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1 day ago

Sweet little odie got cleaned and tidied today. ❤️🐶 #groomedforlove

1 day ago

Got my first westie yesterday! I was honestly dreading it, but it the pattern was surprisingly easy! Unfortunately his momma didn't want him to have tipped ears, or the carrot tail. I estimated that it would take me about 4-5 hours, and it only took me 3 1/2. Overall I was very impressed with how it turned out! #dogrooming #groomedforlove #grooming #westie #westiepattern

1 day ago

Come get a shed less treatment today for 25% off! Let’s get your pet ready for spring! #groomedforlove

2 days ago

Milos first groomer injured his eye with her scissors, and it was his first time being groomed. After weeks of healing, dad brought him to me, and while milo was at first unsure of me and unsure of his face being touched, he still learned today that I’m someone he can trust. I trusted him, so he trusted me! #groomedforlove #doggrooming #bakersfieldgrooming

5 days ago

This is Rafael and mom tried to give him his own haircut but told me she better leave it to the professionals. 😂 #groomedforlove #petco

1 week ago

I’ve been blessed by clients who adore me as much as I adore their babies. Treating the dog you groom like family helps build connections with the pet and the pet parents and I’ve been happy to start accomplishing these things. Grooming is a very hard job and some days I would love to lay in bed and just sleep but there are days where I could be at work all day long without a care in the world even if my back feels like it’s broken! #newportnews #grooming #doggrooming #groomedwithlove #groomedforlove

1 week ago

Let me tell you one dog life-story💫 Please read until the end 🙏🏻 ”Hello, my name is Cinderella. I am 3 years old. I lived for 3 years in one scary, dark place without any window, and it was 34 dogs lived with me. Suddenly in one shiny day, I met my mom, she took me out from that scary place and brought me to our new home. She such a great lady, she is so kind to me, but I really scary of all people and dogs and noises on the street. Today my mom decided to bring me for grooming, I never did this before. I even didn't want to come out from my cage, and then I met one more nice lady - she's trying very hard to take me out from my cage, but I still didn't want to do this. So she decided to take me out by her hands, I started to fight with her, trying to run out and I jumped around. It doesn't help. I spend my whole day today in the grooming salon, I got my bath, toothbrush, finally, my nails were trimmed and I also got my first haircut today. I was so scary during the whole process, I always tried to jump out from the table, but the girl was really good to me and I decided to not give her a difficult time with me. So finally I calm down and enjoy. When my mom saw me after my grooming she was so happy, she was so surprised that I did such a good job today. She could even walk with me around (before she couldn't do it). She said that miracle happen today, but unfortunately I have no idea what does ”miracle” mean🤷‍♀️ Today was a good day for me, I think my life will be completely different from now. There are good people as well in this world. I wish I can forget about my previous life. Thank you 🐶” #groomedforlove #groominglife #grooming #doggrooming #doggroominglife #rescuedog #rescue #rescuedogs #gooddogs #scarydogs #lovedogs #doglife #doglife 🐾 #nycgrooming