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🌊 Take a swim with me... For 60 seconds 🌊 (watch until the end!) ~ After returning from one of the best weekends away at @heronisland with @rachel_nyechart and @reddawg_charters I am still in shock. I was amazed by how much life is under the #heronisland jetty. I have seen #shovelnose #rays before, and a #whiptailray #guitarshark #eagleray #cowtailray #bigeyetrevally and countless other beautiful #fish species, but I have never seen so many of each species crammed together in such a small area, allowing me to get a ridiculous “GoPro style” swimming shot like this.. and the grand finale with approx 20 eagle rays just casually swimming around. Underwater heaven. Expect to see a lot more posts form this insane place very soon! . . Shot with the #sony #a6500 and housing from @fantasea_line

26 minutes ago

Afternoon dip

2 hours ago

Mother's Day isn't far away, send me a message if this is something you would be keen to do...⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Do you share a love for the water with your little/big people? Why not get yourself the perfect Mother's Day present.⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ 30 minute water sessions⁣⠀ Includes 5 edited images ⁣⠀ Location ~ Noosa/Mooloolaba or could even be in your pool⁣⠀ Limited dates available⁣⠀ Payment due on booking⁣⠀ $130 ⁣⠀ *conditions apply⠀ ⠀ #coolum #coolumbeach #mooloolaba #noosa #sunshinecoast #canonaustralia #canoncollectiveofficial #inwaterphotographer #supportlocal #oceanminded_arts #sunriselover #love #saltystarts #saltwaterisgoodforthesoul #sealove #wallart #water #colouryourhome #theoceanwhereveryougo

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Do you sometimes wonder how it all happens or do you just accept it. The water never seizes to amaze me

3 hours ago

The light that excites 🌤

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☀️☀️☀️GIVEAWAY ALERT!🍍🍍🍍 . . What do 💃, 👣, 🏝️, ♥️ and 🎶 have to do with each other? That's what summer has in store for us and, just like last year, I got the awesome chance to give away two sunday tickets to someone who's in the mood for barefeet dancing in the sand at SURFANA FESTIVAL. @surfana_collective : "What we love most, we’ve put together into a mind blowing experience for all to enjoy. It’s a festival to celebrate our lifestyle but also to inspire more people to choose a life based on happiness." What do you have to do? 1. Follow @surfana_collective and @pepijntigges 2. Comment your favorite memory at a festival or party last summer. Don't hold back, I wanna hear those juicy/funny/crazy stories. 3. Tag the people you wanna go to the festival with (more chances if they also comment and tag). Good luck and let's do some barefeet dancing together at Surfana! 👣💃☀️

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Water wall

3 hours ago

I hope next time you go for a surf on the beaches you meet this legend out there @lachie.meakes he got style and he’s the funniest kid on the northern beaches

4 hours ago

Did you catch my latest blog article on Noosa? 🌺 it includes all the good things 🤗 and the best time to enjoy them without the crowds 🧡 Including the directions to this little paradise 💦

4 hours ago

Love seeing the locals on mediocre days make it look above average and fun as hell🙌🏼

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4 hours ago

Underwater turbines twist and bend as a wave breaks above, all lit by the first light of day.

5 hours ago

.... ”She spoke softly underneath the deep Sea ..... God is that you ? Connecting to that part of her that was connected to every living thing that had ever existed .... she felt the love flow like the waves were from above , warm pulses of energy surrounded her soul ... making her remember she was never alone . . S.White ✨ . . . . . . . #poetry #poetrycommunity #poems #art #lifeimitatesart #beauty #expression #soulfulexpression #god #energy #atoms #writting #intuition #beyou #creative #oceanminded_arts #soul #connection #beauty

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‘ MAFS ‘ • Port Noarlunga South, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia 🇦🇺 • Canon 5D Mark IV 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM ISO 100 | f/4.0 | 1/400 | 24mm ~ @aquatech_imagingsolutions ~ @goproanz • So I found it a little ironic last night as I was preparing my equipment to enter the water to try and capture the evening sunset, that my wife told me “you’re crazy going out there” all the meanwhile she was sitting on the couch glued to this show called Married At First Sight. Then every time I talked she would say ... shhhhh talk in the ads!! But I’m the crazy one 😂 • All in all I was a little disappointed in the shots I got last night but not as disappointed as Tamara and Mick apparently 😂😂.... but I’ve put a few more on my story for those interested to see 🤙🏼 • Anyone else watch this show before or have this issue at home? 🤔🤔 . . . . . . . . . . #flowcreator #onlylocalwilldo #seeaustralia #seesouthaustralia #southaustralia #fleurieupeninsula #portnoarlunga #portnoarlungasouth #aquatech #aquatechimagingsolutions #mafs #sundayfunday #staysalty #adventure #underwaterphotography #freediver #surfphotography #ocean #australia #instagood #ig_shotz #artofvisuals #canonaustralia #canonphotography #oceanlover #theocean #oceaneyes #oceanminded_arts #underwaterworld

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Heartlines for Lifeline are hosting it's 2nd exhibition and silent auction raising money for Lifeline WA. The exhibition is at the #rockinghamartscentre from April 4-7th but bidding is open from today. The reserve on this piece is only half of the normal price, so go check the catalogue and put in a bid! If you hop on to facebook and search for Heartlines for Lifeline you will find the link to the online catalogue. "Near/Far", 50cm oils on cradled board. Let me know if you have questions! P.s. the bidding is not quite open yet, will update in stories when it's ready 🌜⭐💛

6 hours ago

Kirra Eagle.

6 hours ago

M O N T A G U E Free diving with free seals in the crystal clear waters off of Montague island. 💙 #keepthemwild

7 hours ago

Silhouette by the ocean. Mental diving sesh with @sea.marshall. This place is so unreal, even better when you immersed in water

10 hours ago

Cruising with the local Eagle Ray.

10 hours ago

There where a few to be had around LA today

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11 hours ago

📸 by @sammy_garcia this was one of the heavier swims I’ve had. Thanks a ton for the shot legend 🤘👊🤙

12 hours ago

📍Carlsbad, CA 6:48am ~ Purchase prints - https://jamessarandisphoto.wixsite.com/portfolio

14 hours ago

Swipe across to see the evolution of a bolt of lightning and how much the light in the scene changes over a split second! Each shot at 1/10th of a second, hand held. I love storms! ⛈

14 hours ago

Sea dreams

15 hours ago

I have a collection of slow mo clips that I usually post in stories but it doesn’t really do it justice so I’m going to start posting them in the feed.

15 hours ago

Thanks @hamishstubbs for sharing this wonderful and heartfelt post. We really appreciate all the people who take the time to come out and learn about sharks with us 🤙🏽🦈 ・・・ Been going back through old hard drives this week and this afternoon came across a photo that has some meaning to it. When I first joint Instagram in 2013 two of the first people I followed and admired were @juansharks & @oceanramsey I was infactuated with the photos and work they were doing with Sharks off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. After shooting waves with a go pro around Perth for a year or so I was getting a bit bored and really wanted to step up to a DSLR, underwater housing and go on a trip with them, then one day some cheap flights to Hawaii popped up so I quickly snapped them up and ordered myself a @nikonaustralia D7100 and booked a underwater housing to rent while I was in Hawaii so I could fulfil a dream to swim and photograph sharks with Juan and Ocean. This was one of the first ever shots I took with my DSLR I had no idea what I was doing my shutter speed was too low and I was shooting in Jpeg, But I was over the moon to be doing what I loved and that's the main thing, and something that I feel people on Instagram forget to do myself included we find ourselves shooting for the gram and what we think might get a few meaningless likes. I'm aiming to shoot far more content for myself this year and what I love doing rather than a few thumbs up. #mynikonlife #shark #oahu #natgeo #natgeowild #natgeoyourshot #underwaterphotography #sharks #hawaii #hawaiisbestphotos #hawaiilife #nakedplanet #earthpix #artofvisuals #visualsofearth #diving #moodygrams #bbcearth #travel #nikon #oceanminded_arts #earthporn #natgeohub #earthfocus #freediving #earth_shots #special_shotz #amazing_shots

15 hours ago

- Low Light - _ With low tide and sunrise coinciding yesterday, I was able to walk way out along the Bull Wall to get a different perspective of Howth Head. Just a sliver of light showed up but the calm conditions made for a very enjoyable morning. _ niallcostellophotography.com _ . . . #bns_landscape #lovindublin #irelandsancienteast #beautifuldestinations #inspireland_ #ig_ireland #rawireland #irishexplorer #discoverireland #igersireland #loves_ireland #oceanminded_arts #icu_ireland #wanderireland #igersdublin #raw_ireland #top_landscapes #loves_ireland #topdublinphoto #visitdublin #tourismireland #lovinireland #insta_ireland #outsidermag #bestirelandpics #raw_silhouette #explore_landscapes #howth #thefullirish_ #raw_allnature

16 hours ago

“She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar.” - Janet Fitch