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Feeling really overwhelmed and grateful for SO many nice messages and emails about my new website. It’s really feels like a new chapter for me and I’m excited to see where it takes me! ⚡️ Last summer I had free rein to take photos at @neverworld music festival (we’ve been going for years and can HIGHLY recommend for amazing new music 🎵 and our kids love it) and it’s been nicknamed a mini glastonabury by Annie MAC. And only 40 mins from our house so great for Londoners. ⚡️ I’m now taking bookings for July and August so so let me know if you want to get creative with me for your personal brand or event. And have a happy Monday! #justgoshoot #liveauthentic #lifeofadventure #postthepeople #life_portraits #photographyislife #quietthechaos #photoinspiration #personalbranding #availablelightphotography #londoneventphotographer #portraitphotographer #brandingphotography #girlscreating #streetstylephotographer #showthemyou #canon5dmiv #colourandcreativity #lensperspective #londonphotographer #personalbrandingphotography #photographersofinstagram #under10k #compositionphotography #howiseeit #brandphotography #canonforlife #musicfestivalfashion #musicfestivalphotography

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Repost foto @lastivka___ Доброго дня! . Неділя вде традиційно стала днем коротких постів для мене🙈 . Думаю, що фото каже саме за себе, #тутживещастя ♥️ . Чудових вам вихідних, сподіваюсь ви проводите їх з тими, кого любите🙌♥️ . P.S. Хоть сегодня и понедельник, но для многих он как воскресенье. #отзывыhomedreamua 🌿❤ . . . #маминібудні #vscoua #youmustsee #postthepeople #posttheordinary #thehappynow #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #peoplescreatives #onthebed #onmybed #storyofmybed #morningslikethese #familyday #slowliving #slowlife

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“...and here you are after all the pain and heartbreak, still soft, still loving, still hopeful, still magical, still whole, still beautiful.”

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Bali Art Festival 2019

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Happy Dad Day to the world's greatest farter.. I mean father. I'm so grateful to have a wonderful dad who tries his best to be an example of God's love in his actions and words. Love you and for the sake of my waistline please stop bringing home doughnuts everyday. Papa bless 💗

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Check out NINETYS Café @nun etyscoffee in Central Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Why the name? The staff tries to achieve 90 or above in all aspects on a scale to 100! Sounds good and obviously looks yummy, but does it taste good as well? We would say we had an amazing lunch with @hkfood_therapy At NINETYS. To be honest, we really impressed with their concept, which puts a lot of thought and love into their dishes 🍽 and drinks. ☕️ We definitely recommend THE BRUCH BOARD 😁 Damn! We love this concept which lets us create our own Brunch, choosing 3, 4 or 5 items out of over 20 items from different categories! No jokes, the egg yolk dip with bread is extremely good!! Very impressed 🤤🤤 you know what? You would not get bored with the board, cause basically every single item is different and makes you want to try everything and eat even more. Second: The cheesecake toast Yeah cheesecake toast, no typo! 😅We would say this is a very brave try, cause we guess most people would think it’s a bit weird until they really try it. We did and we loved the fresh fruits with chocolate, toast and cheesecake 😋😋 Erica’s though: girls like me would never be possible to refuse it. Yummmm 🥰 This is already their third branch and we can tell NINETYS is sticking with their motto. Wouldn’t be surprised to see more popping up soon🌱

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A smile on her face and a glint in her eye ✨ @caggiesworld

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🔴We were allowed to cut hair again at the Noorderburgh. A small-scale shelter with 22 people from 45 years old. What a special place is this. How nice to see people again and to meet new residents. Most people wanted the same hairstyles as the last time we where there. 🔴We were in full concentration with the necessary attention for the people, until a colleague went trough the rooms with a bell. Dinnertime! This is understandable for a department like this, where people are sick and/or addicted, use medication and depending on extra care and support. 🔴Nice that mutual compliment are given such as, 'hey pretty boy, now I can forget those ladies', or 'now that you have a fresh haircut I can no longer walk beside you otherwise I will not stand out'. What a support people can be for each other, sometimes even without realizing it.

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“I love you simply, without problems or pride, I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you...”

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when i go alone i sit at the sushi bar

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Бари ассоциируется с всевозможными ароматами порошка и кондиционера для белья. И мне это очень пришлось по душе.

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“I love that you are my person and I am yours, that whatever door we come to, we will open it together.”

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These days, when baby gets a little bit squirmy, I’ll try and put my hand on Deanna’s belly, and it stops. Baby just holds still. Apparently daddy’s already the strict one in this good cop/bad cop shindig. ⠀⠀ Also, this kiddo is the happiest little fetus I’ve seen. I actually never knew fetuses could smile until I saw our own hamming it up. ⠀⠀ Today was a good one. I think a half dozen people at church greeted me with Happy Fathers Day and I guess I’ll start getting used to hearing that from here on out. I’ve wanted to be a dad for as long as I can remember. That made the past year of waiting and hoping all the more challenging. Now that baby’s in the on deck circle, it feels kind of surreal. ⠀⠀ 📸: @jessetookaphoto - who knew I’d find use for these random solo shots during our maternity shoot! ⠀⠀

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Spending all my time editing these two lovely people at the moment and it’s an absolute pleasure! P.S. well done to all the guests for these amazing bubbles! Couldn’t of done it with out you 👏🏻

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Thank you for such a thoughtful gift of “love” and another living thing right here. Thank you ♥️

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Honored to call this man my father. He’s the one who taught us when we were kids that “the richest person is not the one who has most, but the one who needs the least.” • He can tell you about days of running barefoot in the streets of Juárez, racing popsicle carts down the mountainside. He remembers a time that was simpler, but not easier. He wore hand me down shoes two sizes bigger than his with holes but could still crack a smile. • 
One day I found one of my grandpa’s paychecks and it was about $18 for two weeks of work as a farmworker. My grandma worked at home taking care of him and his eight siblings. There were hard times and experiences my dad overcame because his love was more abundant than any resentment he could harbor. He could have easily fallen into patterns and behaviors that would be toxic, but he broke the cycle. He made that choice way before I was even conceived. • Since I can remember my dad has been the type of person to be resourceful, to see the beauty in things people otherwise overlook. While he is more of an artist, poet and dreamer, he took a job hundreds of miles away from his hometown to provide for his marriage with my mom. He worked close to 25 years in construction, including the unrelenting Arizona summers, to put food on our table. • A couple of weeks ago, he found a filthy looking grill that someone was selling for $15. After putting in some work, the stainless steel appliance that was underneath shined through. After some research he found out that the grill is actually worth close to a thousand dollar brand new. He used his thrifty purchase to cook cornish hen rotisserie style for us all to eat. • A good find is always nice, but he’d be the first to say that material things should never come before family and respect. Making a good deal was perhaps the smallest part of transaction. Making use of something to feed his family and creating memories is where he says he finds his inspiration. • Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thank you for teaching me to be a man who cherishes family, who respects women, who uplifts the vulnerable, who cares elders, who embraces his indigeneity, who is not afraid to show affection, who knows

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"Le foto che ti prendo di sorpresa  Quando non ti metti in posa  Sono sempre le migliori perché Colgono la verità  Così com'è e tu lo sai  Nonostante tutti i guai  È la strada più diretta verso il cuore delle cose Che è sempre un cuore che batte  Come un tamburo che annuncia la vittoria  La tua gloria in un millesimo di secondo  Fermo immagine del mondo e tu regina  Richiami a grande imprese  I pazzi come me.. E quando io ti guardo mentre balli  Vedo in cielo i pappagalli  Che compongono nell'aria mia perfette geometrie  Mi fai pensare alla luna  Solitarissima luna.." --Nuova Era, Jovanotti . . . . Who can make you stop dancing when the world is your dance floor? :)

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Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. -unknown The gains are in the struggle so get out of ur comfort zone bcos ur greatness n success is outside of it. . . . . . . #instafit #fitnessmotivation #cardio #shredded #gymlife #fitspiration #fitnessaddict #aesthetics #getfit #noexcuses #fitnessmodel #gymrat #styleblogger #streetphotographer #HypeBeast #lensculture #exploremore #lifestyleblog #thehappynow #storytelling #postthepeople #makemoments #streetlife #mydubai #dubaicity #dubailife #picsdubai #downtowndubai #unlimiteddubai #focalmarked

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Potty trained, earring & face tats, sleeping with Kiki in the guest bedroom. Staaaaahp growing up Goldie.

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auntie life: bedtime is whenever, the answer is always yes, i will always have your back, i will always have gum, & the number one rule is hugs are mandatory ! thank u for making my life fuller 💛💛

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M.I.E - #3 📃 ( This chapter feels really good.) ___________________________________________________________________📝 Quero escrever prosa em estado febríl; uma página intensa e imodesta, na temperatura do poeta. Quero sonhar sem saber se sonho ou se deliro; sei, pensar e devanear são leves e pesados. Quero ser um místico que se sabe cético e só se crê se nunca desistir da dúvida. _____________________________________________________________________ #rainbowfeatures #inspireangelo #bleachmyfilm #photographysouls #theswaggingchicken #photographyislifee #cooloceann #tangledinfilm #forestfeatures #humaneffect #expofilm #L0tsabraids   #quietthechaos #under3kyo #PostThePeople #breathemydarkness #uglyshape #coceptual #thatsdarling #featuremefilms #pulsefilm #envisiontones #belovedstories #lookslikefilm #visualauthority #chasingessence #portraithood #peopleinframe #livethelittlethings

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M.I.E - #2 📃 ( Reading can seriously damage your ignorance . ) _____________________________________________________________________"As palavras em círculos A loucura dá o sentido O sensível está nu" _____________________________________________________________________ #rainbowfeatures #inspireangelo #bleachmyfilm #photographysouls #theswaggingchicken #photographyislifee #cooloceann #tangledinfilm #forestfeatures #humaneffect #expofilm #L0tsabraids   #quietthechaos #under3kyo #PostThePeople #breathemydarkness #uglyshape #coceptual #thatsdarling #featuremefilms #pulsefilm #envisiontones #belovedstories #lookslikefilm #visualauthority #chasingessence #portraithood #peopleinframe #livethelittlethings

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M.I.E - 1/3 📃 " My mind wanders and i get lost in thoughts " __________________________________________________________________ Às vezes a sensação de pré - pensar é agónica: é a tortuosa criação que se debate nas trevas e que só se liberta depois de pensar - com palavras. . _____________________________________________________________________ #rainbowfeatures #inspireangelo #bleachmyfilm #photographysouls #theswaggingchicken #photographyislifee #cooloceann #tangledinfilm #forestfeatures #humaneffect #expofilm #L0tsabraids   #quietthechaos #under3kyo #PostThePeople #breathemydarkness #uglyshape #coceptual #thatsdarling #featuremefilms #pulsefilm #envisiontones #belovedstories #lookslikefilm #visualauthority #chasingessence #portraithood #peopleinframe #livethelittlethings