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5 minutes ago

It’s shaping up to be a great start to the long weekend 🌨 🌨🌨 #blacktiebanff

12 minutes ago

Fri before a long wknd & all I can think about are these beautifully plated desserts we had @thebisonbanff last wk 🤤

19 minutes ago

Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone!!! 💚 Don't forget The Hemp Ladies are at Granary Road this Saturday February 16th & Sunday February 17th 9:30am to 5:30pm!!! @granaryroad The Hemp Ladies sell 100% Organic Hemp CBD Products & Hemp CBD can help with MANY health conditions!!! The Hemp Ladies are willing to take high numbers of calls & we will answer any questions you may have! The Hemp Ladies LOVE taking orders from all our customers all across Canada!!! The Hemp Ladies LOVE helping everyone we possibly can ❤!!!! The Hemp Ladies Lori: (403)-701-0255 (lori.hemp59 ) ( ( @thehempladies ) ( @epilepsy.queen ) #hemp #calgary #weed #cannabis #marijuana #thecannabisshow #dopemagazine #vape #cannabinoids #cbd #thc #herb #canada #yyc #banff #medical #high #hightimes #stoned #420 #710 #cannabiscommunity

37 minutes ago

Just wrapped up a week of filming in Alberta with this guy. Stay tuned...

52 minutes ago

Another stunning day in Banff National Park. Ski touring above the Icefields Parkway with a wonderful inversion giving us temps of -5!!

1 hour ago

“Silent Streets in Banff” SOLD [16x20”] *A commissioned piece. Second photo is because Andy requested a photo of “all of us peoples and the painting”. Sure, son.

1 hour ago

Weekend Road Trip I wish I was heading up to Banff again for another round of photos but I am gonna wait until March :) If you are heading up there this weekend make sure you head up the 1A to see this views of Castle Mountain just looking stellar!

1 hour ago

"... dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask." . . - Mulder "The X Files" (1993) . . Taken by Stefan Hofer @stefanhoferphotography , glacier waters along the landscape of Banff National Park, Alberta. Also check for more of his amazing work. Thanks for the pic @stefanhoferphotography :) #canada #canadian #alberta #banff #banffnationalpark #mountains #canadianrockies #glacialwater #clouds #sky #sunrays #nature #beautiful #gorgeous

1 hour ago

They call me flappy bird 🐥

1 hour ago

Banff - Such an unreal spot to set foot in. Surrounded by massive mountains is a culturally rich town that thrives on the stoke of snow in the winter. I wish I had endless time to explore this place's unfathomable surroundings! Thanks to the #DelicaStarwagon and a good man named Greg, this was made possible. Thanks a million! . . . #Canadaorbust #Canada #banff #bamf #PowderHighway #sunshinevillage #homeiswhereyouparkit #overlandingusa #camping #travelstoke   #visitsunvalley #sunvalley #visitidaho #seekthesimplicity #feelfreefeed #livefolk #folkgood #worthtravellingfor #traveldeeper #travelstoke #wearethewild #vanliving #vanlifers #vanlife #mountainlife #projectvanlife #vanlifemovement   #mountainculture

1 hour ago

This was taken minutes after I wiped out walking on the sidewalk and minutes before the snow rolled in and we no longer had a view ❄️

1 hour ago

Oh Canada we miss you! Can’t wait to show saph when we go back in a couple of years 🍂🍁

1 hour ago

Working on being upside down. Playing around :)

1 hour ago

Hi, this is Jonathan. You may remember me from classics like: “No I’ll slice my abdomen open.” “It’s not my thing.” “Uh I wasn’t built for that.” And, “It’s just not a thing I do” Well today, I did ice skating. For the third time ever I put on a pair of skates and prepared to slice my femur in a bad fall. I signed my last will and testament in Evernote. I called my loved ones and said goodbye. And then, instead of being afraid or too lazy to try, I took the ice. About an hour in I asked a passerby to film me for posterity. I told her all I wanted was to do one lap without crashing into the wall. And then I did it on THAT LAP. It was a RUSH. The next lap was my one and only ass fall, but who cares. I just ice skated on Lake Louise.

1 hour ago

Who’s getting ready for this weekend?! I know I sure am! We will be at the Airdrie wedding fair at Apple Creek Golf Course this Sunday from 12-4. Stop by and hit me up for a free demo massage 💆🏻‍♀️

1 hour ago

Have you checked out the #RundleSummit2019 program yet?! 🤩 This year’s conference is rich with diverse research content from Communications and Media academics! Don’t miss the chance to learn from and engage with our spectacular bunch of graduate students and academic professionals! . (link in bio) 🥳🏔🏆🥂🍸 . (Photograph by Banff Centre,

1 hour ago

First time wearing a helmet, so ya know I’m going for that 180. #banff #tricks

1 hour ago

Packing to leave for Banff and Lake Louise tomorrow where it’s going to be -5. With the windchill we are gonna need all these long underwear and compression tights on under our ski pants. #freezingcold

1 hour ago

Got to do a classic salmon fly with some mountains sprinkled in like salt bae👌🏼⛰

3 hours ago

My love for this place is only growing...Snowmobiling today was amazing.

2 weeks ago

Saw the movie 🎥 Upside This Weekend 🍿and it is based on the French Movie 🎥 Intouchables 🍿Loved Both so if in need of a good movie ...this one is for you. . On a positive note; it warmed up to the 20s from -35. Almost a heat wave 🌊 here. Jk. . . #femmetravel #theupside #movies #canada #banff #ltkstyletip #ltkunder50 #forever21 #affordablefashion #blondesandcookies #thehappynow #travelholic #suitcase #travel #instatravel #winter #banff #calgary #beautifuldestinations #landscape

5 months ago

Ground squirrel, Banff

5 months ago

Banff, 2018