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MINI REVIEW | @doseofcolors Meet Your Hue foundation, 10/10. It’s advertised as a matte foundation but I would say it’s still pretty luminous (very pretty finish). It’s not drying but has amazing staying power. I applied it at 4 PM and I didn’t touch up at all. I had it on until about 2 AM! It looked fab; I’ll post on my story!!! Overall, really good foundation. Medium, buildable coverage. 🤩 Drop your Q’s below... __________________________________________________________ #doseofcolors #meetyourhue #foundation #skin #dewymakeup #dew #glow #motd #bblogger #bbloggers #instabeauty #mua #makeup #beauty #cosmetics #goldenhour #skincare #skin #skin #matte #concealer #catrice #catricexeman

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golden boys.

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Foi uma cerimônia com taaanta personalidade e amor, que estamos anestesiados ainda!!! 😱❤😍⠀ .⠀ WhatsApp (11) 97323-0343

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"Hold me close, let the world see, just how perfectly you fit me."

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Fico um docinho ♥️😂

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Golden hour with my baby 🌞 Don’t ever want summer nights to end!

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G O L D E N. H O U R

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Hi...I’m aware I’m not consistent but I wanted to say that self care (in any shape or form) is EXTREMELY important for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and I can definitely stand by that statement since I feel better knowing that my skin is better and slowly but surely I’m starting to love myself and I’m not going to sit here and say there aren’t struggles bc thats bs but I want y’all to know that you can love yourself even if you have to drown yourself in a holo face mask😂🥰🤟 #selfcare #selfacceptance #skincare #goldenhour

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When the sun hits your car juuuuuust right 👌

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Twelves | Lauren ✨ . It was a little heart punch when Susan reached out for me to shoot Lauren’s senior photos. I mean, I used to coach this gal for basketball when she was young!! How can she already be a senior!? 😭😍 But as they say, “time files”... and here we are. . It was an absolute joy to capture these images for Lauren. We had the best time laughing + catching up — she has grown into such a gorgeous lady. And... this only means that my oldest is just a year off from her. #imtotallyoverherecrying 🙈

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ola xicos recomienden música (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

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Hidden gems all around ⛅️

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golden days

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| J-10 ; les vacances approchent à grand pas 🎉☀️ Et vous, des vacances ¡¿ Des voyages de prévu !? 👐