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These are the old Circle K stores in Yuma that have found a new life and have been repurposed for other businesses. This one wasn’t originally built as a Circle K but was one for many years. Located on the northeast corner of Avenue B and 16th Street, this old Circle K is now Arizona Donuts...03/10/2019 #circlek #arizonadonuts #conveniencestore #bakery #cafe #repurposed #circlekproject #rustlord_unity #capturearizona #incolor #colorphotography #sky #clouds #yumaaz #yumaroads #iphoneonly #iphonephotography #instagramaz #az365 #americana

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Sweat bee. Agapostemon.

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Do you see that mountain range on the right side of the horizon? Those are the Huachuca Mountains, a "place of thunder." In the late 90's I was finishing up graduate school at Tulane University in New Orleans and discovered a new species of subsocial spiders on a trip there and promptly moved to Arizona. Spiders are generally solitary and highly cannibalistic and I was interested in the incredibly rare evolutionary transitions to fully social behavior, where extended families share in web construction and maintenance and cooperatively hunt for prey larger than they would ever be able to take down alone. Fully social spiders live their entire existence with overlapping generations in a single web, with virtually no immigration or emigration to the colony, leading to lower genetic diversity with colonies. In contrast, subsocial species live together for most of their lives in the natal web but leave around the time they mature. I wanted to know how the adults selected mates, the costs of inbreeding depression and the behavior evolved to minimize it. I would spend the next several years high up in Garden Canyon, following thousands of individually tagged spiders over multiple generations. Something magical happens when you spend so much time in a place, scanning and searching every likely spot for something as small as a spider over so many seasons and years. You begin to resonate with the place, it becomes part of you. Standing in the Celebrity Cave yesterday, I couldn't help but stare out across to my beloved Huachucas and miss that bit of myself I left behind. - Photo: @willbutt on the stellar Renaissance Man, 5.13a, The Dry Canyon, Arizona. - #skratchthesummit #skratchlabs #deuter #deuterusa #bluewaterropes #alwaysbetweenyouandtheground #instagramaz #igerstucson #az365 #arizonaphotographer #aacgram #accessfund #rockclimbing #climbingisbliss #climbing_photos_of_instagram #grippedmagazine #choosemountains #liveclimbrepeat #climbon Thank you : tc.bukowski Your Feed are cool.

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🔸Wild Poppies created a magical walk for us off a dirt road in far Southern Arizona! It’s a drier area yet they survive and spread out along the dry wash into the scraggly Mesquite forest. The Bees hummed a happy tune for us as we hiked🐝 #instagramaz #az365 #azflowers #goexploreaz #ig_arizona #arizonacollective #capturearizona #puresouthwest #divine_deserts #thegreatsw #wow_america_landscape #flowerstalking #ig_nature_naturally #eye_for_earth_nature #mode_emotive #daily_squaregraph #feature_the_best #implus_newbeginnings #artofmobile #mobile_phoneography #jj_mobilephotography #everything_imaginable #hidden_igers

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Today we had a pleasure checking out "The Grand Falls" with @campn_az In all the years I have lived here in Arizona today was the 1st time I've visited The Grand Falls. The best time to visit is in the Spring as the snow melts and drain into the Little Colorado River where it ends up cascading over the falls. It seems every other Spring when I've made plans to head up something always came up preventing a visit. Not this year #visitarizona #az365 #explorearizona #exploreyourstate #waterfalls #chocolatewaterfall #grandfalls #thegrandfalls #grandfallsarizona #arizona 🌵 #arizonalife #arizonacollective #arizona_landscapes #arizonaphotographer

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How often do you have the opportunity to visit Wily Wonka's Chocolate Factory to witness the Magical Milk Chocolate Waterfall in its full glory? If you are anywhere near Flagstaff, AZ pretty much anytime you want. The Grand Falls is just a bit over 30 miles NE of Flagstaff. The best time to visit is in March or April as the snow melts off of the mountains and runs into the Little Colorado River. #visitarizona #az365 #explorearizona #waterfalls #chocolatewaterfall #grandfalls #thegrandfalls #grandfallsarizona #arizona 🌵 #arizonalife #arizonacollective #arizona_landscapes #arizonaphotographer

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“Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present” Light leaks and reflections at Horsethief Basin Lake 📍

9 hours ago

Spring break in the desert! 🌤🌵🌼 The weather has been beautiful lately and the desert is in bloom after all the rain, so we’ve been trying to get in lots of hiking. We did this one with friends- getting in a nice 2 miles before dinner! It’s one of my favorite activities! How about you- do you like hiking?

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✧ blue flax ✧ . greeting friends! these blossoms took me quite a while to identify, but have come to the conclusion from my research that it is blue flax. linum (flax) is a genus of approximately 200 species in the flowering plant family linaceae. the genus includes the common flax (linum usitatissimum), the bast fibre of which is used to produce linen and the seeds to produce linseed oil. i also discovered that flax is the national flower of belarus where my grandmother was born!

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squeezing the last drops out of spring break

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poppies and lupine, near Lake Pleasant

11 hours ago

Hiking the red rocks of Sedona is amazing - and you meet a lot of interesting people along the way. I encountered this nice lady while climbing up Airport Mesa - the intense winds had just blown her hat off her head. We both wanted to experience the vortex at Airport Mesa’s highest peak - and we definitely weren’t disappointed! 😍❤️👍

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When the afternoon turns moody.

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A little more fluff and a few more feathers. My bird drawings always seem to be fillers for times between commissions or just breaks during a commission. So inevitably they take a little longer to finish. In the meantime here's some slow progress to keep your bird love fulfilled. 😁🐦 . . . . . #natureart #birdart #avianart #wildlifeartist #birdillustrator #instaart #artstagram #artwork #birdlovers #birdillustration #animalart #wildlife #realisticart #birds #naturalhistory #natureart #animalartist #colouredpencil #colorpencil #pencil #drawing #coloredpencildrawing #sketchbook #ilovearizona #az365 #ig_arizona #igarizona #visitarizona

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Saguaros and Flower Fire

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We have some news, ladies! | Link in Bio

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Baby cactus 🌵

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Finally!!!!! 🌸

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- LAST DAY TO ENTER. Contest ends midnight tonight. Winner will be chosen tomorrow. See our original post for rules and details!

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What’s taller than Niagara, and as silty as the Nile?

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Spring has sprung

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The Heber Wild Horses. In 2002 Arizona experienced one of the United States largest wildfires on record, the Rodeo-Chediski Fire torching 468,638 acres of national forest. During that wildfire the US forest service hotshots came through the town of Heber to evacuate and fight the flames and realized that they were not going to be able to get the horses away safely; so instead they decided to just set them free to the forest to roam amongst the local wild horse herd. Today this herd of horses roams the Apache-Sitgreaves national forest near Heber and are known as the Heber Wild Horses.

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Amazed that I didn’t get bit by a rattlesnake (let alone see one) out taking all these ground level flower photos!

14 hours ago

Gorgeous morning of hiking & wildflowers with Belinda!

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we ride rep’n @roadrunnersahl , it’s how we roll. 👨‍👦😎🚴‍♂️☀️🏞

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Pretty much sums of the diversity of the Arizona landscape for me.

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The OTHER white poppy - dainty little cream cups are in the same family as Arizona’s beloved yellow/orangish (and the rarer white) all-over-the-place type poppies. The creamy white flowers are only about 1 inch across, and they grow often in moist sandy ground near the edges of desert washes. I was delighted to see them next to running water in Catalina State Park near Tucson. #platystemoncalifornicus #azwildflowers #ig_arizona #creamcups #sonorandesert #W2AZ #explorearizona 🌵 #arizonarocks #capturearizona 🌵 #beon12 #arizonagram 🌵 #instagramaz #az365 🌵 #arizonaliving #arizonausa #arizonacollective #i ❤️az 🌵 #poppies #visitarizona 🌵 #catalinastatepark #visittucson

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Have you checked out @phxgettingfood yet? Stay tuned for an episode featuring yours truly!

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