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mirror, mirror

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Y’all. These three hoops were adopted together yesterday! I cannot articulate how much it means to me, that these get to stay together. My dream is to have a big collection of these anatomy pieces, because there is something so striking about seeing them as a collective unit. It was hard to see them go, since they are some of my dearest pieces, but my heart was filled with so much gratitude and joy to know they have a loving home. Come say hi today at @fullmoonmarket.seattle , til 4pm (I have only one more heart left!)

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I couldn’t be more proud as a 1st generation American. I wonder what’s my parents would think @mrs_emily_solares thanks for the amazing journey together and helping me through it all. I couldn’t have done it without you . I can finally say it’s official I’m not longer beholden to the army. I was officially discharged from inactive service my 8 years is up! It is bitter sweet but I know I’m here to Make Salem A Better place to Live! #proud #itsover #america #me #pacificnorthwest #healing #stretchtowin #fascialstretchtherapist #freedom #freeatlast #theone #nomore #sisepuede #latino #guatemaltecas #dream #business #salem #community #unite #onelove #strongman #athletes

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Days 22 and 23 of our #pacificnorthwest tour! . Woke up at our friends Leslie and Brandon's house. Love seeing the neighborly signs frequently in #Seattle . Leslie took us to Honeybear bakery for a delicious lunch and then we had afternoon adventures with her son, Russell. . We made trains our of paper cutouts, folded paper planes, and Carol checked out maps with him. So much fun getting to know Russell as we haven't seen him in a few years! . I'm a bit of a doofus and forgot to get photos of my friends! Next time! Bittersweet to leave...thank u for the visit my friends! We will miss you! 😘💗 . Arrived next at our friends Amber and Kurt's house in #Olympia . Were greeted by Lucy and Truman, two pups I love dearly! Belly rubs were not optional! . So good to fill up on #love with dear #friends ! . #vanconversion #vanlife #hittheroad #adventures #Washington #touring #vancation #homeonwheels #dodgepromaster #northwest #travelvan

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Sunday lounging at its finest. Stream up now! Link in bio

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Loving this PNW life with you 💕

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It's not easy coming to a hotel with constant leadership changes. Without structure and policies. The team isn't going to know how to do their job, have loyalty, or know how to react to a new person coming in with guns ablazing. (Trust me I had to). They were kinda broken. But; that's okay because I was kinda broken. Alaska really broke me. I left while trying to deal with trauma that happened to me while I was there & for months after I still wasn't Isabel. But everyday as we worked on building the hotel & the team, my shattered pieces were being put back together as well. This was the hardest job I've ever had. 80 hour weeks, literally not leaving the property sometimes for days. & yet this was the hardest assignment I've ever had to leave. I got to experience adventure, life, and love in the Pacific Northwest & fuck was it beautiful. Live in the past you end up depressed live in the future you live with anxiety. Live in the present and man, I can promise you- you just end up living.❤️ I'm so fucking sad to leave but thanks to my friends and new fam out here that made this the best experience ever. #travelblogger #hospitality #travelingbish #pacificnorthwest

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When I got out hiking I frequently think about the people who first came across these places and the challenges they faced crossing these kinds of rivers.

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wedding season 🥂🌾

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"So lovely was the lonelienss of a wild lake." - Edgar Allan Poe

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Glass Beach! This was such an awesome yet disturbing display of beauty. Created from years of tumbling glass from the dumping of garbage just off the coastline.

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ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ɢᴏ, ʏᴏᴜ ᴡɪʟʟ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴋɴᴏᴡ

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Lao Gan Ma (Old Godmother) Chili Sauces have gained a legion of devoted fans since their introduction in 1996. Add some to soups, noodles and stir-fries for a sweet, salty and spicy kick. They're on special this week, so it's a good time to stock up, or try them out for the first time. Are you already a fan? Which chili sauce is your favorite? What foods do you like to put it on? Follow the link on our profile for the rest of this week's specials. #laoganma #chilisauce #garlicchilioil #chiligarlicsauce

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Cheers to the final episode of Game of Thrones tonight! It was great while it lasted and you can bet I will restart it from the beginning again! (You know you probably will too 😉)

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🏝Vintage Ocean Views🏝

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Pure reflection. 😍🏔️ PS- We just found four more of our new Rainier all weather vinyl sticker that sold out a few days ago. Go get it if you missed out on one! | 📷 by @lepyisms #RainierWatch.

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The perfect May long weekend 💛⠀ -⠀ 📷: @jayrmcdonald

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📸🖊🥀 Photo & Words by Nancy @cajun_lovechild 👑❣️🔑 . My hazel eyes locked onto his stealthy, lazy gaze. Striking gold eyes quickly surveyed me as I stumbled onto this savvy beast in the densely wooded territory. . Smaller than a wolf and nothing like his cartoon icon, the opportunistic trickster laid in the meadow of sharp green blades of grass, crystallized by winter’s cold rain. . Remnants of late night pleas for a life mate and howling, “I am here and this is my area” hung in the crisp air like intangible balloons. . The sleepy philosopher, full of wit, drowsily stared in my direction, his long ears daring me to be still whilst judging the distance between us. . As if delighted yet unsure about my presence, he closed one eye and fixated on my being, his elongated snout sniffing me out. . Long, thick fur of rust and tan, still wet from the downpour earlier steamed in the air allowing puffs of mist to rise slowly off his body as rays of sunshine streamlined through sparse blue skies and dark clouds. . We weighed each other, it was the moment before fight or fright and our brains scrambled for a different option. Danger felt was real for both involved but the threat wasn’t foreboding or apparent. . An uncertain confidence of intuition, trust and empathy between sacred souls of human and animal were established. In the midst of curiosity we minded our own business but kept an eye on the lookout for danger. . I was mindful that just one more step could jeopardize this significant moment and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was thinking similar. . As an eagle soared in the air, his loud cackling caused the lone coyote to lift his head slightly and shift just a fraction. . He attempted to get up but quickly decided to lay back down, curling his long lean legs beneath him, turning his German Shepard sized body into a ball. . His single gaze warned me, pleading that I don’t encroach any more and suggested with a yawn that he just didn’t want to get up from his cozy earth bed. . All my senses told me to turn and go, but the impression made known was that this rare encounter of instant connection with nature and wildlife should be experienced to its end. - ♥️ Nancy Marie