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I stay mobbin' for a week.. Sharing stock photos 📸:Karlxyz_

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// break it, roll it, light it 📸

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Spring is still coming

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🌈 『 楽しそうな彼女の図1 』 ※※━━━━━━※━━━━━━※※ ・ ・ ジャンプしてみよっか ・ そう言って飛んでもらったけど ・ 無意識なのかもしれないけれど ・ 実は家の中でもこんな感じで ・ 時々彼女は飛び跳ねる ・ ・ ・ P・S・ 連れて行かれる寸前にみえませんか? ・ ・ #My_girlfriend_Tokyo ※※━━━━━━※━━━━━━※※ Girlfriend : @mocostarmoon . Boyfriend : @hazama_photograph . ※※━━━━━━※━━━━━━※※ #彼女 #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #写真撮ってる人と繋がりたい #東京カメラ部 #as_archive #RECO_ig #HUEART_life #IGersJP #indies_gram #indy_photolife #good_portraits_world #screen_archive #IG_JAPAN #instagramjapan #streetphotography #analog #snapshot #vscocam #minimal #createcommun #moodygrams #shootermag #500px #world_shotz #ink361 #カメラ日和 #単焦点レンズ #snapshot #minimalism

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GÜNAYDIN MUTLU SABAHLAR İyilik ve sevgiyle çarpan bir yüreğe sahipsen, Hayatı güzelleştirmeye yetecek gücün var demektir.Güzellik, şifa ve iyilik Allah'ın özellikleridir. İşte bu nedenle O'nunla bir kalan bilinçler dünyada da güzel, sağlıklı ve iyi olurlar. Her bir insan, kainatın tamamını barındırır bedeninde. Her bir çift göz, CAN'ı cana, AKLI CANAN'a yansıtır, görebilene. Her yüz Yaradan'ın sonsuz suretini barındırır kendi içinde, anlayana. Dünya gözüyle değil, gönül gözüyle bakmak nasip olsun her Biriimize...Datça kargı koyu gün doğumu ve doğanın baharı 🌸🕊️🌸karşılayışı #pics_jp #filmphotography   #filmcamera #Far_EastPhotoGraphy   #instagramjapan   #igersjp #filmlife   #filmphoto   #ig_captures   #shootermag #IGersJP   #hueart_life   #balık #tea #good_portraits_world #indies_gram   #tokyocameraclub #japan_daytime_view   #night #フィルム #デジタルでフィルムを再現したい   #tokyo #ファインダー越しの私の世界   #buongiorno   #portra400   #VSCO   #写真撮ってる人と繋がりたい #sunset

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B&W classic from the sky’s roaming over NYC

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See, I didn’t come France with much : I took a lot of books — most of them are still waiting for me, chilling at the countryside 🍃 — and these old German ones about how to draw nudes. They are gifts from my stepgrandmother who was teaching art classes at the university back in the day. Family is so freaking weird. I barely knew her because my stepgrandfather met her lately, but we clicked so good so fast. She saw I really was interested in drawing and painting, so she showed me her atelier. I failed at containing my tears of joy, it looked like one of my multiple heavens. So I took care of bringing them with me in Montreal because there was no way I leave them behind me. I learned to be less material by coming to settle in another country so far from mine, but I still am for what I consider treasures to me. It doesn’t any economic value but in my heart it’s priceless. I love their retro drawing style, and of course : it’s about the nudes. I think you understood being naked is my favourite outfit even though I love getting dressed since I’m having fun, but still. This drawing was a way to reconnect with that discipline and I would like to make one per day or two days, just to practice because I can only do basics for now so it takes more exercices. Thank you, lady-who-is-not-really-my-stepgrandmother-but-feels-like-one.

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Nubes de entrañas

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Камни все видят и все знают

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I don't think I've had any sort of Evan Williams since college, but this Single Barrell Vintage surprised me! . Barreled 3/2011 :: Bottled 1/2019 :: Hand Numbered . Kind of spicey, but still pretty smooth on the rocks. More peaty smelling than tasting. Picked up a little bit of orange or a very slight citrus. . .

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120mm super bloom

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Remember the morning I woke up Started walking day after day Will find the answer someday The story that doesnt end today

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A BIG BIG appreciation post for @thegoatsanchez ! Thank You for putting up with us during the shoot. Thank You for your patience. Thank You for slaying just by flexing your legs (very impressive). Thank You for not stabbing @amvricanbeauty 's hand with the heel 😂.. Just a big Thank You cause who knows what the shoot / final shot would've been if it weren't for you 🙏🏽

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🌟🌟🌟 . . . . Just a couple more shots, promise... #305day

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Smena 8m, Arista 400

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La vox pópuli siempre sabia.

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La típica foto pero nublada. No es ubicuidad, son redes sociales.