WOWOWA becomes more grass roots than usual: NGWOW site becomes a park 🌱As much as everyone loved the colourful optimism of #NGWOW & as excited as we were to contribute to the Village, giving up our site offered too good an opportunity for the community of @morelandcouncil. . The new park consolidates seven sites in West & Breese St, Brunswick creating a new 2,600m2 public park Nth of #NightingaleVillage . Although it's a bitter sweet moment for us we don't see this as a full stop, hopefully NGWOW can find a new home on a new site soon!! We loved the collaboration with @breathearchitecture and it was an incredible experience working with the other powerhouse architects involved in @nightingale.housing . Thanks to the whole #WOWOWA team (posing next to the NGWOW site like champions) x