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"One lesson i've learnt from chasing sunsets in life is that some of the best moments are gonna be just beyond your wanting to giving up and getting satisfied" ~ Me😁 __________________________________________________ I've wanted to go to this place for so long but somehow the paln has always got canceled and this isn't usually me coz i don't usually let other plans interfere with my will to explore. And after missing so many amazing sunsets i finally decided it was enough and headed out here. Though this place in itself isn't that beautiful but a lot of elements come together like the birds, the boat ride and the sunset that make it a moment worth feeling ❤ __________________________________________________ @instagram @trailsofindia @insta_photography_club @being.the.traveller @india_lens @passonate_photography_hub @gallery_of_india @mobi_grapher @enticing_gallery @indiapictures @india_pixelz #chaseeverydream . #chaseeverydream #lifeisbeautiful #moody #explorer #optoutside   #worldshotz #theworldshotz #createexplore #exploretocreate   #discoverearth #travelphoto #travelworld   #keepexploring   #globe_travel #theglobewanderer   #letsgosomewhere   #exploretheglobe   #nakedplanet   #places_wow #photooftheday   #streetphotographyindia #_coi #indianphotography #photographers_of_india #storiesofindia #cntgiveitashot #lonelyplanetindia #indiaview #india_pixelz #shutterhubindia

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Check out my story for a farrrresh new wallpaper ✌️Also - my homie @lesterganzon getting his 🔥 pose on with his 🔥 @sol_invictus_moto Nemisis 👌 ——————————————————— 💥FREE Wallpaperz❗️Deets in Bio
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// Visitar Ouro Preto é como fazer uma viagem no tempo.

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Magical moment! Peace of mind and serenity! What's your thoughts?

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————————————————— All images are available for purchase ——–————————––———just send me a message.————————–———————feel free to repost my images just make sure to credit! . . . . . 🌴🌴 #landscapephotography #landscapelover   #landscape_captures #landscapes #landscape_photography #pixel_ig #landscape_hunter #landscape_lovers #landscapecaptures   #landscapestyles_gf #landscape_specialist #landscapeporn   #getlost   #landscapephotomag   #ig_landscape #trapping_tones #ig_masterpiece #ig_podium #splendid_earth #gramslayers   #agameoftones   #optoutside   #discoverearth   #exploretheglobe   #nakedplanet   #places_wow #earthfocus   #sanfranciscophotography #sanfrancisco #landscape_features_

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Diamond Beach, Iceland.

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'Taking the time To come home To myself 🌼

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Found the place where Ꮆøℓℓυℳ lives. 💍 #MyPrecious 📸: my iPhone 7 Plus

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One of the great metaphors of the Bible is “the journey.” The Bible is filled with journey upon journey. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture is full of people on the move. In the beginning of the Old Testament, Abraham journeys from Ur of the Chaldees to the Promised Land. Many generations later, Abraham’s descendants journey from slavery and oppression in Egypt into the land of Israel. Many generations after that, they journey back to their Promised Land after the tragic downfall of their civilization and their forced exile in Babylon. In the New Testament, Jesus himself journeys through Palestine, preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God. As he journeys, he shows people what that Kingdom looks like by his deeds of love and power. After the Resurrection, Paul and the apostles journey all over the Roman Empire, and their message reaches to the ends of the earth – and here we are, millennia later, with our journeys touching theirs.

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GRIPTITE // Make slips and trips a thing of the past with the Beachsides’ GripTite molded rubber outsoles. Secure footing in every terrain? We’re in.

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If you’re in the mood for spring and pastels are your jam, then this tranquil street in the French Quarter is for you.

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• My girls ~ outfit series • 💖🌸

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Ocean Dream - The Spit Gold Coast Queensland Australia The best time for a fresh start is now 👐 Make sure to check out all the newest additions to our store! SOHNDEHRR proudly offers in-house photographed and art originals, designed and professionally printed in Australia with top quality inks on heavyweight matte stock.