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42 minutes ago

What a fabulous project this was! Here is a kitchen designed by 'Sibley Grove' interior designers and created by us for a presentation purpose they went over to Saudi Arabia for. Here is the project in full - https://buff.ly/2IWUx7r⠀ ⠀ #CGI #render #rendering #3D #interiorCGI #archviz #digitalart #render #rendering #cgirender #architecturelovers #archilovers #archdaily #architettura #curbed #dezeen #designboom #dreamscape #spatialdesign #straightfacade #render #instarender #cgarchitect #renderviz #vrayworld #archviz #3d #3drender

1 hour ago

I was supposed to be in Serbia by now, but it turns out that Bosnia & Herzegovina is too good to leave 🇧🇦 The Balkans, July 2019

4 hours ago

.......... @monicaheartsss I don't know who is photographer but if you know to write me ...........

5 hours ago

A Gathering of Energy Before the Storm 36”x48” Oil and Chalk on Gessoed Canvas (Rework and Finish) The Sky Gathers its Colors of Deep Blues Violets and Greys The Clouds Compress into Rounded Spheres of Light and Glow The Land Gathers as if Galvanized by Invisible Strings and Assembles it’s Shapes and Patterns to Mirror the Clouds Each Waiting for the Skies first Move and Rain . . . . . #oilpainting #canvaspainting #newpainting #contemporaryart #contemporary_art #oiloncanvas #contemporarypainting #landscapepainter #landscapepainting #artgallery #abstractlandscape #artcontemporain #expressionism #emergingartist #dreamscape #dreamland #todaysartreport #landscape #hartinigibson #todaysartreport

5 hours ago

Dream with me this weekend. Do you use your dreams as a tool for awareness, growth and healing? Pick a card or two from a tarot or oracle deck that speaks to you and let it speak to you. Listen....feel the message it sings and find a way to bring that message with you into your dreams to deepen it. Set an intention before bed, meditate upon your intention and drift to sleep. • • • If you're unsure how to go about it, you can follow along in mine. You can check my story highlights under dreamwork for my prompt which is to 1. Visit the garden of your heart, what does it look like? 2. Dig yourself a grave (it's actually a womb, a growth pod) within this garden of your heart, how does it feel? 3. Plant a seed within this grave, what are you planting? • • If nothing comes to you in your dreams, no worries - you've still done the exercise even if there is no conscious gain. Or if you do dream but don't make your way there, you're not meant to be there yet and that's also okay...you're meant to be somewhere else, where ever your dream took you so take note. You can also use this as a visual meditation to dig deeper into yourself and find healing from trauma, life from darkness. Let me know how it goes! Happy dreaming • • • • • #dreamweaver #dreamjournaling #dreamworld #dreaminterpretations #dreamtrips #dreamsymbols #dreamscape #dreamstate #amdreaming #tarotprompts #tarotprompt #oraclereader #oraclecardreading #oraclecommunity #tarotcommunityofinstagram #tarotcommunity #dreamjourney #dreamjournal

5 hours ago

Transformation occurs when we consciously refine our choices to reflect Truth { on a soul level } causing the whole of our life experience to shift. By intentionally choosing actions and moments laced with *shared* joy and beauty and especially praise.... we grow rich { within } and experience glimpses of { heavenly } dimensions beyond 💦 - took this image a few weeks back here in beautiful #ohio #ohiogram #waterfall #waterfallchaser #godislove #interdimensional #jesuscalling #water #dreamscape #thoughtsbeforebed #naturalohio #dreamy #magicalplace

6 hours ago

There is just something about those windy summer evenings, that you don’t even mind your hair blowing in your lip gloss 💨 👄 ~ 👉🏼I’m wearing #puravidabracelets 🌴Use my PV code to receive 20% off; BRENDABELINGPOWELL20 @puravidabracelets

2 months ago

The sunset always comes back but never the same.

5 months ago

And you lose yourself, hallucinating as though you're the darkness trying to escape into the light because you've created different versions of yourself that you can't seem to face.

5 months ago

"And the drugs will only hide it but the feeling never really goes." - Amber Run

6 months ago

This is the sign you've been waiting for...

6 months ago

I can't do this, I thought. Then: And even if I can't, I have to.

6 months ago

Does it yell out loud when it gets angry?

6 months ago

"I have to let go but sometimes I find myself waking up at the beach again." - Yuna

7 months ago

I grew so accustomed to rainy days that when I was finally able to feel the rays of the sun on my pale skin a shy little smile appeared on my face and in that moment I had no doubt that with time it gets so much better.

7 months ago

Trying to find myself in a world gone blue...

8 months ago

"Nothing ever really goes away, it just changes into something else. Something beautiful." -Sarah Ockler

8 months ago

"Quiet when I'm coming home, I'm on my own." -Billie Eilish

8 months ago

My soul had traveled so far that I became lost in a world that doesn't exist to anyone but me.

8 months ago

The sky is so full of life, screaming colors at us everyday and we have no clue.

8 months ago

I keep getting these waves of nostalgia as the sky illuminates all of the darkest places within me.

8 months ago

Living in a world painted in darkness...

9 months ago

But when you close your eyes, is there peace or chaos in your mind?

9 months ago

Even my soul is trying to escape because freedom feels better...

10 months ago

I admire your spirit too much to let it be clouded by my darkness...

10 months ago

"You don’t know about real loss, because that only occurs when you love something more than you love yourself. I doubt you’ve ever dared to love anybody that much." - Robin Williams

10 months ago

Do you ever notice when I'm not around?

10 months ago

And when you know yourself, you know life...

11 months ago

If you stare closely into brown skin lit by sunlight, there are tiny diamonds that sparkle.

11 months ago

"I've been trying to dig my way out of the ocean and punch a hole in the sky." -Eden

1 year ago

If you're so near, then why do you feel this far?

1 year ago

"I'll still love your garden even with no flowers." -Melanie Martinez

1 year ago

You'll miss the magic of these good old days...

1 year ago

But only love can kill and keep you alive to feel it...

1 year ago

Fragile like a bomb...