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Describe this in one word! 💙😺 . . 📷: @nois7 👓🎇

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Describe this in one word! 👔🍸 . . 📷: @ilaniribero 😻🎋

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Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend! Loving the rain here in Los Angeles. Sadly the only cool weather we will have all year.

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"The Outrageous Pathway" (1/6) Project Type: "Public Folly Design" Location: "Elizabeth Quay The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000, Australia" Concept: "The main aim of this project is to provide a sense of discomfort through creating unstable pathway."

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A brutalist wonder - much like myself.

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When you sell a Lane credenza to a set designer and then you’re are watching @amazonstudios ‘Forever’ with @princesstagramslam and @sordociego , and you see it go up in flames 🔥🔥🔥😮 (we genuinely love the show and accidentally stumbled on to it!) . . . #foreveramazon #fredarmisen #mayarudolph #catherinekeener #amazonprime #lane #lanefurniture #brutalist #brutalism #brutalistfurniture #midcenturymodern #midmod #setdecor #setdecorator #onfire #setdesign #midcenturydesign #motley #motleylosangeles #furnitureforsale #midcenturyfurniture

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Amazing 1960’s Brutalist Armoire, by Lane Furniture is the perfect multifunctional piece. Perfect as a statement bar cabinet and all your entertaining needs, or additional storage in bedroom or guest bedroom and living areas, making it a wonderful piece that will work in most interior schemes! 🔥

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The Pendle Hill Summit Stones will be on display from tomorrow till 23rd Feb - 10am-3pm at The Garage, the new @insitu_pendle headquarters in Brierfield. I will be doing a talk tmrw & will be around from 11am-2pm for tea & a chat about the project. So please pop in and say hi! ☺️☕️ • • Commissioned by @pendlehilllp & @insitu_pendle

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Just to show it’s not all old colourful colonial buildings here in Cartagena. There’s a touch of #brutalism about some of the newer buildings too...

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Rubber treated‘Pathogen’ Denim Jacket available on the E-Shop now

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Delightfully Brutalist xliv.

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Exposed concrete interior wall, Hue Court

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To finish off the visit to Aabenraa nothing would suit better than showing you the 1978 town hall (originally built for the South Jutland county) by the architect Søren Bräuner. Here brutalist influences meet up with tactile masonry in a very serious late 1970's modernism. #modernism #architecture #brutalist_architecture #brutalist #aabenraa #sønderjylland #aabenraakommune #arkitektur #concrete #beton #mur #tegl #denmark #lookingup_architecture #documentingspace #arkitekten

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Big thanks to everyone who made it to see the Pendle Hill Summit Stones at my exhibition @setsetsetsetsetset a few weeks ago. It was a special night & I’m so happy so many could see them before their final journey up to Pendle. We are now bombing our way up the motorway with them packed safely in the back of a van. On our way to install @insitu_pendle for the exhibition starting tmrw!

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Good moo(n/d) 😀🌔

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Trollyfall down the glen 😢 Took a walk down the glen to what used to be one of Cumbernauld accessible walks. Its just been fenced off rather than cleaned up. This must have been the cheaper solution 😞

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Showroom is open today from 11am 😉

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Pretty brutal // Lyulin residential district, Sofia Bulgaria

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from a special day💕

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The James V. Forestall Building sunken courtyard with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture in the background. #brutalism #brutalist

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there's an ocean in my head- 𓏺 -too bad I haven’t learned how to swim. #teenagecolor