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Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. Model• @andreaxpulgar

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Elhunyt 85 évesen @karllagerfeld :( ,,A divat azok utánzása, akik különbözni akarnak azoktól, akik semmiben sem különböznek egymástól."

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Me four years ago. Today: Still the same big dreams. Still the same big butt 😎🚕🚨🎳 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I’ve been thinking about making this account into more of a real deal. Sharing what I do and work on. Lots of things happening this year. Most likely moving to my own place in a few months, traveling and I have more cool projects going on at work. So let’s have it! Time for some more day to day Tuxedochick ✨👌🏻

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Always forward, never back. In frame: @kajun_kyle

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Enjoyable evenings 🎇🎆🚗🚕🚗🚓▪️Today’s feature ▪️ . We’re proud to present the Photo of the Day . . Please visit her/his amazing gallery... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Photo by : @drincool ▪CONGRATULATİONS ▪️ Chosen by : @ikonun.gunlugu Follow @wonderearthurbanclub Official Tag #wonderearthurbanclub ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❣️ Visit and follow our family ❣️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @wonderearthurbanclub @wonderearthclub @wonderearthclubbw @wonderearthtravelclub ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▪️ Remember to Tag ▪️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #wonderearthurbanclub #wonderearthclub #wonderearthclubbw #wonderearthtravelclub ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▪️Recommended Tags ▪️ #moodygrams #artofvisuals #illgrammers #heathercentral #streetdreamsmag #theimaged #ig_eternity #igmasters #way2ill #urbanandstreet #thelensbible #eclectic_shotz #ig_masterpiece #agameoftones #hubs_united #cityphotography #streets_vision #createcommune #streetmobs #top_macro ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▪️We share only the original photo ▪️We do not share the stolen photo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▪️All pictures will be controlled with Tineye and Google reverse image thanks to Picstagrab App ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▪️Only for internal use #drincool_wonderearthurbanclub

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Del agua nace la vida y en la planta la sabiduría. Pd: ¿y qué pasa con el artista SChileno? Siempre mirado en menos. Grande @anatijoux

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Minimalismo callejero , lineas y texturas

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Really cool views of Downtown : : 5DS-R

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Tem novidade na Working Man Store!!! Confira: Pó Multiuso Talco Antisséptico Narcos, da Don Alcides. O Pó Multiuso Narcos tem efeito refrescante de longa duração. • Desodorante para pés, corpo e axilas. • Ajuda a eliminar a oleosidade da barba e cabelo. • Auxilia na regeneração da pele no pós-barbear. Acesse nossa loja virtual e adquira este produto agora mesmo!

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I know that you'd never feel like I do

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Caminando obsesivamente en búsqueda de cada detalle. Bogotá,2019

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Hahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha Bit ur idea @bignosemichael

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Première photo de notre session avec @paulodbh à Beaugrenelle ! 📸😍 • Quand tu revisites Paris grâce à l’appli Spotr, tu découvres des endroits incroyables comme celui-ci ! Merci @paulodbh de m’avoir accompagné pour cette session photo ! C’était franchement cool ! On a découvert des spots vraiment stylés ! J’ai trop hâte de t’en faire voir plus ! 😊🎉 Tu en veux ? • N’oublies pas de poser ton petit like ! Un retour sur cette photo me ferait trop plaisir ! 🤓 Un partage dans ta Story encore plus ! ❤️ • À plus ! 🖖🏽

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These moments feel like hearing the laugh of the person you love, they feel like waking up to the sun peeking through your blinds after finally getting time to sleep in, they feel like good music on a long summer night with the windows down, like the first time you hear “Reborn” by Kanye West and Kid Cudi tells you to “Keep Moving Forward” and you sob in the car because life is hard but the message is beautiful, so you pick your head up with the resolve to indeed keep moving forward. Some people think it’s the adrenaline or the rush, or maybe the risk or the reward, but for me these times feel like everything is alright, at least for that moment, and that’s it, that’s the drug that I can’t get enough of. With the homie @inkpens . . . #ontheroofs #chasing_rooftops #altitudeassassins #killaframez #fatalframes #clickcity #depthobsessed #moodygrams #ourmoodydays #ourstreetdays #milliondollarvisuals #igkillers #urbanphotography #visualambassadors #instagood #streetninjas #citykillerz #citygrammers #illgrammers #streetvision #streetmobs #streetactivity #way2ill #agameoftones #igtones #heatercentral #artofvisuals #hypebeast #highsnobiety #wheremyvansgo

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Thojne qe kultura e nje populli shihet se sa rrijne pllumat n'qytet, demek populli agresor nuk munet me i duru pllumat, me nje fjale i sheh si gjah. - Qashtu na mas luftes, s'kena mujt me i pa me sy gjallesat tjera perveç njerzt, as njerzt jo fort po prap kena kalu diqysh. Qenin e gjujshum me guri veç pse s'po rrihet, kohe pas kohe edhe helikopterat e kforit tentojshim me i gju, se per plluma mos t'folim.. diskutimi i vetem u kon a jon t'shishem me i pjek a jo? Shume bre jena kon popull "upaganda" ksi fisi Afrikan, me do prraqka me do shigjeta, ashiqare edhe ushtart e Natos i trishtojshim. - NÖM na erdh interneti e i kena pa do sene, se na qysh jena t'izolum hala me gur neper dur' ishim kon.

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Midnight city vibes.

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I never understood the people who spend money on lottery tickets... it proves to me how much people crave hope. As long as people have some sort of hope for something, it keeps them motivated. I just believe there are better things to be hopeful for.

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No faith in Brooklyn

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I was exploring an abandoned hotel in the mountain when I saw this butterfly. It was in winter so I was surprised. I found the contrast between this lost and creepy place and this beautiful insect interesting 🦋 • • • • #photography , #urbex , #switzerland , #taintedmag

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Ça paraît toujours impossible jusqu'à ce que ce soit fait

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New video out now! Link in bio!! I talk a little bit about how to shoot portraits of yourself! Be sure to stay for the awesome broll at the end!! Thanks for checking it out y’all and for all the kind words! 🤘🏾

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Masih jatuh cinta sama pantai 🌊🏝