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You bet I’m thrilled with this ‘great British heatwave!’ Finally feels the way summer is supposed to for me. We spent a rather humid Sunday exploring a lovely little area in north London and I was pleased to find this purple patch of wild flowers, only to discover they were surrounded by thistles 😑 who else is excited for an excuse to devour acceptable levels of ice cream this week?! 🍦🙋🏼‍♀️

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nashvegas mini vaca with some forever friends 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

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Name a better Monday....I’ll wait 🙃⏰🌊

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#latergram Throwback to Denmark 🇩🇰 : Freetown Christiania is an intentional community of about 1000 residents, in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen. The autonomous anarchist district in Denmark is the source of controversy, as it proclaims itself to be a free town and does not abide by the Danish law. The people in Christiania do not consider themselves as part of EU and therefore have developed their own set of rules, independent of the Danish government. The residents of the community practice meditation and yoga, and forbid stealing, violence, guns, knives, bulletproof vests and hard drugs. Walking into the freetown of Christiania is like walking into another world, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. As you walk through an area called Green Light District, with numerous “merchants” openly selling their “merchandise”, there are signs that read : “Dear friends, there are three rules in the Green Light District: have fun; don’t run—it causes panic; no photos—buying and selling 🌲🌲🌲 is still illegal”

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Keila, y no te da “COSITA” irte de viaje sola? Sin niños, sin tu esposo? Me han preguntado algunos. . Pues si y no.. la única razón porque si es porque se que ellos disfrutan encaramarse en un avión tanto como yo... solo por eso me da cosita. . Y NO, porque me voy en paz, sabiendo que ellos están bien (ayuda un mundo que tengo el esposo que tengo) y que gozan esto conmigo y ahora que estoy más adentro de este mundo de viajes más lo entienden, más lo desean y más me animan a hacerlo, la única condición es que los mantenga al tanto de cada cosa, que les mande fotos de lo nuevo que he experimentado y que les lleve algo (sobretodo Valen y Oli)😬☺️😂. . Este viaje en particular de visitar a Julia (girl’s trip del cual hablaré mas luego) es el cuarto año que lo hago, siempre buscamos algo nuevo y diferente que hacer (como los Springs y Den por Orlando, como estrenar los columpios en Orlando y conocer Lake Nona) la cosa es buscar, probar, experimentar y hacer algo diferente que SIEMPRE lo hay. . Obvio, aprovecho para hacer una que otra comprita y mandar mi cajita (que en los stories subí). . Osea que, en conclusion, NO, no me da “cosita” sea lo que sea ese “cosita” y espero que ustedes les hagan menos caso a esa “cosita” y se lancen a hacer cosas siempre y cuando tengan el apoyo de su “Equipo”.

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When people think of Tuscany they imagine a ton of vineyards, which is spot on as they are here there everywhere. I love a really good glass of wine, which is one of the mnay reasons why I love Italy. You are hard-pressed to have a bad glass of wine anywhere in Italy. It's heaven! I was recently back in Tuscany where I biked through the vines, hiked in the hills above villages, visited charming old towns, soaked in natural springs and visited spas with bobbing bubbles by my side in the hot water alongside me. That was all topped off with some of the best food evah! I also did a whole lot of this. I was touring around the Etruscan Coast which is a long strip along the coastline in Tuscany. There are endless epic lookouts and cliffs that just out over the sea. On this day there was a full-bodied breeze whipping all around me. My hair was a work of art. It was a blissful window as I seemed to have this cliff all to myself. It's easy to see why everyone travels to Italy and many several times over. I am already plotting a return to Tuscany among other places. What about you? Where have you been? Where haven't you been but you are dying to go? Last, how and where do you keep the Italian vibe alive when you are not there? Do you have a favorite jaunt or joint where it feels like a sliver of Italy? Do tell so we can all make the trip over! Lofty!

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me @ everyone

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📍~ Perugia 🇮🇹 Manchester weather really has me missing summer dresses 👗! I’ve only been home a couple of days but I’m already having sun ☀️ withdrawals!! How do you guys deal with post- holiday blues?? 🙁 I know mine wasn’t really a holiday since I was studying there but the last couple of weeks felt like one!! . . . . . #perugiacentro #igersperugia #instaperugia #umbriagram #umbriatourism #travelphotoblog #instatravelgram #passportable #travelgirls #travelfashion #fashiontravel #womentravelers #instapassports #instaadventure #girlslovetravel #gltlove

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swipe alllll the way right to see what the selfie looked like 😈 🦹🏻‍♀️ ~ Had the time of my life shredding the N. Pacific Ocean. Made pals w/ seals chillen in a hub scoping us out off their island and everything. Special shout out to my brother @belloofer for trusting me to barrel thru the waves with him, and @warrenanderson3492 & @artandlifefoundation for getting my sibs & I out on this adventure 🤘✌️ @antoninazarnoch you get a participation award bahaha jk love you all lots- thanks y’all, u tha best

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just a girl tryna get her shot 🌈

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Don’t forget to play!....and use the timer on your camera 📷 ⠀⠀ I notice a lot of people ask “how do you get photos of yourself while traveling alone?” Well actually it’s also hard to get a photo as a couple too, if you both want to be in the frame and it’s not a selfie. ⠀⠀ I have a tiny tripod for my phone, but mostly I pop or lean it against something and turn the timer on! It will shoot a burst, so keep moving , or try a couple of different poses to get a shot your happy with. Or, like us just be silly buggars and see what comes out. Have fun with it.

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Que delícia de passeio 😍 eu amei conhecer Campos do Jordão, mesmo com pouco tempo conseguimos aproveitar bastante, mas com certeza já quero voltar! Deixei os stories salvo nos destaques ❤️

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#InclusionFuckingMatters . . . . . Somos una agencia de viajes que cree que todos tenemos la habilidad de crear un mundo más inclusivo, Trabajamos día a día para que las personas se comprometan con el cambio que desean ver en el mundo. Donamos mes a mes el 20% de nuestros ingresos a fundaciones para hacer que la educación y la Inclusión trabajen de la mano! . . . . . #travelforgood #makeyourfuckingtripsmatter #srmandela #senormandela #loveislove #lgbt #lovewins #beautifuldestinations #bestvacations #ilovetravel #lonelyplanet #passportable #stayandwander #roamtheplanet #proud #passportexpress #passionpassport #travelon #femmetravel #girlslovetravel #girlsvsglobe #nomadgirls #ladiesgoneglobal #sheisnotlost #shetravels #prettycity

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I had so much fun riding the Transbordador Aeri from Montjuïc to La Barceloneta, I was actually giggling like a child! 😂 The views are amazing and I just felt so clever saving time and crossing so much distance! . Check the link in my bio to see my recent post about Barcelona 📍 . . . #barcelona #spain #travelgram #blogger #linkinbio #sheisnotlost #verytravelpeople #girlslovetravel #spaintravel #topbarcelonaphoto #topeuropephoto #europetravel #wanderlust #amazingplaces #girlsthatwander #travelblog

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When I went to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, there’s a bar called the Gravity Bar. It has the most beautiful 360 views of Dublin. Being able to take in Dublin’s beauty this way was absolutely amazing. I’ve fallen in love with Ireland even more and I cannot wait to go back very soon! What’s one place you’ve been to that you’ve fallen in love with? • • • #travels #travel #traveling #expatblog #travelblog #visitdublincity #travelphotography #travelgram #instatravel #travelingram #traveladdict #traveltheworld #irelandtravel #explore #discover #adventureawaits #adventure #visitireland #thrill #gltlove #girlslovetravel #globetrotter #dublin #wonderlust #world #ireland #visitdublin #expat #europe

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#InclusionFuckingMatters . . . . . Somos una agencia de viajes que cree que todos tenemos la habilidad de crear un mundo más inclusivo, Trabajamos día a día para que las personas se comprometan con el cambio que desean ver en el mundo. Donamos mes a mes el 20% de nuestros ingresos a fundaciones para hacer que la educación y la Inclusión trabajen de la mano! . . . . . #travelforgood #makeyourfuckingtripsmatter #srmandela #senormandela #loveislove #lgbt #lovewins #beautifuldestinations #bestvacations #ilovetravel #lonelyplanet #passportable #stayandwander #roamtheplanet #proud #passportexpress #passionpassport #travelon #femmetravel #girlslovetravel #girlsvsglobe #nomadgirls #ladiesgoneglobal #sheisnotlost #shetravels #prettycity

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Rocky Mountain National Park ✨ . Spent an amazing, yet quick, weekend in Colorado to hike Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park with some girlfriends. I was surprised at how similar it was to Utah and I felt right at home. I was a little apprehensive at how able I’d be during our hike but luckily living at high altitude plus my spirits of training here and there did seem to help. I probably should’ve eaten slightly more, as I did run out of energy at the very end of the hike, but still pleased with what I accomplished ☺️ Feeling a renewed desire to hike, and explore, and eager to do some more hikes near SLC again! . What was the last hike you did that left you feeling accomplished and proud?

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Ayer volví a emocionarme al recordar nuestro viaje a Jordania viendo, en la gran pantalla, la película de Aladdin 👳‍♂️. Está ambientada en el reino ficticio de Agrabah y se filmó en el desierto Wadi Rum 🏜️. Es un clásico para mi, ver en películas lugares del mundo que hemos visitado y dibujarse una sonrisa en mi cara ☺ al recordar nuestros pasos por allí. En unos días veré el Rey León , y ya me emociono solo de pensar lo que me conmoverá al recordar uno de los mejores viajes de nuestra vida 🦁. ¡Feliz comienzo de semana! 😘 . . . . . 📌 Jordania . . . . Yesterday I got excited again when we remembered our trip to Jordan, watching, on the big screen, Aladdin 👳. It was filmed in the Wadi Rum desert 🏜 . It is a classic for me, to see in movies places of the world that we have visited and to draw a smile on my face ☺ when remembering our steps there. In a few days I will watch the Lion King, and I am already excited just to think what will move me to remember, one of the best trips of our life . Have a nice week!

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Friday beach uniform 🏖

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Le Marais est un de mes quartiers préférés ! C’est ici que l’on trouve la Place des Vosges, qui est la plus ancienne place de Paris. ⛲️ J’adore y faire une pause avant de repartir flâner dans les rues de Paris.💖 _______________________________________ 🇬🇧 Le Marais is one of my favorite district ! Here you will find the Place des Vosges, the oldest residential square in Paris. ⛲️ I love to take a rest here before going back to stroll the streets of Paris.💖 ∘ ∘ ∘ #paris #placedesvosges #parisianlife #parisphoto #igersparis #instaparis #parismonamour #parisjetaime #lemarais #topparisphoto #loves_paris #hello_france #love_france #visitfrance #topfrancephoto #travelgirl #thetravelwomen #lovetotravel #iamtb #gltlove #girlslovetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #dametraveler #darlingescapes #femmetravel #sheisnotlost #voyage #passionpasseport

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Have you ever experienced a Himalayan salt cave? This one in downtown Santa Barbara put me in chill mode before my drive up to San Luis Obispo. Salt is the largest Himalayan salt cave in North America, boasting 2 caves containing 45 tons of 400-million-year-old, Jurassic era Himalayan crystal (the most pristine, unpolluted salt on earth). 😊 #santabarbara

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The Woodwards W neon sign, taken from the landmark 1944 building, now graces Cordova Street, next to The Charles Bar. 💥 #vancouver

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Preparing one of the Signature Coya Cocktails Quinoa Fizz (Ama no To Tokubetsu Junmai Sake infused with white quinoa, Takamaka Coconut Rum, homemade kaffir like leaves) - Metamorphosis Art Opening by Hassan Jallal @ Coya Member's Lounge #smile #hotel #dametraveler #doyoutravel #chooseadventure #womenwhoexplore #womenwhotravel #femmetravel #traveling #traveller #beautifulmatters #beautifuldestinations #letsgoeverywhere #neverstopexploring #welivetoexplore #girlslovetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #solotravel #solotraveler #travel #travelblog #travelerography #bucketlist #traveler #wanderlust #vacation #holiday