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Light show in Riisitunturi 🇫🇮

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One of the best parts of this Europe adventure will be the final two weeks, where I'm going back to Japan for the cherry blossoms on my way home. In the mean time I've still got another full month of Italy and London. 👨🏼‍🚀

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into the tangle

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Hidden 🐠 ▪️ 3 Clownfishes hiding in an anemone China sea, near Tioman Island, Malaysia 🇲🇾 ▪️ GoPro | 1/310s ▪️ [1249]

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I suppose it wasn’t the smartest of ideas to go on a snowshoe hike without snowshoes. (Definitely getting a pair of those!) It was super exhausting and we sank into the snow knee-deep like every two seconds, but we had such a great time. As you can see here ⬆️ - Do you guys have any experience with snowshoeing? ❄️ If yes, lemme know your fav brands for snowshoes! - 📸 @nicaiken | 💧 @camelbak | anzeige

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Two-days of winter adventures at Arrowhead Provincial Park! Beautiful beautiful, especially this bridge... it was surrounded by knee-deep snow, but we ploughed through and had it all to ourselves! 😍

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Long Exposure 🌊

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Winter hikes in the mountains >>> There's something therapeutic about going into the mountains in the cold with no one else there except your buddy. These are some of the moments i cherish the most

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Adventures Uthah is a state of America. Tooele, a Country Town in Utah is rumoured to be the location of where D. B. Cooper hid his ransom money of five million dollars. 34 years later after the D. B. Cooper's hijacking, Michael and the rest of the escapees learn the truth about the D. B. Cooper case: Charles Westmorelandone of the suspects of the D Case is indeed D. B. Cooper, Tooele, Utah is where the money is hidden under a Silo next to the Double K Ranch and the amount of money D. B. stole is actually five million then one million; a deliberate mistake by the government to cover up damages and save them from further embarrassment. Westmoreland died soon after his final confession to Michael. 🤔 . #utahgram #utahisrad #wowutah #canyonlands #igutah #archesnationalpark #lf10k #rsa_outdoors #beautahful #visualcollective #epic_captures #soft_vision #lensbible #adventurevisuals #beautifulviews #getoutthere #modernoutdoors #staywild #nationalparks #tourtheplanet #adventureculture #earthofficial #visualsofearth #master_shots #gameoftones #thediscoverer #wildernessculture #welltraveled #roamtheplanet

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🇩🇪 easy one of the best curry’s

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Hula valley

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Don’t be sad. We shall be fine. The light is coming to us. To the future earth.

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Sunsets or sunrises? Which is your favorite? 🧡

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The Jurassic Coast will always be one of my favourite places to shoot 📸

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Memories and conversations made more beautiful with good music and amazing company. 🎵 Travel tip: download your favorite songs with #SpotifyPremium 🤙🏽

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Mountains for days... . I’ll never forget how cold my fingers were taking this picture.

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Dock workers • Nov 2019, Greece

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i bet he has no worries in life

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The moon has never glowed this color 🎶 🌚 (📷: 🙇‍♂️) #FreeSpiritsPH #SonyAlpha #Sonya6000 ________ 1st photo: HK last Friday using the #sony100400gm 2nd photo: PH Supermoon yesterday using the #sony55210 Rotated for effect ________ Crazy difference in output using two lenses that are miles apart in size (and price lol). After using full frame lenses, instead of buying a full frame camera, I've decided to invest in full frame glass. Happy to be spending another year with @gmacapagal 's camera! (Shoutout to @benjlramos for lending me the massive Sony 100-400 GM)

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This little island Lindøya is just 20 mins by ferry from the mainland was dotted with these little houses all painted green, yellow and red. Most of these are apparently second homes and would make awesome weekend escapes if you owned one. ______________________________________________ #Oslo #sonyalpha #a7riii #wifeshots #wintervibes #snow #visitnorway #traveltricks #adventuretricks #beautiful #awesome_earthpix #lifeofadventure #travellife #lindoya #winterescape #earth_deluxe #lf10k #naturephoto #instagood #pocket_norway #thebestofnorway #mittnorge #mittnordnorge #earthpix #dream_image #wowshot #mountainorama #lifeofadventure

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The scale of Iceland is humbling - such wild landscapes. It's so crazy to see glaciers next to boiling volcanic pots! Also, I'm stoked to be posting some different things stuff soon - less landscapes for a bit 👌

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Bersyukur lah dengan apa yang kalian miliki karena di dunia tidak ada yg sempurna 👑 . . . #lfl 💛 #lfl #lf10k #Snapchat

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Atuh Beach is unique compared to most beaches in Bali. It’s flanked by two spectacular tall cliffs: Labuan Ampuak on the right and Tanjung Juntil on the left. The view from these cliffs is amazing, with crystal blue water, crashing waves, tall rocks, and white sand below your feet.

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Du soleil de Andorre pour ce mois de février!

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Here it was right in from of us, the Corno Grande, the highest peak of the Appennini range, our main goal of the day with @flappese 🏔 Thanks @salewa for the impressive gear 🤙🏻

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❄️pinky💗 pinky ❄️

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"Wisdom begins in wonder." _Socrates_ _ 📷: @hari.abri / @dianarianti21 / @patriciaapolo 🏛: Rajavihara ("monastery of the king"), today better known as Ta Prohm ("ancestor Brahma") Once was famous as the movie set of Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider.