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👉👉keep swiping for the rest of the view👉👉Sunset at a secret spot

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In the summer of 2014, I was astounded by the sheer amount of power my staff had over us at cadet camp. The frustrating part however was the astonishing flexibility they gave themselves while imposing ridiculous standards upon their subjects. They never seemed to have to clean anything, often refused to turn the barracks lights off at night (or on in the morning), and could always have an abundance of food in the barracks. That summer, I vowed that I will never become someone who abuses my power; to me, fairness was more important than performance, and the ability to practice justice was what determined the quality of an organization. However as I moved up in the program, I found myself creating these exceptions for my personal benefits in numerous occasions. They were always carefully masked with righteousness and self-sacrifice, yet at its core was the simple reality of “because I can” and “because I want/don’t want to”. The more power I had, the further I was willing to look away from my impartial judge of morality. Carl Schmitt stated, “the exception is more interesting than the rule”. He believed that the “sovereign is he who decides on the exception”, and that the exceptions one make proves everything about their power. In a sense, in the exception the power of one’s real life overrules the existing standards that has become “torpid by repetition”. -- I think as citizens of the 21st century we live in a world of many exceptions. There are undoubtably those who live above the rule of law through their immense power over the economic market: This very morning President Donald Trump declared a “state of emergency” to overrule the congress and secure funding for the Mexico-US barrier. Despite living in the “free world” of democracy, common citizens of the state are not permitted such freedoms. If I were once again the course cadet from 2014, I would still want my staff to walk the path in which they lead. Even if it isn’t the most effective or efficient, we must understand that life cannot simply be quantified through results. The process is always part of the goal. • -- Works cited C. Schmitt, Political Theology

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Have a good weekend everyone!

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What is your favorite weird food combination? Mine is French fries and s frosty 🙌🏻😍📸

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Time doesn’t heal all wounds, it hides them.

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I have this horrible, nagging cough but I’m pretty sure I’m still going to wake up at 4:30 Sunday for an early morning snowshoe . . .

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Beautiful place

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Save Image Mag issue 2 featured artist @breonsyndell just dropped a new single! Link in his bio.

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You could be in below 0 weather, freezing cold, soaking wet head to toe and all you need is a little fire for comfort.

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Waking up to magic//

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Goosenecks State Park is one of the greatest places in Utah to see entrenched meanders, which is deeply cut river bends. Stand at the over look, and you can see 1000 feet down to the San Juan river and the results of 300 million years of erosion. This state park also allows camping and is open year round. 📸 @rodtrvn • • • • • • #nationalparkgeek #instagood #discoverearth #adventure #aroundtheworldpix #feedyouradventure #theglobewanderer #exploremore #theglobewanderer #createcommune #ourplanetdaily #optoutside #earthfocus #rei1440project #liveoutdoors #travelstoke #sonyimages #sonyalpha #sonyalphasclub #sonyphotogallery #depthsofearth #eclectic_shotz #westbysouthwest #utahisrad #ig_unitedstates #utah #goosenecksstatepark #utahstateparks

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All falls down, but i'm will not down. Thanks for give me strenght because You allways beside me.

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[👉 DESLIZA para ver el Panorama] • 📸 Pirámide del Sol • 📍 Es la edificación más grande de Teotihuacan y una de las más grandes de la anterior Mesoamérica. Se encuentra en la Calzada de los muertos, entre la Pirámide de la Luna y la antigua ciudad de Teotihuacán • 📜 Se inició su construcción en la etapa Tzacualli (1-150 d. C.), cuando Teotihuacan comenzó a desarrollarse como ciudad principal de Mesoamérica. Tiene 63.4 m de altura • 📣 En 1971, nuevas excavaciones y estudios descubrieron una gruta debajo de la pirámide. En esta gruta hay cuatro puertas, dispuestas como los pétalos de una flor, por las que se accede a otras tantas salas • • #cloudporn #landmark #pano #panoramica #landscapephotography #landscape #skyporn #skylover #pyramids #teotihuacan #traveltheworld #beautifulworld #exploretheglobe #earthfocus #justgoshoot #pictureoftheday #igers #igworldclub #creativosmx #ig_mexico #mexigers #visitmexico #pasionxmexico #mexicosorprendente #mexicocityofficial #globe_visuals #creativeoptic #fatalframes #tonesbox #moodygrams

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The moody gateway to Milford. All the anticipation to get into Milford Sound is stifled and interrupted by the glorious drive in, constant pullovers for pics is a must! #shotondji

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kalo nembak cewek sebaiknya bawa hansaplas ya, jadi kalo ditolak tinggal di hansaplas aja luka nya. . . 📸 @sajad.farqan @malangdah

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शुक्रवार साँझदेखि पर्बत जिल्लाको लेस्पार, लाेप्रे, शालिजा, लेखफाँट, वाँसखर्क, क्याङ भुकताङले, हम्पालको लेक, पञ्चासे, डहरे र चिसापानीको लेकहरुमा तीन फिट बाक्लो हिउँ परेको छ #nepal #visitnepal #visitnepal2020 #iamnepal #kathmandu #pokhara #himalayas #wownepal #visitnepal #explorenepal #travelnepal #nepalnow #nepalisbeautiful #amazingnepal #mountains #nepaltravel #nepaltrekking #earthfocus #depthsofearth #dktm #visitnepal #discovernepal #nepalfotogram #nepal8thwonder #nepalphotoproject #instanepal #nepalgram #explorenepal #nepali