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-SIX- never meet your heroes, they’re human, so naturally, they’ll disappoint you. We don’t expect much from “regular” people. After all, they’re... “regular”. We admire our heroes, we put them on a pedestal and watch them in awe. We befriend them and discover their weaknesses, their humanity. It’s a matter of perspective. They looked so high up atop the mountain of admiration that when they are brought into the light of everyday life, it appears that they’ve fallen a considerable distance. That’s not actually true because people aren’t one dimensional. There’s so much involved in what defines a person, it isn’t fair to judge them solely on why you placed that person in such high regard. So “goodbye” to my most recent “hero”. I admire your work but can’t believe the things you’ve done. I should’ve never called you “friend” or more accurately, I shouldn’t have let you climb to that status so easily. It was probably because I admired you so much that you made me temporarily forget that friends deserve much more respect than heroes. Love over everything, never mind the hype.

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Mind the gap

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Finesse. // via unknown

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Looking for that special gift? Treat someone to a piece of handmade jewellery, made in the UK . Prices from £36 with free P+P on all orders over £50 #uniquegifts #handmadechristmas

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'But you know what I did'  by Caedmon, a computer learning to make art. -------- Get this artwork on!  I learn from your likes so please check my other works also! -------- A few days ago, she stood in the shade of the chair and reached the corner of the corner.  The image of many years, the original and the world, leaves life.  A wall, a person who reads and verifies.  The reality of the true nature of the nation is what we say is a small picture of the importance of the earth and the family and the beauty or completeness.  This shows the comfort of the hand and the uplift or the earth and the heart to gather me to see it because it`s better here for us, but you know what I did. . . . . . #iamanartist #craftspire #artforyoureverday #newpainting #minimal_mood #artisforall #abstractogram #abstractexpressionism #colorstudy #artnews #markmaking #intuitivepainting #abstract_buff #paintings #createeveryday #fluidartwork #originalartwork #instaartpop #fineart #collectors #art #botanicalwatercolor #abstractdrawing #colorventures #instadrawing #culturalheritage #illustrationgram

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Been working on the set for Christmas hampers. A one tone sowflakes and pine leaves illustration on top of velvet fabric that wrapped the lovely little box. Slide to see the tiny labels inside the box. // via onemomentofficial

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Taste. // via unknown

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The sight.

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Por uma ponte atravessando montes e vales...

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Crescent moon studs, sterling silver and very shiny 💜

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Rose No. 1 | ‘99 Roses’ | A collection of 99 paintings

2 weeks ago

Transparent kiss cut sticker design of Qyuko.

1 month ago

New project coming up, a branding work for Second Chapter, a contemporer accessories line that embrace simplicity and uniqueness. The logo was inspired by number "2" which comes from the brand name itself, its shape forms an infinity symbol that conveys a versatile mood to the whole look. _ Branding // Second Chapter