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Shoot this morning with @chapelgoods what a cool brand! Can’t wait for you all to see these images 😆

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🗯⭐️💬⚪️⬜️💛💭 A lazy weekend? • [Krujë•Albania]

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"When I started working with Jess, my energy was scattered. I desperately wanted to revive my confidence in my work and take action on being a leader… but I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own. Enter Jess. Jess has a grounded, fierce, and encouraging presence that feels like a healing bubble of universal support. She quickly identified areas where I was getting in my own way, and from her guidance I learned to value myself and to take my business much more seriously. I had no plans to quit my day job when I started coaching with Jess, but the more Jess mentored me on inner work, on simplifying, on streamlining my energy and remembering my own power… the less I was able to tolerate going into a toxic work environment every day. It’s like my body suddenly recoiled. The energy shifted THAT quickly. Halfway through my time with Jess, I quit that job! Now I have a part-time job that fills me up, and I have the time to focus on my business. Most importantly, I’m centered in the value of what I bring to the world – an outcome that is priceless to me. My time coaching with Jess was a deep reminder of all that I am. If you’re craving a life that feels more like YOU, where you shine and laugh and feel rooted in who you were always supposed to be – hire Jess as soon as possible." Want to be this stoked too? DM me to book a coaching consultation. ✌️

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Hello My love..

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Don't say give up because the struggle will never betray the results even though the end of failure. . . .Use promo code “DWANUARI” and get 15% discount on all purchases along with free shipping on www.danielwellington.com @danielwellington #Danielwellington #DWali #DWforeveryone

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. ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▪️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ IG_Minimalshots Today’s featured minimal artist: 🔺🔹 @alexandremanuelviegas 🔹🔺 Congratulations! 🎉 Thank you for sharing your minimal shots with us. 🎈 ________________________________ Follow 🔺 @ig_minimalshots Tag 🔺 #ig_minimalshots Photos must be yours. Be featured. Be seen! 🎈 IG_Minimalshots. Less is More. ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▪️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️

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― ‘The Wave’ by Dmitry Bistrov

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. . Glass Vase, 1956 bx Eric Hoglund. . . スウェーデンの湖水を思わせるブルーグレーが美しいフラワーベース。光が透過することでエリックホグラン特有の気泡がさらに際立ちます。 . . Flower vases in blue grey, reminiscent of Swedish lake waters. Eric Hoglunds’ unique bubbles are emphasized when light penetrates through the glass. . . #erichoglund . .

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Take your time. One of the most beautiful aspects of minimalism is the concept of simplification. Think: What "clutter" can I remove from my life? Not only will you realize what is most important to you, you'll recognize the benefits of being present for the little moments. 🕑 📷: @tsunyuen

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I embraced Minimalism as a life concept, which is about boil down the essential things in your life, whether those essentials are relationships, who you surround yourself with, possessions, how you spend your time or even what you read. As a minimalist, all non-essential things can be left behind, allowing more time and focus for the things that really bring you value, and ultimately make you happier. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #instaminimal #minimalism #minimalphotography #whitespace #minimalscene #keepitsimple #minimal_perfection #minimalism_world #learnminimalism #ig_minimalshots #way2ill #minimalmood #tagforlikes #peoplescreative #FF #minimaliststyling #agameoftones #instastyle #followforfollow #designinspiration #minimalart #instagood #minimalista #ig_minimalshot #likeforlike #minimalism_world #folow4follow #minimalpeople #justgoshoot #fadtheblog #instafollow