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Liten skogshare som satt längs vägen och lät sig fotas.

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Trevlig helg💙

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Stray not far from the path

1 day ago

Glad alla ♡-ans dag hörrni! Vi firar våran med 3 rätters över öppen eld😋

1 day ago

Hope you are having a beautiful ❤️-day. With your loved one, a friend, a relative, your dog or yourself. For us, this day is a reminder that love is everywhere and that you are never alone. ❤️💛🧡💜💚💙💖

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Han älskar sin koja. Madrass, filt, fårskinn och en ljusslinga och han är helt nöjd. Childhood almost unplugged 😉.

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Glad alla hjärtans dag! ♥️

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Ha en fin dag❤️

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Även om jag tycker att alla dagar är hjärtats dagar så - Glad alla 💛dag vänner!!

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Glad alla hjärtans dag ♡ Här är några bilder på arbetsprocessen bakom en annorlunda bukett 🤗. / Happy Valentine's day ♡ Here's a few pictures of the work process behind a different kind of bouquet 🤗. • • • • • • #botanik #botanical #botany #botanicalpainting #akvarell #watercolor #watercolour #berries #bär #inthewoods #inthewild #skogen #wild #natureonthepage #skogen #skog #illustrationnow #watercolor_guide #botanicalillustration #watercolor_daily #cloudberry #cloudberries #hjortron #arcticbramble #arcticrasberry #åkerbär #norrland #northernsweden #norrbotten #norrländskt

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O n s d a g s f e e l i n g Imorgon när jag som vanligt tänker trycka på snoozeknappen så räknar jag ner 5..4..3..2..1 stänger av väckaren och stiger upp istället. Jag har aldrig tänkt på hur många ursäkter min hjärna faktiskt hinner hitta på varje dag när jag ska göra något som känns jobbigt. Jag har blivit mer medveten nu och ska istället för att tänka de där ursäkterna räkna ner från 5 och bara göra det jobbiga istället, våga prova! 🙏💕 . . . . #selflove #snooze #snoozebutyon #challenge #challangeyourself #developer #goals #dreams #achive #familylife #work #workfromhome #northernsweden #decoration

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Ännu en härlig dag har passerat💫 Ha en fortsatt fin kväll!

2 days ago

The last few days I have noticed how much longer the days have become lately. There was so much sun and light and warmth and all of that makes me feel like spring. And while of course I LOVE spring and the energy that it brings, I don't want winter to end just yet! #fingerprintofgod #naturelith #folkgreen #outdoortones #heart_imprint #natura_love #natureromantix #hey_ihadtosnapthat #ig_naturelovers #vsco_sweden #visitsweden #northernsweden #show_us_nature #weroamsweden #why_i_love_sweden #what_i_saw_in_sweden #winternights #moonlightmagic

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Somrigt bevarat i en kall stuga, döden i en tavla.

2 days ago

Hi friends! 💙 I've just been in The Netherlands together with Indy and Forrest and it's been a really nice trip. Now we're on our way home again to the North of Sweden. The people and the food in The Netherlands was so nice and for you who wonder why I've been there it's because my boyfriend is half Dutch and has parts of his family there. I travel a lot more now and are planning to see more of the world and try new things. It's amazing how life can take it's turns. From planning to buy and live on a little farm in Sweden with animals and trying to be self sufficient - to sell and change almost everything and travel and see the world instead. I like this lifestyle more and more. At first I was afraid of leaving my comfort zone but as with all fears, if you dare to face them you can get over them. I'm not afraid anymore of not knowing what's going to happen the next day. Now is the only thing that's real. I'm learning to make the best of the moment I'm in. Before I was always going somewhere. In my mind I was always ahead of time and I was always adapting to the future. That helped me achieve alot of things and goals in life, but along the way I also missed out some of the things that was happening around me. Also I got disappointed when things didn't turned out as I'd planned. Being in the now and accepting that things and plans can change anytime has made me appreciate life more, and has also made me calmer because I no longer have anything to worry about. Everything is going to be just as good as I choose to make it at any given moment, at any given time, regardless what happens in life. It's an interesting journey. . . . . #northernsweden #travel #explore #visitsweden #swedishmoments #nightsky #nightphoto #landscapephotography #nightphotography #traveler #explorer #intothewild #gowiththeflow #livenow #bepresent #lifelesson #getoutside #breakfree #freedom #intotheunknown #friluftsliv #sweden #february

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I thought it was time for me to introduce myself a little 🤗. Since I am a bit lazy, and this might become a rather long post, I am only going to write this in English. My name is Sara and I am the one behind SkógRinns_outdoor_art. I am a self-taught hobby artist, who very recently rediscovered painting after a ten year long break. I am so very grateful that so many of you want to follow my art here on Instagram ♡. I work full time in forestry, planning mainly final fellings, which gives me great opportunity to shape the next generation of forests and allowing me to preserve areas of great importance for different species. It also allows me to work outdoors ♡. I am born and raised in Västernorrland, a province in northern Sweden. Now I live, together with my boyfriend and our two dogs, in Dalecarlia. I love the outdoors, painting, hiking and reading. I am clumsy, quirky and a bit socially awkward. Although, I am quite funny when you get past all of that. I look angry when I am focused, I got diagnosed with RA december 2017 and I am a great coffee addict ☕. I believe in doing what makes you happy and in doing your best, and letting that be enough. I am working on this last part and I am getting better at it. I am excellent at making camp fires. This is important. I think that is the essentials. Next post will be art, I promise ♡ • • • #skog #skogen #skogsjobb #intothewild #intothewoods #intheforest #forest #forests #norrland #northernsweden #västernorrland #dalarna #dalecarlia #sweden #forestry #skogsbruk #artistpresentation

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😍 I just love reindeers!

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It is said that the Sami people have 200 words for snow. Words describing different qualities and features of the snow. How many could you think of?

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What's not to love?

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Mom on visit! - my beautiful and crazy mother @rizzatipaola is in Vemdalen paying a visit. Took her and my lovely for a horse sleigh tour @trumvallenfjallridning. Boy I love driving horses! Blueboy the dog seems to like it too very much! #davidelippimusic #norrland #singersongwriter #horseman #vemdalen #älskavemdalen #northernsweden #italianabroad #lappland #funäsfjällen #härligahärjedalen #härjedalen #home #trumvallensfjällridning #horse #horsedriving #songwriter

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Djupt ❄️☃️🦌

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Vårvintern knackar på!

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Ibland tittar den fram 🌟Och jag blir lika glad varje gång. När solen är framme känns det som allt är möjligt!!

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Vi har en spännande vecka framför oss! På torsdag träffas vår referensgrupp för att gå igenom alla ansökningar och kort därefter meddelar vi samtliga som ansökt. Referensgruppen kommer även få jobba med en ask som innehåller material- och färgprover kring kommande pop up shop (därav bilden🤓). Platsen och datum för Köpenhamn är också bestämt men det väntar vi lite med att berätta offentligt. För den som väntar på något gott väntar ju (nästan) aldrig för länge, som sagt! #arcticdesignofsweden #norrbotten #västerbotten #northernsweden #design #kkn #popupshop #köpenhamn