel fudge bits 🍩Gold Finger chocolate bits 🍩White Choc Sauce ▶️SWIPE FOR SOME CLOSE UPS▶️ .. I call this the WHITE CHOC OVERLOAD MAGNUM and I’m so happy I finally got to make one 😭😭 Of course you know I was LOADING it with white chocolate 😎 Verdict? IT TASTED AMAZING, it was honestly so much white chocolate mixed in together and the honeycomb made it bomb 💣 and can confirm, MARSHMALLOWS MAKES EVERYTHING SO MUCH BETTER ✌️✌️

1 week ago

KIT KAT YOU DA REAL MVP CHOC GOLD WHIRL👀😭💯 so if you remember a while ago we tried the top secret kit Kat Gold and now here is the not so secret version 💁‍♂️🥳 🍩REEEEVIEW🍩 When I posted these up yesterday people asked me if I had tried them yet so I’m going to do a quick recap. If you are fat like me and enjoyed kit Kat gold, did you think to yourself ‘there’s no way they can make this better’ WELL GUESS WHAT, HOLY JESUS THEY DID 😭😭 Adding the choc into the Gold block was an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER, not only do you still get the caramel white chocolate taste but now the wafer has such a stronger flavour from the choc IT IS PERFECT, I LOVED IT 😁 🍩RATING🍩 16/10 🍩LOCATION🍩 Coles and THANKS @kitkatanz for sending me this 😭