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2 weeks ago

Opening tomorrow in Lisbon, the 5th edition of the @trienaldelisboa , #thepoeticsofreason : We can't wait to see what chief-curator Éric Lapierre @eye_experience and his team have prepared. Our own work is featured in the main exhibition #economyofmeans as well as in the exhibition #whatisornament curated by @piovenefabi. For this show, the curators selected an animation of the award-winning @kunstmuseumbasel 's light frieze, whose geometric patterns and lettering communicate from the museum's grey brick facade. The video featured in this post was produce by @iartag which was also our engineering partner in the development of the frieze. @ludovic_balland Typography Cabinet developed the frieze's font. #lisbonarchitecturetriennal #kunstmuseums frieze #ledlightfrieze #ledlightanimation #culturalbuilding #lisbon #basel #ludovicballandtypographycabinet #iartag #iart #ericlapierre #piovenefabi #architectureexhibitions #exhibitionofarchitecture #christgantenbein

4 years ago

타이포잔치 2015 - ( ) on the Walls 큐레이터: 이재민 ( ) on the Walls 프로젝트는 각기 다른 도시에서 출생, 성장, 활동해 온 여러 작가들에게 타이포잔치 2015의 공식 포스터를 의뢰합니다. 포스터들은 오프닝을 앞두고 온라인을 통해 순차적으로 공개되며, 작품으로서 문화역서울284에 전시됩니다. Basel, Warsaw, Venice라는 제목의 네번째 포스터는 Ludovic Balland( @ludovic_balland / )의 작업입니다. 현재 바젤에서 가장 주목받는 그래픽 디자이너 중 한 명인 Ludovic Balland은 2006년에 설립한 Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet을 통해 북디자인 및 국제 브랜드와 문화 기관을 위한 아이덴티티 디자인 작업 등을 선보이고 있습니다. Typojanchi 2015 - ( ) on the Walls Curator: Jaemin Lee Powered by INNOIZ This project includes a number of designers from different international cities where each designer will create an official poster that represents their own city, with their own interpretation. This poster series will be revealed prior to the event sequentially on the Biennale’s official website and social media platforms, and also be exhibited as artwork during the Biennale. Fourth poster in the series revealed today, named Basel, Warsaw, Venice, is work by Basel-based graphic designer Ludovic Balland( ). He is one of the most renown graphic designers in Basel, who established a graphic design studio, Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet, in 2006. His studio focuses on book design and on new visual identities for international brands and cultural institutions. ‪ #타이포잔치 #타이포잔치2015 #typojanchi #typojanchi2015 #basel #ludovicballand #ludovicballandtypographycabinet ‎ ‪