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10 hours ago

Fireweed at First Light: I can't wait to be back here in the Crested Butte area next month to see the amazing wildflower display and unbelievable mountain scenery. This image was taken last year, during a very dry summer and the flowers were impressive, but this year's display is going to be nothing short of spectacular due to all the moisture we have received. It's one of my favorite places in the world, and I am so privileged to get to teach my passion to other photographers in the middle of this heavenly setting! . I have a single spot that just opened for an advanced beginner to intermediate photographer the workshop on July 9th-12th, so sign up now! Landscape, wildflower, and night photography techniques will be the focus. Message me for further details, and see more info and my portfolio at or click the link in my bio . . . . . . . . . #crestedbuttebound #crestedbutteco #colorado #wildflowers #landscape #landscapephotographyworkshop #landscapes #followyourart #cbartsfest @colorado #colorado_creative #coloradolife #coloradogram #coloradolive #ColoradoShared #wonderful_places #NikonNoFilter #viewcolorado #coloradotography #thinksteepthoughts #ViewsFromColorado #nature #nature_photo #nature_good #cloud #clouds #mountains #mountain #backroad #colorful

11 hours ago

Mornings in the desert

13 hours ago

I gotta teach the neighbor dog who’s the boss around here! 🐶

14 hours ago

Was out doing a lil track walk tonight. And just wanted to get a nice lil pic of the house from a distance.. very appreciative and thankful to be able to have this opportunity to live out here.. wouldn’t wanna have it any other way now.. 👍🏻🏡🌅 #loveyourlife #country #foreverhome #thankfull #takingaminute #walking #trackwalk #home #cute #houseonahill #lovewhatyoudo #bennett #coloradolive #cornertrack #5thgearspeed #brappp #greengrass #ibuiltthiswholething #sunsets #hardworkanddedication #2019 #getoutside #stayhappy #latergrams

14 hours ago

Discover the Rustic Colorado Cabins at Our AAA Four Diamond Ranch Experience it all at one of the leading all-inclusive resorts in Colorado. At Lost Valley Ranch, our inviting one, two and three bedroom Colorado cabin suites are decked out in traditional western and designer furnishings with extra comforts thrown in for good measure. All 23 of our secluded Colorado cabins are nestled in the pines overlooking the ranch and feature shaded porches with lounge swings—offering the perfect respite after an exciting day riding the trails or hiking through the Pike National Forest. Many of our guest ranch cabins also feature multiple bathrooms and some even have their own Jacuzzi® tubs. So, whether you're seeking a romantic getaway for two or need enough room for a family of 10, our Colorado ranch accommodations are your home away from home.

15 hours ago

Find yourself a partner that loves you for your crazy. Then compete to see who’s craziest just to keep things interesting. 😂 (I easily win in this case). 👍🏼 So thankful this guy happily let’s me drag him up mountains for fun on the weekends. ❤️ #mcm

15 hours ago

Still have yet to make to make it to the top 😅

15 hours ago

📍 Colorado

15 hours ago

I cannot stress enough how happy I am that it’s finally summer. Also, my mom told me I needed to share more photos of my face, so you’re welcome.

15 hours ago

Ladies and Gents, we'd like to introduce our summer gang: hikers, climbers, runners, and all-around outdoor lovers. Swing by soon to meet them; they are seriously AWESOME! 🙌 #GoThereStartHere

15 hours ago

I saw this youngster hanging out on his own. I sure hope the herd was somewhere close by.

15 hours ago

You hear that saying ‘don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers’ over and over again but while you’re down there you should take some time to look at the leaves 🍃

15 hours ago

Lilacs... Vail, CO

16 hours ago

That happy hour glow... . 🦕 🍻 🦖

16 hours ago

Lots of snowmelt = raging waterfalls!

16 hours ago

Just chillaxing acting all cool... New Blog post up about my recent trip out to the Western Slope of Colorado. I've wanted to return to finish this hike (and camp) out in this beautiful section of Colorado. Where is it you ask? Click the link in my bio and find out! #sleepoutside • • • • • #colorado #hiking #coloradotography #takemoreadventures #optoutside #camping #awakethesoul #rei1440project #camp #getoutside #wildernessnation #choosemountains #outside_project #outdoors #getoutstayout #coloradogram #backpacking #theoutbound #outdoor #coloradolive #keepitwild #GOATworthy #adventureculture #bushcraft #rockymountains #igkillers001 #coloradocameraclub #exploremore #coloradolife

3 days ago

So cool how the rain drops look in this pic! 🌧

5 days ago

Thought I would try doing some landscape shots with the portrait lights. Also, don’t forget to contact me about portrait sessions!

1 week ago

Been a while since I have posted a drone shot. Ready to see some cool views around Colorado this summer and definitely some more shots from above!

1 week ago

Really like this shot 👌 Happy Friday Everyone!

1 week ago

So a fisherman found a body in this lake a couple days after I took these photos and fished there. Don’t know if I want to go back 😳 Anyway, enjoy the nice pictures!

2 weeks ago

Have a wonderful day everyone!

2 weeks ago

Woke up early to get some sunrise shots, not the best sunrise today but still got some good ones!

3 weeks ago

“If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.” - St. Clement

4 weeks ago

The flowers just started to bloom but we’re still supposed to get snow tomorrow. That’s Colorado! 💐❄️

1 month ago

Really liking this silhouette shot 👍 I hope you all have a great Friday!

1 month ago

Some more beautiful pics from the other day!

1 month ago

Another beautiful sunset yesterday! Its starting to feel like summer, can’t wait to get out and take more photos!

2 months ago

Denver has the best views. Have a great day everyone!

2 months ago

Happy Sunday! Have a great week everyone!

2 months ago

It’s hard to beat sunsets in the Mile High! Have a great week everyone!