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. investing in the soul is an investment too. 𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇 moments, days and adventures like this are perfect examples. a little quality time with these two, out in the snow is all I need sometimes. . . This is an entry for @hikingdogsofinsta #hdwanderinginwinter contest. . . . . . . . . #mydogismy #adventuredogsofficial #dogsthathike #doggytheworld #thegreatoutdogs #dogphotography #ig_dog #thegreatoutdogs #adventuredog #hikingwithdogs #rockymountains #hikingdognation #neverleavethedogbehind #liveyouradventure #hikingdogsofinstagram #campingwithdogs #borderaussiesofinstagram #dogsofcolorado #mydogist #choosemountains #outdoorswithdogs #dogsinwilderness #dogsinsnow #dogsonadventures #dogoftheday #dogsofbark #thestatelyhound #powhound

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The way down was very slippery so I grabbed from whatever I could while I was getting soaked. The water was dropping with great force, and it was loud. The wind felt like a hurricane pushing my body back, almost like warning me from getting closer. I stood in front of it for about a minute, just feeling the water, the wind, the force. Nature is alive. -Elmer Rodriguez Chiang Rai, Thailand. Nov. 2018 . . . . . #waterfallwednesday #waterfall #staywild #wildlife #travelstories #choosenature #natureaddict #naturephotography #chiangrai #beautifulplaces #thailand #beautifuldestinations #gopro #adventureseeker #adventurer #modernexplorer #intonature #optoutside #wildernessculture #outdooradventures #traveler #photography #mountainman #choosemountains #liveunscripted

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Feature: @kamaya_a 💭 What do you allow on your feed? Who do you follow? Are you tired of seeing those “perfect” instagrams, featured again and again? . . We believe those accounts are great to follow for inspiration, but you should never compare your adventures to that of someone with more followers. More followers does not mean your adventures are “lesser” in any way. . . Our suggestion? Only follow the accounts that inspire YOU. Whether the account is big OR small, make sure the accounts you follow inspire you to get outside, try new things, explore new places, and better yourself! #sheisthewild

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This girl already knows how to stay classy on snowy adventures. Next step snow safety. She Jumps’ Wild Skills program not only provides opportunities to get young girls outside, but offers the education to begin instilling a new found confidence and strength. My nieces are my #1 “why” I am climbing for this organization! Want to rally with me? Link in Bio. . . . #howsheviewsit #sheexplores #madewild #choosemountains #mountainvision #findyourhappy #sheisnotlost #forthenextgeneration

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I haven’t decided yet whether I prefer Emily Ratajkowski or Western Canada. What do you think?

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Hey guys its Kasey here, hope you all enjoy this snowy adventure shot. This was by far one of the most technically difficult self portraits I've taken, but it was definitely a lot of fun! #norcalroam . . Photo: @kmantiply

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Mountain roads, take me home... ↟ If you could start your weekend early tomorrow and go anywhere, where would you go? We are dying for snow and since rain is forecasted for Maryland this weekend (again) I would just start driving north until we found it. . . . #washingtonstate #onlyinwashington #mountainroads #moodygrams #moodygram #washingtonexplored #pnwonderland #pnwparadise #roadtripusa #discoveramerica #choosemountains #makewavesmovemountains #neverstopexploring #campingcollective #ourtravellife #upperleftusa #pnw #optoutside #greettheoutdoors #thatpnwlife #northwestisbest #livewashington #cascadiaexplored #rei1440project

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Name a better picnic spot.... Who else gets wanderlust when they see shots like this from Yosemite!? 😍 ________________ 📸: @cleocohen

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I don’t know how these elk keep their heads up! I saw six of them together but couldn’t get a decent shot of all of them before they gracefully sauntered away. #elk #bullelk

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Mood. And today begins a month long adventure 🚙⛷🏄🏼‍♀️🏝⛄️🥰 . 📸 @zachancell

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The Yukon, through the eyes of @jasmine.lorimer 💃🏼 A couple fun facts about her; 1.) She figure skates.. and is really good. (go check out her latest post) 2.) She was Canada’s first Bachelorette (and best). 3.) She loves noodle bowls. 🎥 Video by @craiggouweloos

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Searching for 🤙🌊🤙 in Malibu. 📷: Parker Amstutz. ________________ #StayWyld

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The Valley of Zion

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A natural mystic, rising through the air... I had waited so long to see this iconic peak, the beginning of one of the most important watersheds in the world and arrived to see it playing coy with me. I hope to bag this summit sometime between this winter and next fall 🏔

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Pretty sure everyone in the valley could hear him yelling "echo!" at various, ear-piercing decibels 📣⚠️

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Life full of adventure ❄️

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Il zigzaggamento che vedo ogni tanto laggiù in fondo, dalla mia finestra, ha una forma totalmente diversa da vicino. Non appena lo realizzi, salendoci sopra, in realtà hai già molto altro di cui meravigliarti 🏔 #whatitalyis #alpinestories #inlombardia

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My overactive imagination won yesterday. I'm usually fine and enjoy hiking or running alone but not yesterday. I got to this place, came to a dead stop and became hyper aware of the fact that I was the only human on the trail. I was half-convinced I had arrived at the setting of Stephen King's, The Mist, the other half convinced that an army of Orcs was about to emerge from that dense fog. Feeling more like a token ensign and less like the brave Frodo, I decided to turn around and have a shorter run. Which was fine because, also, SO MUCH RAIN! Downpour! It was a Paul Simon "Slip Sliding Away" kind of run. I don't know how many times I thought my foot was landing on solid ground only to be doing an impromptu "chacha sliiiide to the left, sliiiide to the right" dance routine. Which did finally end when the puddles got organized, formed a union and the rest of the run was Tom Petty's classic, Running Down a Stream. And here's the part where I know I'm not right in the head, because none of that will keep me away. I still had fun and am looking forward to more muddy wet runs. Happy Wednesday! #yesiknowimadork

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It’s my 3rd season shredding and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m actually goofy and I’ve been riding switch for the last two years. So I now need to teach myself how to ride correctly. On the bright side, as soon as I do that I will be a switch riding beast 🏂❄️ . . #coloRADo #coloradical #colorfulcolorado #keystone #wintersports #winterwonderland #snowboarding #shred #rockymountainhigh #choosemountains #chooseadventure #liveadventurously #adventureculture #wildernessculture #wildernesswomen #outdoorwomen #womenwhoexplore #mtnchicks #madetowander #neverstopexploring #optoutside #exploremore #getoutside #freshairandfreedom

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The idea is to live your life in a way that makes you feel lit up. Alive. Full fledged. Beautiful. Know and find what nourishes you inside out, bones to skin and then build your world from that alone. All else is not part of your revolution. Or your ultimate evolution. - Victoria Erickson . . . sunset #chasingsunsets #mountains #kamniksavinjaalps #theglobewanderer #hikingtheglobe #hungryforlife #hribovc #hribisozakon #rvgsi #gremovhribe #kampadanes #mountaineer #alps #nature #naturelovers #hikinglife #liveauthentic #roamtheplanet #choosemountains #exploringslovenia #enjoylife #pursuitofhappiness #mypursuit #tb #huaweip20pro

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T-Minus 3 weeks until Bend, OR. I’m beyond excited for our little trip to check out potentially our new home. If you leave around that area I would love to hear your recommendations! 😊

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I’ve often wondered why I enjoy the mountains so much. Hiking, snowshoeing, riding: I can not wait untill my next adventure. . I think it’s because it allows me an opportunity to step outside myself. To stop thinking. To just be. When you’re standing at the foot of a glacier; carving lines in 2 feet of powder; or waking up in the middle of a mountain range with the sun rising on the peaks, you become aware of your presence. . Aware that this earth has existed for millions years before you and will (hopefully if we don’t fuck it up too bad) continue after you’re gone. . That we are just an insignificant blip in the scale of time. Our shit doesn’t really matter. . It allows me peace. Bliss. I sit at the edge of a alpine lake and just breathe. Take it all in. The silence is deafening. . It makes you wonder, what really matters?

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Stuff those stockings, it's a sticker flash sale! Make your own sticker pack • Price: 1 sticker $3 2 stickers $5 (normally $6) 3 stickers $7 (normally $9) Everything gets sent USPS letter for no extra charge • Comment with the stickers you want (A, B, C, and/or D) and DM your PayPal email. All stickers are roughly 3x3, durable vinyl -- scratch and weatherproof. • A. PNW + ME -- 9 available B. Pinecone -- 3 available C. WANDER -- 4 available D. Bear Mountain -- 3 available

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Let’s find some incredible place to get lost #gljufrabui is the name of this waterfall and it’s basically means « the one that lives in the gorge » 🙇‍♂️

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Non molto lontano da Varese, ho trovato quasi "casualmente" il Museo della Bambola e del Giocattolo. Oltre ad esporre più di mille bambole realizzate dal XVIII secolo fino ad oggi, ha la capacitá di farvi tornare bambini per alcune ore. Chiedere a mio padre per credere!

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Evening solo of the Eye 👁 for sunset. With good friends and whiskey. ✨

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Wishing I was playing in the snow right now 🏔⛄️❄️

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Nature serves as a constant reminder of how beautiful life is. Even on your worst days, may you still find peace

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A rare calm day on Kluane Lake.

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Happy WolfPack Wednesday from our lovely founder @pack.maven and her adorable pup Tally! It doesn’t get much cuter than this ball of fluff! Share you puppy pics with #findyourwolfpack for a chance to be featured!

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D A Y . 2 ✌🏻 - Day two of #GetLimberRideTimber in the run up to our first Planks Store Yoga class here on Morzine! - Plank Pose: Plank in Planks wheeeey ✌🏻Build heat and strength around the core, in turn stabilising ourselves and strengthening and protecting our back. All round goodness given to us here - a strong core is pretty useful for all things in life, skiing and snowboarding, piggy back races in the snow, or completing the Rue De Bourg Challenge… If you know, you know… - - - - #YogaChallenge #EmilyRuthYoga #Planks #Morzine #LoveMorzine #PortesDuSoleil #Winter1819 #ChooseMountains #YogaForSnowboarding #YogaForSkiing #LoveMountains #HealthyLiving #OutdoorLifestyle #Yoga #Yogi #InstagramChallenge #GetOutThere #GetOutStayOut #DropCliffsNotBombs #YogaInspiration #YogaEveryday #YogaPractice #YogaAnywhere #YogaLife #MountainTown #WinterIsComing #GirlsThatRide #Snowboard #Ski

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#wellnesswednesday with @dessaray the spirit behind @lotusinsightwellness . I’ve always been in love with the outdoors. As a kid, I played all kinds of outdoor sports and activities. I preferred going outside rather than staying indoors. I still do. I love getting kissed by the sun during the day and gazing at the stars at night. I enjoy being surrounded by trees, exploring wondrous plants, and sitting by or submerging myself in water to recharge. I’ve learned how to enjoy the outdoors in many ways but, as an adult, I’ve grown to appreciate it in a much deeper sense. It allows me to be present and guides me back to my true self.

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I like big rocks and I cannot lie

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For today’s #wildlifewednesday it’s all about these beauties! Bohemian Waxwings come down to the northwest from Alaska and Canada in the winter to band together and look for berries! These nomadic birds get their name from their “seemingly care-free lifestyle” and have even been known to get slightly inebriated off of fermented berries 😮 • As climate change continues to warm the earth however, it is predicted by the Audubon Society that the the migratory patterns of these birds will not extend as far south due to their preference for colder temperatures. Let’s keep the narrative going on climate change so that we can continue to see these spunky waxwings munch on berries in our backyards!

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Swipe for cute baby selfie I think on Thursday we are going to tackle Weverton Cliffs. I need to take advantage of the nice weather before it doesn’t exist. I also need a phone tripod I think. My arm doesn’t extend out far enough for pictures of me and little dude on hikes. #52hikechallenge #hike9 #womenwhohike #harpersferry #sunset #hikingmom #adventurebaby #choosemountains #choosemountainswomen #mtnchicks #wvmountains #wvfamily #landscape #wvlandscape #optoutside #deuter #choosenature #hike #hikersofinstagram #hikemore #hikergirl

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Backpacking in The Winds. October 2014

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Keep pressing forward.