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🔻My crown won't fit on your bum ass lace fronts

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🔻Collage no.2: Heavy Metal and Reflective Feel free to direct message me with any enquiries, commissions and ideas for collaborations you have. Thank you

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as a proud ass lesbian, i just wanted to post this & a few other things and let everyone know that no matter your sexuality, you are valid & this is a safe space for you. my dms are open for advice or if you need a little extra positivity 🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈 love is love is love

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Love these photos by Sindhu ✨ me as Angel Melendez for Halloween

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She looks so beautiful 😍

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this is how the movie should’ve ended

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i’m so soft for her

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i love adore so much shes a baby and thats the tea

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Lady on the street, freak in the sheets.

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shes the cutest 💖💓💘💞💝💖💕💓💘💖💞💘💗💕 i was so happy last night but now i feel like shit again haha

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ahhhh i love them so much i can't adore's such a cute but a badass at the same time ah i love him and bianca's such a mom in a way that i looooove it hhhh guys! i haven't cried in less than 2 months and i hate that because when i'm stressed or sad or something i just can't cry and that suckss ughhh i watched the lest episode of Friends last night and i was soooo sad i can't and now i'm watching friends videos from youtube i'm also so sad that i binge watched season 6 of rpdg cause it was the best season for sure :/ omg i could watch gilmore girls cause i watched it only to like season 4 but there's 7 seasons yesss i'm gonna watch ittt okay oh wait no i've watched all the other seasons but season 7 so right now i'm watching that and it's greattt it's hilerious that there's a dog called paul anka anyway #adoredelano #biancadelrio #biadore #rpdr #rupaulsdragrace #hurricanebianca #hurricanebianca2 #idk #uhh #um #gay

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mug Eyes: @jeffreestarcosmetics blood sugar pallette Lips : seohora liquid lipstick Skin: @makeupforeverofficial HD foundation, kryolan foundation in white and dark to highlight + Contour Powders: kryolan Translucent powder, Kat von d shade light pallette Highlighter : @jeffreestarcosmetics ice cold Eyeliner : Dior liquid liner pen in black Pencils : kryolan white pencil, Brows : @makeupforeverofficial brown color pencil Wig : @websterwigs #drag #lgbtq #gay #dragqueen #pride #supportyourlocaldragqueens #wig #kryolan #makeup #drag #dragqueen #nyxcosmetics #fishy #maccosmetics #jeffreestarcosmetics #websterwigs #mua #fashionista #fashionblogger #makeup #lookoftheday #lisboa #summer #teen #performance #night #lisbongay #dragmakeup #rpdr