NGWOW Photos & Videos

1 week ago

WOWOWA becomes more grass roots than usual: NGWOW site becomes a park 🌱As much as everyone loved the colourful optimism of #NGWOW & as excited as we were to contribute to the Village, giving up our site offered too good an opportunity for the community of @morelandcouncil. . The new park consolidates seven sites in West & Breese St, Brunswick creating a new 2,600m2 public park Nth of #NightingaleVillage . Although it's a bitter sweet moment for us we don't see this as a full stop, hopefully NGWOW can find a new home on a new site soon!! We loved the collaboration with @breathearchitecture and it was an incredible experience working with the other powerhouse architects involved in @nightingale.housing . Thanks to the whole #WOWOWA team (posing next to the NGWOW site like champions) x

4 months ago

WOWOWA is so very pleased to announce the studio’s first Associates Zoe Diacolabrianos & Jean-Marie Spencer. Zoe is a master mediator, always approaching situations with understanding, lateral thinking and with a beautiful eye for detail. She is a skilled Architect having delivered many of WOWOWA’s award winning residential projects while also teaching an annual MSD elective and working with Indigenous community’s in NT. Zoe is basically everyone’s fave bringing the perfect mixture of kindness & badass to the team. Jean is a key design force within the studio having conceptualised many of the gorgeous residential projects now under construction. Rightfully also calling WOWOWA’s Nightingale project #NGWOW her baby, Jean’s joyful work is delightfully colourful, POMO AF & it’s a pleasure designing with such a talented optimist (slightly gangsta) Architect. 2019 is already an exciting year and we are so privileged to have such a powerhouse team.

11 months ago

Classic Bougainvillea vine on a substructure - learning your ways Greece, watch out ;) #NGWOW inspiration

1 year ago

Breathe is stoked to be collaborating with WOWOWA on NightingaleWOW, which will form a part of the Nightingale Village in #Brunswick. #NGWow will also be one of the precinct's 'Baugruppen' projects (google it) 📷 is WOWOWA's #PillarTalk. We're happy to have you as part of the Nightingale family @wowowaarch. Follow the project at @nightingale_wow

6 years ago

Innergårdsbrunch på Naturhistoriska Museet i Gbg. Arrangerad i samarbete med Nöjesguiden. Big up! :) #ngwow