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57 minutes ago

“There is no ‘right’ way to do, or even define drag” . Smoke and Mirrors - Night 1 - Canberra January 9th 2019 . The first look was inspired by the back cover of VYM/Velour 1, at Sasha’s first show we wanted to honour and pay tribute to her first issue of Velour, plus it played perfectly into a reveal of our tribute the GREATEST Sasha Velour number of YouTube - Man Like Putin. . Honestly being at the opening night of Smoke and Mirrors with my sister and partner in crime @emily_janeo was such an honour and a privilege. Seeing the work, the art and the magic that @sashavelour and the whole House of Velour had put into that show was breathtaking. It was an Experian e and one that will stay very close to my heart ♥️ . Original Artwork by: @ohnilisle Earrings by: @islynyc All costumes created by @emily_janeo and myself Cow Coat Inspired by: @nancy_the_girl and @robbiemanulani #sashavelour #dragqueencosplay #dragqueencostumes #dragqueenmakeup #thedragmagazine #sasha #thevelours #houseofvelour #johnnyvelour #smokeandmirrors #leanintoyourmonster #drag #dragqueen #dragking #velour #velour1 #vym

1 hour ago

One night down, 2 more to go 💪🏻💪🏻

3 hours ago

You can’t have Mary Poppins without Bert so I’m delighted to announce that @aljoangelo will be stepping in time to play my Bert! Come join us in @barlafederica on 24th January in aid of homeless charity @arrelsfundacio ☂️💕🌂

4 hours ago

it’s cookie season, daddy 💚🍪 (dress and béret from @thealleyvintage )

4 hours ago

Drag makeup is always a blast. Especially with such an adorable canvas

5 hours ago

I had to lip sync for my life on Episode 2 with this super adorable lady, @_silver.sonic_ This girl is such a sweetheart! Love yah babes! ...I know I wasn’t on my best during this battle. I know I can still give more. But thinking that my thingy is just taped and anything can happen. So every time I do a trick, I need to close my leg immediately and feel my thingy if it is still safe or not! Oh my fucking Gawd! I survived! 🤣🤣🤣 . . . @DragRaceThailand @LINETVTH @Kantanagroup @Rupaulsdragrace @Worldofwonder #DragRaceThailand2 #DragRaceTH2 #DragRaceTH #DragRaceThailandSS2 #DragRaceThailand #Kantana #LINETV #LINETVoriginals #อ ินแบบนี้มีที่เดียว #dragracethailandseason2 #dragracethaifans #hailtothequeen #drag #dragqueens #dragqueen #dragqueenmakeup #dragqueensofinstagram #dragqueendivas #dragqueenshow #rupaulsdragrace #rpdr #rpdrmemes #dragrace #teammochadiva

5 hours ago

A Random night out Murray, Craig and I head out to see the ever so talented and f...... funny @tabithaturlington . It ended up being such a random and funny night. We got, -a drag show -a masturbation demo -a nasty but funny fall from Jen -2 actors doing random comedy sketches in a bear suit and a guy from Glasgow wanting to show us his Willie. I have always loved the diversity of the gay community. On the way home I was thinking about how lucky I was being gay and growing up the entertainment industry because I’ve met the most, interesting and creative people, done the most random things and most of all learnt so much. The best thing about being creative is that there a no boundaries and you are free to be whatever you want to be. @muzzles30 @fookstar

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