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1 week ago

Thors Power Program 2.0 is here!!! I have teamed up with my coach @australianstrengthcoach to create this 12 week program so that everyone can benefit from the exact training structure that I follow during my competition season. We have created 2 programs so that you can choose between using strongman equipment the way that I would prepare for my sport. The second program that we have included is a modified version because we know that strongman style of training and equipment is not very easily accessible, so this version will allow anyone with access to regular gym equipment such as barbells, dumbbells and simple machines found in most gyms, so that absolutely ANYONE can benefit from the same structure of programming that I have followed to make me one of the most dominant strongmen in history. Thors Power Program 2.0 can be followed by ALL levels of strength and experience and we have included a load calculator that will make sure you are using the right weights FOR YOU on the main lifts, from week 1 all the way through to week 12 where you will be testing your strength on all the main exercises. We have also included video tutorials for the main lifts to make sure you’re performing the program with the right techniques 👌🏼 To get your copy of Thors Power Program 2.0 jump on or click the link in my bio start training the right way 💪🏼 To celebrate the launch of the Thors Power Program 2.0 we have put the first version of the program (version 1.0 🤓) on sale for half price as well as a discounted package deal so you can access all of my available programs 😊 Let’s do this! Or as the Icelandic’s say – Koma Svo! 👊🏼 #thorspowerprogram #version2.0 #hafthorbjornsson #australianstrengthcoach @thorbjornsson @australianstrengthcoach @thorspowerprogram

2 weeks ago

Learn To Lift Seminar with @thorbjornsson and @australianstrengthcoach 💪🏼 We are coming to London and Iceland to teach the techniques we use to make Thor one of the most dominant Strength Athletes in history 👊🏼 We will be discussing lifting technique, programming principles and also the mindset of a champion. After all the theory we will be getting under the barbell with all the students to practice the best strength techniques IN THE WORLD!!! This is suitable for all levels of strength. Whether you are a competitive athlete, (not just strongman, but also powerlifting, combat sports and team sports), or if you are a personal trainer, or even just a lifting enthusiast looking to make the most out of your training. Beginners all the way through to the most elite athletes in the world, this one day seminar is for you!!!! To reserve your spot, jump on or click the link @australianstrengthcoach bio. Spots are limited and this seminar will sell out, so make sure you book! London venue to be confirmed on the 29 of September 🇬🇧 Iceland - Thors Power Gym on the 6th of October 🇮🇸 DON’T MISS OUT!!! 🤓 #learntolift #seminar #hafthorbjornsson #australianstrengthcoach #learnfromthebest @thorbjornsson @australianstrengthcoach @thorspowergym

1 month ago

Smooth and easy 330kg for 3 reps. 2 sets. What did you train today? 💪 @thorspowerprogram

3 months ago

THOR’S POWER PROGRAM 50% OFF SALE! $20 for the next month leading up to the most exciting time of their year - THE WORLDS STEONGEST MAN 2019 🎉 This is the exact program that I followed in my main strength building block in the off season leading up to my most successful strongman competitions ever 💪🏼 @australianstrengthcoach and I have created Thor’s Power Program to help you GET STRONG THE RIGHT WAY! We use simple and effective exercises that everyone can perform in the gym. During this phase, I performed most of the exercises with barbells and dumbbells to build as much strength and muscle mass as possible, to prepare me for the competition season. The exercises, techniques and principles I used in Thor’s Power Program can be followed by anyone who wants to develop a strong body that moves well and is free from injury, the only difference is, the weights I used may be slightly heavier than the weights you will use 😝 but that’s ok, because we have designed a load calculator to help you use the right weights for you! If you want to learn the tips, secrets and the programming principles that I use to get as strong as I am today, this program is for you. THOR’S POWER PROGRAM INCLUDES: -12 Week Strength Training Program -Load Calculator - to help you choose the weights on the main lifts throughout the entire program -Video Tutorials With Thor And Australian Strength Coach -Loads of great information to teach you the best strength training principles and techniques in the world Note: this program can be performed without strongman equipment!!! Most gyms will have the equipment needed!!! Let’s do this! Or as the Icelandic’s say – Koma Svo! USD$20.00!!! 🤗 To follow the program, go to or click the link bio 💪🏼 #thorspowerprogram #sale @australianstrengthcoach @thorspowerprogram @thorbjornsson