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1 week ago

Bespoke interior | for the bespoke tailor

1 month ago

Photographer Denise Solay captures close-up images of walls with character in countries around the world, evoking their culture and history. See her portfolio by visiting our profile link.

2 months ago

Fire And Ice : Inspired by Robert Frost poetry, this unique piece of wall art can be used to create intense corners. Call it a miniature ‘bagh’, this piece is perfect for contemporary homes.The beauty of geometrics will stand out when everything else is neutral. The frame of this wall art has been hand painted to match with the embroidery work! . . . #smallwallart #interiorforall #newinterior #walldecoration #revivalofphulkari #embroideryart #heritagecrafts #homedecorlove #geometricdesign #myeclecticmix

2 months ago

Earthy nudes and browns, my new bug. Now on my wall too. Pardon my notes mess... it gets worse than that usually so you are having a glimpse of my "clean" desk space. 😳

2 months ago

Let’s talk Politics...

3 months ago

. be what your instinct tells you to and don’t hold back the self doesn’t the self cannot wait . it’d be a steep slope to climb when you peak you won’t be alone

5 months ago

Day 3 Black & White 35mm. Bologna backstreets, Italy. I love all that's going on with this wall and then the brilliant white light keeping the angular modern area out of focus. I get this impression this little area has seen a lot of different uses over many years. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #tiffanykenyonphoto #myphotoarchive #womenwhophoto ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

5 months ago

•Chased away the Monday blues with my mustard look 🌼🌼🍂 Outfit: @_daintytrove Side note: This is an off guard photo. Can you tell? 😊.. ignore the slightly rough wall.. it is one of those #wallswithcharacter 😉

6 months ago

Learn to be humble | with confidence Not to have ego | and ignorance.

9 months ago

Fruits are good for you, they contain lots of vitamins and fibre. Ensure you take at least 2 servings of fruits at every meal! But seriously, the new winter collection at my favorite cakery plays on dainty light flavors, providing contrast with the heavier more intense Summer collection. This pear based cake is as usual, fully natural with colors painstakingly extracted from French pears and sprayed onto the cake. As gorgeous as it is exquisite. #Poire #Cake #Dessert #MysticLightPhotography #WallsWithCharacter #BakeWithLoveBakeForLove #FoodInVertical #OnGoogleMaps #LocalGuides #LetsGuide

9 months ago

Ending on a sweet note with the signature deconstructed strawberry cheesecake that's been on their menu since their opening. Tonight marks the closure of one of Singapore's first fine dining restaurants. I'm glad to have dined at Wild Rocket during their early years (even before taking photos of your food food was a thing), and seen the transformation from a quirky eatery with flies on the walls (they were stickers) to the Japan inspired wood lattice adorning the ceiling now. Best wishes to future food-ventures and when we next meeting for her-kiao @willcookwilleat ?? #WildRocketSG #FoodInVertical #WallsWithCharacter #ironS8ge #StrawberryCheesecake #LocalGuides #OnGoogleMaps

10 months ago

Bad days are inevitable | but so are happier ones