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We’ve been trying for baby #2 I feel like we get asked this almost every other day so I thought I'd share thoughts on our process. Holy cowwww it's frustrating 😞 Pia came so quick and this one, not so much. I started tracking my ovulation which was great and all, but when @proovtest reached out to me I had no idea that I could be ovulating, but not sufficiently. Problems with ovulation is the #1 cause of infertility. Proov checks my progesterone levels. The only other progesterone testing options are at a doctors office or with a lab mail away kit, which only provide a one point in time read and are invasive and time consuming. I've been using these test strips the past month and wanted to educate and share this tool with my ladies out there that are going through the same thing!

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Quando mi trovo in un luogo dove non sono io, provo sempre un pò di disagio, non conoscendo nessuna lingua, riconosco tutta la mia ineguatezza. L'unico modo che ho per avvicinarmi ai luoghi che visito e per comunicare con loro è fotografarli 📸. Dentro la stazione di Zurigo prima delle mie riflessioni.

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All smiles, because it’s wedding day in sunny California. Hannah and Kristen are all the way on the west coast today, and are about to capture a stunning vineyard wedding. Stay tuned for BTS on our stories! • • #bridalportrait #bridalsession #seasidephotographer #floridaweddingphotographer #30aphotographer #birminghamweddingphotographer #travelingphotographer #thatsdarling #theknot #weddingwire #instagood #instagoodmyphoto #instafollow #gameoftones #weddingphotography #alabamaphotographer #alabamaweddings #georgiaweddings #auburnphotographer #weddinginspo

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Palms and sunset colors

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Make Everyday A Beach Day - Link In Bio For Prints

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around the corner 🍂

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Понеслась... . В прошлом году, я пообещал себе вернутся в Крым и сделать следующую поездку ещё более захватывающей и ярче. . И вот она... . В этом году мы устроили полноценный дорожный трип и поехали на авто. До конечной точки нас разделяли 1680+ км пути и сутки без сна. Доехать хотели быстрее, поэтому царство Морфея решили посетить в первом перевалочном пункте в г.Пересыпь. . На полуострове нами был выбран маршрут пролегающий вдоль южного берега, который и познакомил нас с такими местами, как например за моей спиной - п.Орджоникидзе и мыс Киик-Атлама. . P.S Фото с пика мыса выкладывал ранее.

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you’ve seen your pals hard at work, ready for change. Your generation is strong, resolute against setbacks. And you support them, you agree, you want to do something to help, and you do just that. One morning you tune into the news and you see acres and acres of roaring flames sweeping down tall, sturdy trees that have seen the world through generations before. the news anchor’s words gradually fade away as all you see on the glassy screen was the forest set ablaze. Your generation has worked so hard, and after all this while, your individual actions are what?minuscule, nothing even, compared to the monopoly of the gargantuan organisations of the world. When they, these major players, have such mighty power to turn the tide of climate change, to protect humanity, but what have they done instead? Turned their backs against their only home. You feel humiliated, reproachful, jaded. What’s the point of your actions anymore? Even as I sit here in the humid weather, choosing not to turn on the ac, so as to reduce energy and thereby fuel consumption, I catch a whiff of haze in the air. I imagine, as I’m trying to play my part in protecting the earth, hundreds of miles away, at this very moment, companies are burning away nature that have withstood generations in a sweep of a second, a minute, an hour. and the flames are still licking on. When is this going to stop?

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‏ياصدفة ماصاحبت في وقتها سابق وعد ‏يانعمة جتني من الله ماحسبت حسابها . . Makeupartist @amirah_artist00

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You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. #StayHungry

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One more week until spring! 😍🌿🌼🌺

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echeveria pulvinata 'Ruby'