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1 day ago

It is wat it is 🤷 Im not going to be stressing over the same shit... Beginning to just be on some fuck it it is wat it is type shit ✌️ #offtosleep

2 days ago

Shamwari Jumped up on me, next minute #offtosleep

6 days ago

Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it. #OffToSleep

1 week ago

Oh hey good night's sleep....

1 week ago

Cherish the moments and the little snuggles..... They grow up so fast.🧑 #offtosleep

2 weeks ago

Stop for a second—think about your bedroom. Is it cluttered or calm? Did you know your sleep quality is affected by your bedroom environment? So if there's clutter in your bedroom—clothes to return, things that belong elsewhere, the vacuum cleaner—getting rid of it could lead to a better night's sleep! 😴 . If it's your MIND that is cluttered, put a notepad and pen by your bed. If little things keep popping into your head, write them down for the morning so you can stop thinking and start sleeping!

2 weeks ago

Smile and let the world wonder why 💐😊 #offtosleep

3 weeks ago

Cant' sleep? Here’s our hero roller that's packed with five essential oils that will have you down for the count in no time, and if you need some reassurance that it works have a read of our reviews in the story highlights. ⠀ ⠀ Need some more solutions? This Sleep Easy remedy comes in an Essential oil blend for your diffuser, a room mist for your room & pillows and if you want the whole kit then you'll find our Sleep Easy Wellness box online with all three solutions in one! #offtosleep

3 weeks ago

Last week, after a long, but wonderful day working in Lithuania... Ready for dreamland 🌠

1 month ago

wearing a sleep suit for 6months old 😂 #offtosleep 😌

1 month ago

Excuse the one blurry pic at the end, but I'm finally home! Prepping to go to #sleep. Yes, I do have #Kakao themed #pajamas. Some last minute phone hijinks before bed. Work tomorrow on a #Sunday unfortunately. Also, I am using a #Samsung. Won't be posting much photos because I'll be pretty busy this week. Even through my #upcomingbirthday on #Tuesday. That day is going to be huge, because I have a huge announcement to make. Making the announcement will have its pros and cons to the fullest, but the world must know that I'd rather speak the truth than lie not just to myself but all of you as well. #livinginkorea #workingabroad #asianamericandream #bedtime #offtosleep #thisismylife #thisisme #birthdaygirl #yeahitshappening #hellototheworld #spiceupyourlife #randomhashtags #randomness #meanwhileinasia #nofilter

1 month ago

SuperMom moments of the day! I recorded my final energy music piece in the old house today!!! And the kids wanted to celebrate with me by having a concert!!! Cody on chimes, Conor on rain stick, and me on flute (not pictured). It was all horribly out of tune and awesome! 😂💜💙⁣ ⁣ And then, at bedtime, they both asked for prayers and energy. We used to do it every night, but haven’t done in forever!⁣ ⁣ This picture is of my little guy in his new Anna and Elsa bed with a small merlinite stone (mine). He decided it is the “baby” to his merlinite he got the other day, which is under his pillow. He is taking breaths with my stone, calming down and making wishes, as we listen to my energy music piece for Peaceful Rest. He wants to hear it every night. ⁣ ⁣ Seriously. A Healing/Spiritual Mom Win tonight!!! 💙💜⁣ ⁣ (If you’d like to check out my Energy Music the link is in my bio! 😊) #FindingMyInnerSuperMom

1 month ago

I love traveling by train 🚂 Looking outside the window and listening to music makes the journey so much more dramatic. 💁‍♀️ . Anways, today was great. Working on new songs is always so much fun! 🎵 Can’t wait to share them with you! (-> @sophiiagbrmusic to stay updated on my music-project) But I have to say that I was really tired today. Came home late tonight cause I went out with friends. So i skipped my workout today... 🙈 Gotta go to bed now to get some rest. 🛌 💤 Good night! 🌙 . . . . . #trainjourney #todayful #myday #abouttoday #goodnight #tiredaf #bloggergirl #ontheway #onthewayhome #veganblogger #instadaily #followme #bloggerlove #likeforlike #bloggersoninstagram #happyvibesonly #lifeisperfect #enjoythemoments #offtosleep #timeforsleep #restless #hustleling #productiveday #lifeisamazing #instagood

1 month ago

🌜I’m sorry/that my head/is up my ass It’s so easy/to get caught up in/my own brain That sometimes/I forget/that friendship/goes both ways🌛 . A BIG thank you to everyone who came out to my show on Sunday! That was one of my favorite shows so far 🖤 thanks to @asamartinmusic and @marywander_ for driving all the way here to play and giant shout out to @_offtosleep for organizing the show, playing a set, and cleaning all the gottd*ng dishes after everyone left. Truly a saint. 🙏 . . . . . . . . #asamartinmusic #marywander #offtosleep #sissydinkle #nashville #nocountryfornewnashville #newmusic #imsorry #redbicycle #jazz #punk #folk #emo #itme #everythinggurl #indie #diy #diymusic #nashvillediy #fender #gretsch #baritone #baritoneguitar #womeninmusic #womeninart #womeninbusinessrock #sheshreds #girlswithguitars #pickup #pickupjazz

1 month ago

Friends don’t let friends miss out on a Premium starter kit sale!! 😍 I love that you can choose the lantern diffuser and add feather the owl diffuser. 💖 Add a few drops of your favorite oil to help relax, wake up, or lull the littles off to sleep. Also great to set the mood, just sayin’. 💕 Which one will you get? #flashsale #yleo #sethemood #offtosleep #relax #sharingiscaring #babyblends #babysleeping #allthegoodstuff #stopprocrastinating #itsnottoolate #youllbegladyoudid

2 months ago

The happy dance you do when your baby goes to sleep straight away! 👏👏🥳🥳🥳 We have had a bit of a run of it lately with munchkin bear not going to sleep right away and it taking up to 2 hours 😩 and then her waking through the night. BUT tonight!!! 🙌🙌 I actually put her to bed half an hour early to see if that would make a difference... WELL BOOM!!!!! 3 MINS!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🥳🥳🥳🥳 #bedtime #bedtimeroutine #sleep #sleepy #sleepingbaby #nailedit #wholenightahead #getmetomybed #offtosleep #butfirstanepisode #love #cuddles #bathtime #fitmom #momboss #momsofinstagram #mummydiaries #mommy

2 months ago

"ไม่ต้องไปเหยียบดวงอาทิตย์ ก็รู้ๆกันว่ามีแก็สหลายชนิดอยู่ในอากาศ" #offtosleep

2 months ago

Just had a lovely encounter with a hateful white man with a superiority complex. This man, British, middle-aged, well-dressed, grey-haired, starting spewing insults at me because I was waiting next to him in line to get on the FlixBus as opposed to behind him. Never mind that there was no clear cut line, instead multiple parallel lanes (it was one of those huddle lines), but even if I were actually skipping the line, his aggressive cursing would have clearly been over the top. At first I ignored him (thinking it was way too early for this shit), but when he asked me whether I was „fucking listening“ to what he was saying, I calmly replied that I was simply standing in line and - adopting his language - that there was no reason to start cursing like a crazy motherfucker. This obviously caught him off-guard and he could only help himself by accusing me of being „fucking rude“ to which I replied with an „oh I’m the rude one?“. This rhetorical question sent him deeper into his rage, his mumbling becoming incoherent but more quiet, as we were already getting on the bus. I let him get on the bus first, he turned right and walked towards the front, well he tried, as he hit his head on something (the overhead compartment, I think). I could not help myself and burst into a laughter of joy. The ticketing guy asked me what was going on and I explained that this man had been stressing me out for no reason and I was enjoying this sweet dish of freshly served #instantkarma. #flixbus #sweatpantsswagger #中国 -jacket #racist ? #anywayimout #offtosleep #peacenluv y’all✌️😴

2 months ago

I'm off to sleep soon, Sweet Dreams! 😴😴😴🌚🌝🌜🌛