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Nothing really rhymes with orange

6 hours ago

Don,t forget beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies ☁

6 hours ago

Sunday’s are for sundaes. Especially when I’ve got my fave @nadamoo mint chocolate chip in my freezer. Well, I did. I’ve now eaten the entire container...

6 hours ago

Sunsets like these 🌅✈️

6 hours ago

BELVEDERE // This is a palace turned art museum and giant park space which seems to be the big theme in Vienna. Once home to a Prince Eugene of Savoy, today, it houses the world’s largest collection of Klimt’s works including “The Kiss”. ⁣ Even if you don’t come to the museum, just walking the grounds will result in a ton of “oohs” and “aahs” as you walk from Upper Belvedere (what you see here from the rear of the building and its giant pool) to Lower Belvedere and it’s series of water fountains, pools, and gardens. The view is amazing from all angles and glorious at sunset.⁣ ⁣ There’s truly something magical about Vienna. You just have to come here to experience it - it’s nothing like anywhere else in Europe.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #goingawesomeplaces #belvedere #belvederemuseum #belvederepalace #belvederevienna #vienna #wien #feelaustria #viennalove #wienliebe #igersvienna #igerswien #vienna_austria #vienna_go #wonderlustvienna #visitvienna #viennagoforit #igersvienna #igersaustria #ilovevienna #ig_vienna #discoveraustria #instavienna #sunsetlover #visitaustria #feelaustria #österreich #sunset_united

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Pretty amazing sunsets in Bermuda 🇧🇲

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If I told you that I actually packed a suitcase in 20 minutes would you believe me? I might have had a little help from my assistant, but this has literally NEVER happened. Deciding to leave on a jet plane and sitting in my seat with a Merlot in 90 min flat and John's Peanut M&M's. Like who in the heck am I? Y'all know it takes me AT LEAST a half a day to pack when I go anywhere, right?! . -- 5 months ago, this couldn't have happened with me working at the gym. Don't get me wrong, I loved my job and the people, but I wanted more time freedom and the ability to work wherever I wanted to. On a plane, in a different state or even poolside catching some rays. Being able to set my own schedule is imperative to me so I can be with my family wherever they need me to be. THAT my friends is true freedom. . -- Of you're looking for the same time freedom or just want to earn some extra money for the upcoming holidays, reach out and let's chat. 💌 It could be the one thing you've been missing that lights you up again all while helping others. 😃💌💞

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Protect your peace ✨