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I am fundamentally optimistic. Whether it is innate or not, I can not say. One way to be optimistic is to keep your head pointed towards the sun and your feet moving. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was put to the test, but I did not want and could not indulge in despair. This is how one rejects defeat and death. . . . . . . . #pellicolamag #artclassified #fubiz #urbanandstreet #streetdreamsmag #sdmfeatures #takemorephotos #ryadoug #frenchvisuals #jonatbounceday #street_storytelling #minimalmag #shootfilmmag #thecreatorclass #life_is_street #streetlensmag #knowthismind #bestfilmphoto #toppraguephoto #prague #createexplore

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🐺dire wolf on the night (king) bus. Heh, no.

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Back in March, @shaneogley and I headed over to Brazil to film the world’s 5th most beautiful library for the Portuguese Consulate. Along the way, we lost our bags (twice), missed a flight and sunk a drone. Safe to say it was a successful trip! Here’s a quick recap of what we got up to

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203/365. « Le bucher. » ▽ Point culture : Le panneau que vous voyez en bas à gauche de la photo représente l’emplacement ou Jeanne d’Arc a été brulée le 30 Mai 1431, emplacement que l’on appelle « Le bucher ». Étonnant que ce lieu soit si peu mis en valeur car il marque l’histoire de la ville. ▽ Shot on March 20, 2019. With a Canon 700D and a 18-55mm. Edited on Lightroom. ▽ #project365 #FatalFrames #FatalFrames10k #vibesofvisuals #lensbible #toneception #HC10k #moodygrams #visualseduction #igersrouen #heatercentral #worldsecretplaces #adrelanineviews #rcbpos #TakeMorePhotos #theIMAGED #agameofthones #trappingtones #artofvisuals #createcommune #visualmobs #rouen #rouentourisme #toprouenphoto #rouenlife

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Mood all summer ☝🏼🤟🏼👆🏼

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Family Ties♠️ | 📸 by me

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Textures of the ocean. If you’re in Falmouth this week, feel free to pop your head in and take a look around the MNHP final year exhibition at the Institute of Photography, Penryn Campus. From 23rd-29th of May come and enjoy all the amazing work that’s on show. Also, keep up-to-date with our plans for the Bristol exhibition @mnhpgraduateexhibition . Come grab a beer and have a chat on Thursday night, look forward to seeing you there!

6 hours ago

WHAT A PLACE! 🇧🇷 In March, our founders took a trip to the jungle, beach paradise of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. We didn't film much while we were there, but here's a quick recap of what we got up to. From losing our bags to missing our flights to sinking a drone, the trip had it all.

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in between shots from the gramm x puma campaign

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Steam Scene 🌫❄️

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a little late but here’s one of my favorite pictures i took last month of @soapmanwun. hope to be posting more actively this year, just been kinda in a rut lately.

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Dark dreams.

17 hours ago

Life can be simple.

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traffic 🚦

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✨1/3 perspective✨ @jttmod in frame! The editing is up on my story and I'll be doing more colour grading highlights in the future! Is this something you're interested in? Let me know below! ☺️

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🎵Doubt My Love 🎥Official Video Out Now🎬

23 hours ago

🎵Doubt My Love 🎥Official Video Out Now🎬

23 hours ago

🎵Doubt My Love 🎥Official Video Out Now🎬

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huge thank you to @wuzzy_wave for the opportunity to shoot her beautiful designs 🦋 photographed by me garments made: @bywuzzy modelled by angel: @linnygd