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• Semi-traditional, Swedish/British design studio @shydesignstudio are launching soon, and as part of SHY Design Studio’s soft launch, the brand has unveiled an exclusive competition• head on over to their feed to find out more • REGRAM from @shydesignstudio 📸• . . . . . . . . . . . #interiordesign #tuesdaymotivation #theartofslowliving #architecture_magazine #liveauthentically #morningscenes #lovelysquares #paredback #interior123 #architect #interiordesigner #homedecorideas #ofquietmoments #slowmorning #thehappynow #architexture #slowitdownwithstills #enkimaguk #ofsimplethings #minimalandpale #simplepleasures #aslowmoment #giveaway #homestyling

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Darker days, but then it's almost Winter (it is Winter to me!) From the 21st on, days will gradually become longer, so that's a good thing! 😊☀️

11 hours ago

Remembering fall colors 🍂

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4 days of work left until the Christmas break: I am so tired, I think I’ll basically just sleep for the next 2 weeks 😂 . Advent Day 17 - A Problem of the Heart (Excerpt taken from the Jesus Storybook Bible) ‘Naaman was a very important man, in a very important job, in a very important army. But Naaman was sick. He had leprosy, which is a nasty thing that stops you from feeling anything. There was no cure, it never went away, and in the end it killed you. Naaman needed help. Now there was a little slave girl who worked for Naaman and she knew someone who could help him. She said, “There’s a man in Israel called Elisha who can heal you.” “I’ll go,” said Naaman, loading up his wagons and putting on his flashing armour. “But I’ll go to the palace because that’s where someone important like me gets healed!” So he hurried off to Israel and went straight to the king. “My healing, please!” He announced. “I can do lots of things!” the king replied. “But only God can do that.” Just then a message from Elisha arrived. “Send Naaman here,” it said. So Naaman hurried off to Elisha’s house. But Elisha didn’t even come out and greet him, he just sent a servant instead. But what the servant said next made Naaman even crosser. “Wash in there!” He said. “Just wash?” Naaman laughed. “In that slimy, stinky river?” He looked around to see if this was some kind of joke. It wasn’t. He rode off in a rage. God knew that Naaman was even sicker on the inside than he was on the outside. Naaman was proud. His heart didn’t work properly - it couldn’t feel anything. You see, Naaman had leprosy of his heart. God was not only going to heal Naaman’s skin, he was going to heal his pride. Naaman finally agreed to wash in the river, and instantly, his skin became smooth like a baby. Years later, God was going to send another Servant - to forgive all of God’s children and heal the terrible sickness in their hearts. Their hearts were broken. But God can mend broken hearts.’

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Marie Kondo ; bir evin sürekli olarak dağılmasının sebebinin eşya fazlalığından ve düzenleme eksikliğinden kaynaklandığını söylüyor.  Çünkü, ihtiyacımız olsun olmasın birçok şey, obje, nesne, eşya bizi engelliyor ve enerjimizi de alıyor Kondo’ya göre. Az, öz, yararlı olanı elinde tut, gerisini değil, diyor özetle. Öncelikle, odaklanmamız gereken şey, her şeyin kendine özel bir yeri olması gerektiği.. Benin evim de her "şeyin" bir "yeri" var peki sizin evde ? . . #minimal #minimalism #simplicity #minimalisme #minimalandpale #minimalove #minimalmood #seekthesimplicity #designdaily #minimalismo #killerminimal #mindtheminimal #minimalism_world #minimal_perfection #minimalphoto #minimalphotography #learnminimalism #ig_minimalist #minimalhunter #minimalmovement #interiorstyling #furniture #konmari @mariekondo #片づけレッスン   #断捨離   #整理収納   #整理収納アドバイザー   #片づけ   #ラベリング   #テプラ

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Sorting out how I feel about focus and blur. I like it when others do it. But so far when I do it, it feels like I'm trying to be fashionable by tucking my pants into my socks.

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How was your weekend? Frantic preparations for the coming festivities or nice and chilled? It’s beginning to feel a lot more like Xmas for me. Today and tomorrow (Tuesday) the last days for online orders. I’m packing orders, munching on stollen and mince pies and Mr Buble and Mr Vandross are fighting it out for the best Xmas crooner spot...😄Happy Monday 😉 . . . . . #winterfoliage #wintervibe #smallmomentsofcalm #handmadetableware #zentableware #minimalistceramics #minimalceramics #aquietmoment #tonal #ceramicdesigner #minimalandpale #ceramicdesign #handcastporcelain #contemporaryclay #handmademodernhome #handmademodern #softminimalstyle #apleasuretouse #aquietstyle #bedfordindies #madeinbedford

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@acnestudios , Oslo🧥 - With online changing fashion so much, store fits and the visual merchandising of physical spaces is so important. The refurbished Øvre Slottsgate location was incredible and too good to pass up on a couple photo opps. It’s housed in an old bank utilising old panelling details, original floors and even uses a bank vault as a changing room. Impressive, immersive and left me wanting more.

1 day ago

I’ve just blown out the Mandle, as we’re off to school. Yes, we have candles on every morning! The Mandle was a present for my husbands 40th, but I love it too. It actually smells like a cool guy! 🖤Have a great new week all! Get all your Christmas shopping done and relax! #nordicmood #scentedcandle #nordicminimalism

1 day ago

Christmas decorations around the house... And wishing you a happy Monday, Christmas day is around the corner, aren't you excited?? 😊

1 day ago

I thought I was going to mix glaze today, but I threw salt and pepper shakers instead. Easy mistake.

1 day ago

Monday: hate hate hate, double hate, loatheee entirely - The Grinch

1 day ago

From this week’s glimpse of sun. The last days have been so gloomy and gray, hopefully it will be some snow for Christmas./

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This is how I feel right now: in need of an early night 😴 Will I be able to actually make myself go to bed though? That is the question. Today’s advent post is, fittingly, all about rest ☺️ I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! . Advent Day 16 - The Good Shepherd (Psalm 23 - NIV) ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths, for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.’ . . . #todaysjoiedevivre #jessetree #adventseason #winter18 #adventcalendar2018 #faithblogger #shedelights #shereadstruth #livemoremagic #aquietstyle #whimsical #cybercorner #thecaptionclub #chattycaptioncommunity #pursuewhatislovely #createdtocreate #herestothecreatives #calledtocreate #graceupongrace #moodandcharacter #hellostoryteller #ourplayfulstyle #writergram #spilledthoughts #minimalandpale #folkandstory #aseasonalyear #myseasonalstory #seasonspoetry

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I am heading into the science lab today with freshly procured bags of pulverized rocks to see about making my own glaze. I have the slightest hunch it is going be more difficult than I think, to get the results I'm looking for, but I'm pretty excited to start failing.

1 day ago

I've been making pomanders from oranges and cloves, painting ornaments, learning to knit and listening to audio books these evenings.. I've only spend about an hour Christmas shopping, and I got everyone in the family the same thing (personalized photo albums). I've trying to just enjoy the season without thinking of it all as just a prelude to Christmas Day. 🌿 I've put together a few tips for a minimal Christmas (link in bio).. and hoping these will soon become my new traditions! ‌ 🌿 What are your favorite ways to slow down this season?

1 day ago

Christmas touches at the kitchen: walnuts and cotton branches, like little snow balls... ☃️Happy Sunday, dear friends!

2 days ago

Starting Christmas festivities with the in laws today - simple wrapping for me this year, any added details get eaten by Claude anyway 🙈

2 days ago

Crowd free cafe time is the greatest joy for me to start of my day without stress and a good cup of coffee. #minimalandpale #whpjoyful

2 days ago

Our little Nordic gnomes are some of my favorite Christmas decorations. They are definitely hard to put away at the end of the season. We may just have to “forget” to pack them with the other decorations in January!

2 days ago

Today has been such a good day for doing jobs that I’ve been putting off for ages 🙈😂💪🏻 See my Stories for the evidence that I’ve actually gotten on with them, finally 😂 Now I’m sitting with my feet up, watching the Strictly final. It’s a tough one, but I think I’m voting for Ashley 💃🏼 Are you watching? If so, who are you voting for? . Advent Day 15 - David & Goliath ‘God’s people had some scary enemies, but the Philistines were the scariest of them all. The Philistines had a secret weapon, called “Goliath.” Goliath was a terrifying solider, and - worst of all - a GIANT! A giant so strong, and so tall, and so scary that no one had ever been able to fight him - and live to tell the tale. So there they were: the Philistines standing on the top of one hill; God’s people standing on top of the other. Every day, Goliath came out and shouted, “Send your best soldier to fight me! If he wins, we will be your slaves. But if I win, you will be our slaves!” No one spoke. No one moved. But God would do something. He would send someone to save them. “Don’t be afraid!” David said. “I’ll fight him for you!” David picked out five smooth stones from the stream - took his slingshot and walked towards Goliath. “You?” Goliath peered down at the small boy. “I’m little!” David shouted up to him. “But God is great!” David put a stone in his sling, swung it around - and let it go. The little stone flew like a bullet through the air and struck Goliath right between the eyes. Goliath stopped laughing... he stumbled... he staggered... and fell dead. God had saved his people. David was a hero!’

2 days ago

Slow Saturday morning ✨ Trying to decide what Christmas movie to watch next. @kinfolk

2 days ago

For me, as fun as traveling around can be, in the end there’s no place as cozy as my own home and bed.

2 days ago

Silver vibes - and a shy dark burgundy paper ball... ✨

3 days ago

Yesterday I thought: "This year I'll add simple little Christmas touches around the whole house". Sometimes, a small pine branch is all you need for a festive look...

3 days ago

Solo House by Pezo von Ellrichshausen _ Photo Richard Powers for Superhouse by @McCartneyk Regram @sharkeggedition ____________________________________________________________

3 days ago

I told you I was running out of poses.

3 days ago

Accidentally mood boarding on this foggy Friday. I’m finally home from all the work travel the last couple of weeks, but now I’m feeling a little under the weather.... 🤒 Luckily I’ve got @amymenton , some homemade soup, and DayQuil to make me feel better 😂 Hope you’re having a good Friday!

3 days ago

Mexico you are so rich in culture, nature and art. This past week I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and makers. And I feel so thankful, lucky and inspired, with new ideas for this next season. 🇲🇽☀️🙏🏻

3 days ago

I love today’s Advent story, because shows that it’s what’s on the inside the counts. And it highlights a link to the nativity story that I’d never noticed before ☺️ . Advent Day 14 - An Unexpected King (Excerpt taken from the Jesus Storybook Bible) ‘God’s people had a new land. Now they wanted a king. “Go to Bethlehem,” God told Samuel. “You’ll find the new king there.” (Samuel was a prophet; his job was to listen to God, and tell people what God said.) So Samuel went to the little town of Bethlehem. God told Samuel to go to Jesse’s house. God was going to choose one of Jesse’s sons to be the new king. Samuel asked Jesse to bring him each son in turn. So Jesse brought the oldest, tallest, strongest son. ‘This must be the new king’, Samuel thought. ‘He looks like a king.’ But God didn’t choose him. “You’re thinking about what he looks like on the outside,” God told Samuel. “But I am looking at his heart, what he’s like on the inside.” So Jesse showed Samuel his next oldest, tallest, strongest son. But God didn’t choose him either. In fact, God didn’t choose any of the seven sons. Samuel said, “Is that all?” Jesse laughed, “Oh, well, there’s the youngest one, but he’s just the weakling of the family, he’s only teeny - “ “Bring him,” said Samuel. His name was David. “He has a heart like mine,” God said. “It is full of love. And one of his children’s, children’s, children will be the King. And that King will rule the world forever.” And sure enough, when he grew up, David became king. God chose David to be king because God was getting his people ready for an even greater King who was coming. Once again, God would say, “Go to Bethlehem. You’ll find the new King there.” And there, one starry night in Bethlehem, in the town of David, three wise men would find him.’

3 days ago

The joys of working from home 😊⠀ When the making that helps you relax at night gets thrown on the computer you work from in the daytime.. I love the collision of these two worlds and I wouldn't have it any other way. And you, what helps you unwind after a long work day?⠀ 🖤⠀ #traveltheroadtoquiet #theperfectsimple #aconsideredhome #mynestandburrow #thisauthenticfeeling #pocketofmyhome #thatscandinavianfeeling #minimalandpale #theartoflife #alifealive #aquietstyle #momentslikethis #inpraiseofslowness #chasingmagic #calmversation #embracingslowerlife #thesimpleeveryday #cherishandrelish #slowdownwithstills #stillography #daysofsmallthings #smallmomentsofcalm #knitting #behappynow #bedeeplyrooted

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@fab_goose ・・・ Your hands, your taste and your styling = your unique result⠀ ⠀ Our co-creation kits only provide the basics of the experience.⠀ ⠀ We love this minimalist Scandinavian styling by @line_hamre ⠀ ⠀ Thank you so much for sharing, Line⠀ ⠀ | Each and single sharing makes me so happy - hart-warm thank you to everyone |⠀ ⠀ ------------------⠀ ⠀ #interiorstyling #interiorinspiration #interiordesign #scandinavianhome #minimalinterior #homeinspo #homestyling #mydarlingminimal #minimalmood #aconsideredhome #nordichome #nordicliving #nordicstyle #slowliving #scandistyle #scandihome #cornersofmyhome #boligmagasinetdk #cleanandsimple #softminimalism #minimalmood #habitandhome #whywhitework #minimalandpale #simpleliving #christmaspreparations #christmasdecorations #menuworld #fabgoose

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Good morning, beautiful people! 🤗

4 days ago

One of my least anticipated trip was to Busan. I always thought that this city was only known for it's beaches. But, it contains an enormous amount of culture that no other city in Korea can follow.

4 days ago

GIVEAWAY CELEBRATION - 3 winners to receive O candleholder in the colour of their choice. Includes candles kindly supplied by @ester_erik - 1 winner to receive a first edition of our new mirror, Perlucio. RRP £2600 - * Follow us on Instagram for 1 entry. * Sign up on our website for 1 entry. * Extra entries: Tag your friends in the comments of any of Instagram posts between now and New Years Day. Each tag counts as 1 extra entry. - - Competition closes Midnight, New Years Eve. Winners will be generated at random and contacted on New Years Day. Open to all EU residents over the age of 18. Delivery is included in the prize. Full details on the website. - Check out our exclusive interview with @hegeinfrance now up on her blog. - In no way endorsed, sponsored or administered by Instagram. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #shydesignstudio #ocandleholder #scandiliving #scandidesign #scandinavianminimalism #nordicliving #nordicdesign #scandinavianchristmas #nordicsimplicity #nordicfragments #designfragments #minimalandpale #aquietstyle #interiordesignaddict #softminimalstyle #whywhiteworks #kinfolkhome #scandinaviansimplicity #scandinaviandesign #inredningochdesign #candleholder #aminimalminute #giveaway #tistheseason #whywhyteworks #mynordicroom #simplethingsmadebeautiful #nordicminimalism #skandinaviskehjem #interiør

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@shydesignstudio are releasing two new products and I have an exclusive interview with the Glasgow based design studio up on the blog! There’s a giveaway too, so don’t miss out! Link in profile to find out more! #nordicminimalism #aminimalminute

4 days ago

This is apparently what happens when you walk around as an iPhone photo is being taken - I quite like the effect! It’s a bit ghostly 👻 One of the things that I’m loving about doing this Advent Challenge is the creativity that it’s encouraging in my photos. Today’s is all about the power of prayer, and persistence in walking it out until you see it answered! . Advent Day 13 (Excerpt taken from the Jesus Storybook Bible) ‘After Moses died, God gave his people a new leader. His name was Joshua, which means “The Lord Saves”. Joshua was going to lead God’s people into the special land God had promised to give them. By this time, God’s people had been wandering around in that baking desert for 40 years! So you can imagine how happy they were to reach the edge of the desert and to see their beautiful new home - right there in front of them - all cool and green and lovely. There was only one problem. Jericho. Jericho was a city - but it wasn’t just any old city. It was a fortress and it stopped anyone from getting into the land. What would they do? No one knew. But God knew. And God told Joshua what to do. Joshua’s army went marching, marching, marching around the city. Day after day after day. “They’re too scared to fight!” the people in Jericho said. But they were wrong. God’s people weren’t scared - they were waiting. Waiting for God to tell them what to do next. On the seventh day, God told his people to march around the city, not once but seven times. Then God told everyone to make as much noise as they could. The huge, strong walls of Jericho crumbled to the ground, as if they were made of sand. Jericho vanished in a great cloud of dust. So it was that God’s people entered their new home. And they didn’t have to fight to get in - they only had to walk.’ . . . #todaysjoiedevivre #jessetree #adventseason #winter18 #adventcalendar2018 #faithblogger #shedelights #shereadstruth #livemoremagic #aquietstyle #whimsical #thecaptionclub #chattycaptioncommunity #pursuewhatislovely #createdtocreate #herestothecreatives #calledtocreate #graceupongrace #moodandcharacter #hellostoryteller #ourplayfulstyle #writergram #spilledthoughts #minimalandpale #folkandstory

4 days ago

After all the running around this morning, this is much needed!! I’m taking this moment while my Mr naps you can’t beat some peace and quiet and hot cup of coffee!

4 days ago

Have always loved this hallway in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

4 days ago

New porcelain bowls, flared and glazed in a muted pink satin. . . (A few up in the shop (link in profile) and some more available at my pop-up at the Scottsdale @designwithinreach this Saturday)!

4 days ago

AD | I don’t often wear dresses but I’m sold on this one. It will be perfect for all the travel we’re about to do over the holidays. Everything about @solika__ is neutral, modern, and minimal. All things I want for the capsule wardrobe I’m slowly building! #solika #dressyourroots

4 days ago

Porcelain set in silver sage. I will be at Ivy Lodge on Monday 17th 10-3pm. Drop in for exclusive xmas shopping (items that aren’t online yet) or to pickup orders. The matching small deep bowl was snapped up by @karens_creative_adventures last weekend before it made it online! Lovely to meet you Karen 🤗 . . . . . #handmadetableware #zentableware #minimalistceramics #minimalceramics #aquietmoment #abreathofwhitespace #ceramicdesigner #minimalandpale #thesimpleeveryday #ceramicdesign #handcastporcelain #contemporaryclay #handmademodernhome #handmademodern #softminimalstyle #apleasuretouse #aquietstyle #thesimpleeveryday #nestandflourish #momentsofmine #seekthesimplicity #bedfordindies #madeinbedford #wheretoseebuyceramicsuk

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Ozvesadecim çeyiziniz yok mu 🙂 . . Var tabi işte bu hurç 🙊 yani bu kaldı 🙈 örtüler,pikeler, patikler,yemeniler , danteller neler neler .. . . hurc da ise duvağım , alım eşimin bir kaç düğüne ait hatırası dışında lif ve 2 tane pike takımı(misafir icin) var 😊 bir de kayinvalidemin hediyesi 1 şal 😊 . . Zaten dolu olmadığı şeklinden belli degil mi 🙈 . Boş alan = nefes alan alan 👍 . . #minimal #minimalism #minimal_perfection #minimalism_world #minimalismo #lovark #minimal #minimalism #minimalist #simplicity #minimalisme #minimalandpale #minimalove #minimalmood #seekthesimplicity #designdaily #minimalismo #killerminimal #mindtheminimal #minimalism_world #minimal_perfection #minimalphoto #minimalphotography #minimal_shots #learnminimalism #상단프로필링크클릭 #자체제작 #자체원단 #침구 #이불 #겨울침구 #극세사침구 #이불 #이불세트 #공구 #공구중

5 days ago

Things I have learnt from attempting to spray paint our old desk top: - Spray painting is not as easy as it sounds -Impatience never helps and will most likely sabotage your DIY project -Ikea will usually have a better option 😂 So after a couple of days of endless spraying I decided to admit defeat and pop to @ikeauk where I found pretty much exactly what I was after. In line with my love for sand tones, this £30 top is a steal! I have also learnt some valuable lessons from this 🙈 Hope you all have a lovely Thursday ✨ . . . . . #mynordicllar #officeinspiration #deskinspiration #finddailyhygge #artofvisuals #stillswithstories #stilllife #atmine #thesimpleeveryday #seeksimplicity #livesimple #ofquietmoments #myhome #softminimalstyle #theartofslowliving #theperfectsimple #nordichome #cornersofmyworld #minimalandpale #slowlived #aneutralhome #ikeaatmine #curateanddisplay #housebeautiful #whiteinteriors #minimalha #mynordicroom #gominimalmag

5 days ago

This cold still firmly has me, and I'm starting to feel a hint of festive overwhelm so I had a good sort out last night (always the cure) and I'm feeling calmer now. How soothing are these @boconceptuk trees?? And not overly Christmassy, I reckon they could live out all year. #tistheseason #christmasdecor #finddailyhygge #artofvisuals #stayandwander #stillswithstories #stilllife #atmine #aminimalminute #thesimpleeveryday #seeksimplicity #livesimple #ofquietmoments #myhome #softminimalstyle #theartofslowliving #theperfectsimple #nordichome #cornersofmyworld #minimalandpale #slowlived #aneutralhome #ikeaatmine

5 days ago

I'm selling two of these glazed porcelain jugs over in my stories today. They're slight seconds with a few aesthetic imperfections, but otherwise still fully functional as a jug, vase, or lovely as a decorative piece. These jugs are normally £75 each but head over to my stories to find out the special price. Approx 27cm x 7cm ✨✨✨ . . . #supportthemakers #instagramsale #jug #handmade #porcelain #aconsideredhome #myhometrend #minimalandpale #ceramics #pottersofinstagram #myquietbeauty #simpleauthenticbeautiful #habitandhome #ofsimplethings #aquietstyle #astilllifestyle #tabletopmatters #nestandthrive #momentsofmine #doingneutralright #howyouhome #craftswoman #uplifttheeveryday #elevatedeveryday #modernmaker #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #stilllife #stillleben #thesimpleeveryday

5 days ago

Love these sunny days, all the light and reflections, everything becomes more beautiful...

5 days ago

Thank you so much for all the likes and comments on my last post! I had a great night catching up with friends. Today, I’m off to a brunch and a workshop with @thehouseologists. Follow along on stories if you like. Then later on, I’ll be revealing the first products from an independent Glasgow design studio! Busy, but fun day ahead. What have you got planned? #whiteinteriors #thesimpleeveryday #aminimalminute

5 days ago

Inspiration | Totême Photo | Sebastian Sabal-Bruce