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Today in Octopus 101: Did you know the pupils of an octopus work completely differently than ours? ⠀ Instead of focusing light through a narrow pinhole, cephalopod pupils blow light out. ⠀ Once light has been separated into its component wavelengths, cephalopods can use physical tricks—for instance changing the depth of the eyeball, or altering the distance between lens and retina—to focus different wavelengths of light on the retina individually. ⠀ This allows for colours to be discriminated. 🐙 ⠀ 🐟⠀ 🐟⠀ 🐟⠀ 🐟⠀ 🐟⠀ 🐟⠀ #mantadive #mantadivegiliair #iamssi #mantadivegilit #iamssi_indonesia #octonation #marineanimals #theMantaWay #oceananimals #thegiliway #underwaterlife #waterlust #madeofocean #discoverocean #water_of_our_world #intotheblue #lovethesea #scubadivers #scubadiverslife #scubalife #didyouknow #octopus #uwphotography #underwaterphoto #underwaterphotography #macrophoto #macrophotography #macroworld #macro_perfection #macroshot

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The @heronisland wreck could honestly be one of the best snorkelling spots in the country. Flying the drone just before leaving on our final morning, I counted around a dozen reef sharks, even more eagle rays, five or so turtles and I’m not totally sure, but possibly even a manta ray! Swipe for a glimpse at just a couple of the locals ⬅️

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Veil The lip of this wave has so many interesting patterns in it. Zoom in and check out all the crazy things going on!

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The beach cleanup is near!! We hope you are excited because we are! It is going to be a warm one tomorrow so make sure to bring a hat, sunscreen and a drink bottle to stay sun smart! We will have a gazebo set up on the grass area to protect us all from the sun when we are not cleaning, Remember there will also be more raffle prizes for sale including a reef safe sunscreen pack, some Ningaloo mugs and an awesome whale tote bag!! Come down anytime from 9 - 11 at Jindalee beach to help clean, we hope to see you there 🌊

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The ocean is super calming dont you think? ●

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Always a favourite Mona Vale Rockpool by @newlightvisuals • • • • • Classic Mona topdown. It’s hard to go past shooting this awesome Rockpool. It’s the closest beach to my home and is one of the best spots in Sydney. . . . . 📷 @djiglobal #mavic2pro F/3.5 | 1/400 sec | iso 100 . Edited: @lightroom @photoshop . . . . . . #droneswagger #saltlife #staysalty #sealife #water_of_our_world #theglobewanderer #madeofocean #welivetoexplore #thewavecave #ic_water #livingonearth #offshore #seastheday #oceanlife #australiagram #australialovesyou #ig_australia #loves_australia #dji #djimavic #dronestagram #ilovesydney #northernbeacheslocal #sydney_insta

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When I say go

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Another beautiful silhouette from the beach with a couple walking their dog along the pier. I loved this photo, the wife inspired me to take this photo-op.

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~ Salty Life ~ What the ocean looks like through my minds eye 🌊

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He waits… That’s what he does… And I’ll tell you what; tick followed tock followed tick followed tock followed tick’ Ahab says “I don’t care who you are, here’s to your dream”. The old sailors return to the bar.’ “Here’s to you, Ahab” and the drummer hit the beat with all his heart’ video credit: @tanksgoodnews @abcnews - ok not Dubai, but it is a feel good share for a gloomy Saturday morning. A surfer in Ventura, South California - chases tube almost as well as the dolphins with him "Here’s to waiting…"

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Stoked in Bocas 🤙🏼

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Baracuda! The barracuda is known to be an aggressive and dominant predator, often relying on the surprise tactic in order to catch its prey. Barracudas are also able to swim at over 40 km/h in short bursts which they do to overtake prey that may be trying to swim away.

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Time to get back in the ocean 💧

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The Round Towel in Nautical is an all time fave, do we see it hangin on your pool side shack? 😎

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Now that the shark has gone.... 🦈🌊

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The wave is your canvas Your board is your paint brush Every wave a chance to create a masterpiece PC: @fakelegphotography

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Always matching 😂👙

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Take a moment to do something you enjoy.

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Nothing beats a party wave

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いま話題の #naotosatoh 他にないコラボバッグが買えるのは当店だけ! * 旬の #ネオプレンバッグ の進化形。 ショルダー、ウエストバッグ、リュックの「いいとこどり」したワンショルダー。 ' コンパクトだけど、見た目以上の収納力 ' 撥水性があるから雨の日でも安心して使える ' 耐久性に優れているからガンガン使い込んでも大丈夫 ' 軽いから、持ち歩くときのストレスを軽減 ' スタイリッシュなデザインで男女問わず使える ' マリンスポーツ、アウトドア、スポーツなどアクティブな用途からデイリーまで幅広く重宝します。 ' 商品詳細やご購入はプロフィールのURLからどうぞ! #bag #waterproofbag #freediving #freedive #freediver #freedivers #dive #apnea   #skindiving #madeofocean #scuba #scubadiving #surfing #beachlife #フリーダイビング #素潜り #スキンダイビング #ダイビング   #マリンスポーツ #サーフィン女子   #ボディバッグ #収納力抜群 #choosem

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INCREDIBLE! #Repost @oceanramsey with @get_repost ・・・ By @oceanramsey “What it’s like to lock eyes with a great white as it slowly and directly approaches me is a feeling I’ve been fortunate to experience many times before but how’s the rough toothed dolphin escort too 😱❤️🦈❤️ I can’t say enough about the importance of sharks for healthy marine ecosystems, for the ocean, we need sharks and yet, perhaps because of the negative and inaccurate way they are portrayed in mass media many people do not care that they are being killed at a rate of 70,000,000-100,000,000 every year! What’s worse, they are killed mostly just for #sharkfinsoup or for #sharkfishing as #sharksportfishing I would encourage you to take a look at the above hashtags and see the cruelty and waste and compare it to this reality of peaceful and respectful coexistence. #helpsavesharks #savetheocean I do not encourage people to do this. I’ve been working with sharks for over 15 years, over 30 species including white sharks all around the world. They are #apexpredatornotmonster not puppies...but this was the gentlest grandma great #whiteshark ive ever met ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Deepest gratitude for my team and the incredible shot I will cherish forever @camgrantphotography Freediving this morning with @oneoceandiving #oneoceanohana @juansharks ❤️ @mermaid_kayleigh 💙 🌅🦈 @oneoceanhawaii @waterinspired @oneoceanconservation @oneoceaneducation @oneoceanglobal @travelcoffeeandsharks @discoversharks Fins @cressi1946 #tigersharkwetsuit by @xcelwetsuits 💙🦈💙 #greatwhitehawaii #divewithsharks #greatwhitesharks #oceanramsey #oneoceandiving #ocean #sharks #instagram #instagood #today #amazing #beautiful #madeofocean #teamoneocean

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Those who don't jump will never fly🕊

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That one time I took 11 of my nearest and dearest diving with me for my 30th birthday celebrations. They say never take your friends or family diving because it will be a shit show. It was, but it was a beautiful shit show. Thankyou @mekanphotography for capturing it all.

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I'm crying because I'm just so happy to be diving. 📷 @mekanphotography