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12 minutes ago

Dear frosty west coast, I will be back. Stay cool in the meantime. Off to home sweet home for Christmas.

21 minutes ago

when all is said and done, you’ll believe God is a woman

25 minutes ago

She knows how to strike a pose! :-)

27 minutes ago

Only when the Sun of Love Melts the scattered stars of thought; Only when we live above What the dim-eyed world hath taught, Only when our souls are fed By the Fount which gave them birth, And by inspiration led, Which they never drew from earth, We, like parted drops of rain, Swelling till they meet and run,  Shall be all absorbed again, Melting, flowing into one. -Enosis, Christopher Cranch #oregon #explore #adventure #sunset #beautifullife #samsunggalaxy #travel #enosis #pnw #westcoast #photography #nature #naturalbeauty #coastallife #florenceoregon #seekingbeauty #perfectday #beautifulday

30 minutes ago

When we lose people we love, we should never disturb their souls, whether living or dead. Instead, we should find consolation in an object that reminds you of them, something...I don't know...even an earring -Orhan Pamuk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #northwest #pdx #portland #portlandoregon #pdxphotographer #upperleftusa #upperleft #tuesday #mthood #portlandoregon #pnwonderland #pnw #pnwphotographer #pnwcollective #ig_color #igdaily #ig_shotz #ig_exquisite #ig_photooftheday #ig_mood #wanderlust #wander #instagood #sky #pacificnorthwest #cascade #wandering #bookworm #introvert #instapic

31 minutes ago

I have been working and moving house, so naturally I just remembered Yule is just a few days away. I have been asked a few times what my plans are, most people will be reluctant to express a personal side of their craft- however, my friends I am an open book. For someone who didn't have much to learn from, and back then it was unheard of to express such unwelcomed beliefs. I am here to tell you if you would like to know what I am doing shoot me a message. But a brief breakdown of what I have studied and learned and what works for me. [Disclaimer these are my personal beliefs keep in mind EVERYONE is different.] I believe that this is the time of year that we are to celebrate all that has come through the shadow of the season. The shadow from ourselves, I will be calling upon Odin, as the strength-embrasing masculine energy to push forward. Always Frigg, as she is manifesting of femininity and Earth, as well as Hel- the wolf, who rules the underworld.• I made the chose for these specific gods to work with because of the immense representation we can see in the elements of today's atmosphere. Odin the God and spirit, Frigg that of Earth and all which connects me to my magic and self. Lastly Hel- I made this choice to introduce her because she is is what takes what I put to death. She is who I can ask to take my burdens, doubt, and loss of self. Ask her to not just take it away but inturn allow me to learn the lessons to be worthy enough to enter the gates of Valhalla. When we see the Sun begin to return we know that Hel has been consumed by the Sun God, to allow what shall be left for the darkness of night wonderer, Hel has a balance she must keep in order. •These three God will be the first I will be working with, however, Frigg since I can remember. I be working with Fate Rituals, Candle Magic, Intentions, working on Tarot for those requesting. I would love to hear what everyone else is up to. And Bless Bless.

34 minutes ago

I got my new candle jars from @glassnowco - I love them. These reusable containers are made of 50% recycled glass ♻️

36 minutes ago

I rolled a fatty of some #MAC1 (bred by @capulator ) grown by @wickedkind. Those guys are slaying the game up here right now. Also, if you're impressed by my joint rolling skills then you'll be even more impressed by the fact that it ONLY took me and my sausage fingers like twenty minutes to do 😂 I should stick my bong lol. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #oregoncannabis #portland #mthood #highlife #oregon #ganja #Grown with #wicked #love #growyourown #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #thc #cbd #joint #pnw #420 #710 #hightimes #topshelflife #primo #sativa #indica #hybrid #MAC #homegrown #highsociety #tryitout #LetsGetWeird

36 minutes ago

It’s my favourite time of year! Christmas is just a week away, and things are finally starting to slowing down. I’m looking forward to spending the next few weeks updating my website and catching up on blogging, and let me tell you what, there’s some good stuff heading your way! What does the lead up to Christmas look like for you? #brittamariephotography

41 minutes ago

#truth @Regran_ed from @anitaapothecaryshop - I love this quote by Dita 🖤 I think of it often when I encounter negativity, especially in the online community where we open ourselves up to complete strangers and share a glimpse of our world. It can leave us vulnerable for anyone to criticize or shame us. There’s so much hate in this world and not enough love. Let’s stop judging and start supporting. Let’s be better. 💜 #witchesofinstagram #anitaapothecary #pnw #witchery #ditavonteese #love #support - #regrann

42 minutes ago

I love me some good contrast. Bass slapper: @franxopena

43 minutes ago

Spooky. Thanks for being part of the journey and making this thing called life feel special 🏵🧛🏼‍♂️

50 minutes ago

Sometimes you have to let go of what's killing you, even if its killing you to let go.🖤

55 minutes ago

Happy birthday to my mama!🎉🎁👧🏻💘🐶Thanks for always being there for me(like when u wore a large dog cone when i had to wear one after my surgery) and being da funnest and silliest mommy! You are da best hooman ever and I love u sosoososoooooooo much!!! Love, Phyllis🐾💗

58 minutes ago

It’s a crazy crazy world. Dusk til Dawn 💕💀

1 hour ago

Wishin it was still 50° and sunny. 🏞

1 hour ago

2 Years ago today. It’s hard to reconcile who I am now, with who I once was. I’m glad the old me is wrapped up in the new one. I feel as though I’ve been lucky enough to survive some of the worst life has to dish out and come out the other side. Never give up. There’s so much life on the other side of self sabotage, deep depression, and regret. Second pic is the view from my apartment in Queen Anne. I’ll forever miss it and you, PNW ♥️ - #catlady #crazycatlady #depression #depressionlies #tbt #throwback #pnw #seattle #washingtonstate #queenanne

8 hours ago

Damn who’s tryna go see this movie with me 😬🍿 • • • • • • 😂😭

1 day ago

Warm up shellings. More to come 🌌🔥👁

1 day ago

This video was inspired by @romeomiller 🤘🏻 • • Swipe left & like if you remember Lil Romeo 😴💯 • • *I do not own rights to any music* Song: Lil Romeo - My Cinderella 👑✨ 🏀

2 days ago

I can’t wait to give you this 💝🧟‍♂️

2 days ago

Why build a world and then charge people to live in it©️👁

5 days ago

Energy on 7000©️®️ 🏛

1 month ago

Deluxe version©️®️👟🐼