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10 months ago

Town planning Tuesday at WOWOWA: As some may know our Nightingale - NGWOW, a collaboration between WOWOWAxBreathe, is currently in planning. NGWOW is a triple bottom line development, passionately driven by a largely female team, including; NGWOW directors - Monique Woodward and Bonnie Herring, project manager - Rosi Kroone, planning consultant - Brighid Sammon and with the #WOWOWA project team lead by myself - Jean-Marie Spencer & Andre Bonnice. Check it out! @nightingale_wow @nightingale.housing #nightingalehousing #ngwow @wowowaarch @nightingale_wow @bonnie_herring @brighidsammon @jean_marie_ @andrebonnice

1 year ago

#NightingaleVillage is now in Planning with Moreland City Council. Come along to our next information session for project updates & the balloting process explained. If you’re interested in learning more & how to become a member of this vibrant community, we’d love to see you there: @nightingale.housing #NGWOW #teamwork

1 year ago

What distinguishes @wowowaarch & @breathearchitecture #NGWOW from the #nightingalevillage precinct is its use of the German housing model 'Baugruppen'. Simply translating to 'building group', Baugruppen's aim is to deliver high quality low-cost community-oriented housing, allowing homeowners to invest their funds into the development of their own home. In doing so developing places of social interaction and vitality with personalised spaces that can be adapted to suit changing needs over time to create cities that are determined by the people who live in them. These ambitions reminded us a lot of one of our favourite hypothetical projects the 'Fun Palace' by Cedric Price. The Fun Palace consisted of a university of the streets made from a ‘kit of parts’ that people were free to adapt and change over time. It was an inventive and playful vision of the city that embodies architecture’s moral obligations toward its users. This became an important starting point for our NGWOW concept.

1 year ago

Breathe is stoked to be collaborating with WOWOWA on NightingaleWOW, which will form a part of the Nightingale Village in #Brunswick. #NGWow will also be one of the precinct's 'Baugruppen' projects (google it) 📷 is WOWOWA's #PillarTalk. We're happy to have you as part of the Nightingale family @wowowaarch. Follow the project at @nightingale_wow

6 years ago

Innergårdsbrunch på Naturhistoriska Museet i Gbg. Arrangerad i samarbete med Nöjesguiden. Big up! :) #ngwow