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Fucking looking up.

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Snowy scenes over the iconic Lake Louise in Canada!

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Images have the power to evoke certain emotions. I am interested in knowing what you feel when you look at my images. I invite you to take a look at this image for a few seconds. Then in one word only, please describe what/how you feel in the comments below. Thanks. . . . . . #landscape #landscape_captures #waterfalls #rocks #cloudysky #sonya7iii #sonyphotogallery #sonyalphasclub #latergram #canadiancreatives #fantastic_earth #ourplanetdaily #artofvisuals #thecreatorclass #peoplescreatives #travelalberta #mykananaskis #elbowfalls #mthrworld #majestic_earth #adeeljawedphotography

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We love Peyto Lake! 💙 What’s your favourite Canadian nature spot?

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I’m on Day 3 of sitting on the couch or pacing the floors while snuggling a sick baby. Remember when I was in shape and climbed mountains? Those were good times. Ha ha!

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It's our Pre Boxing Week Sale! Dec 12 - Dec 22, save 20-75% on Christmas Home Decor throughout the store. Plus, spend $75 and receive a FREE plush snowman (while quantities last). . (Some sale exclusions apply such as consignment, greenery, and every day decor. Free snowman is while quantities last. No holds on items.) . Hours: Wednesday-Friday 10am-5pm Saturday 10am-4pm Sunday 12pm-4pm CLOSED: Dec 23-Jan 8. We reopen January 9. . . . #SpruceParkRanch #CountryStore #CoffeeShop #Yeg #StonyPlain #SpruceGrove #Edmonton #HomeDecor #Decor #ShopLocal #Shopping #FarmhouseStyle #YegBiz #Alberta #TravelAlberta #AlbertaTourism #madeinyeg #yeggers #yeglife #albertatourism #yegbusiness #yegshoplocal #yegchristmas

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Flavoured in house, taste the difference👌

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Banff ➡️Banff Sunshine Village 🚙

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There are rare people who will show up at the right time, help you through the hard times and stay into your best times.. those are the keepers ❤ thankful for this long friendship that remains to run deep til this day.

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Finally doing a bit of ice this season. @mddyelrck casually coming up Anorexia a couple days ago.

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No caption. Just enjoying the silence ✨

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Nothing puts you in the Christmas spirit quite like giving back does. I encourage everyone to give a little time this year and support those who need it, you won't regret it! ⁣ -⁣ We'd like to thank @mustardseedyeg for putting together an amazing event for the Edmonton community. The Family Gift Centre allows parents and guardians to make a $2 purchase for a brand new toy so that every kid can get a gift this Christmas! Last night we were able to help individuals shop for their gifts and wrapped them to send home. ⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ Event runs 10am - 8pm today if anyone is in need this season! 10575 114 St ⁣

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There's a lifetime of a distance between us and yet, you are the closest person to my heart. You always will be. I am not a person who's just holding onto his past. You truely taught me a new meaning of life, smile and love. This life changed forever from the very moment I saw you. I do not know what it was. But you charmed me, my soul and my heart. . . The day I found out that the world is strange and we are not writing a fairytale, I stared outside the window to the empty sky. I was hurt, broken and helpless. Yet, the sky wasn't empty. You were all over my sky. Charming and beautiful and unworldly... It made me happy. I knew at that moment, what I have for you is beyond words and time. I will always find you as long as I live. In the crowd, on quiet nights, on rainy days and on snowy mornings. No one can take that away from me. None of those guys. None. Not even you. . . . I just wish I could see them. I soooo want to know how good they are. So that I know what I'll have to be in next life. Cause I'm not losing you to anyone in next life. I will not. . . . . . #780 #403 #587 #604 #250 #yyc #yeg #yvr #calgary #edmonton #vancouver #Alberta #travelalberta #explorealberta #beautiful #albertacanada #canadalife #canada #yycnow #yycliving #calgarylife #shotoniphone #calgarybuzz

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First time playing with long exposure and it was super fun! What is one photography technique you are interested in trying? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Having a great time at the ladies photography retreat hosted by @rachel_jones_ross and sponsored by @bhphoto. If you’re interested in taking a trip like this, click the link in Rachel’s bio for more information! 📸

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Walking in a winter wonderland. So it’s December 12, where did the year go? I’m looking forward to 2019, and beyond. It’s a pretty busy time for me at work right now, so I’m hoping to get caught up, and move forward like a champ. Anyone else wondering where the year went?

57 minutes ago

Keeping the stoke high in the sky... 🤙🏼

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Already a few days I've been watching people. I am very observant even when I am speaking, I think it is my lawyer side that shouts, but God gave me the gift of observing beyond words and the look ... and I realized how difficult it is to deal with the human, as it is hard to understand how people are camouflaging goodness ... when the world has stopped having caring and caring people with their peers? I go to the supermarket and I hear the employee say: Good morning, and the customer does not respond !! My God!!! teach your children to respond to a gesture of kindness !! Teach to be respectful men and women! People are turning into selfish and petty beings! If you can not have a moment of education, stay home! Do meditation, fish, listen to music at high volume because it increases the hormones of happiness or simply get in the habit of bending your knees and look up to heaven and ask for wisdom and humility to God because there is lacking humility in this world! I am not the most perfect human being, but every day I remember the one who keeps me standing and thank for the pains and also for the joys, but I never lose my faith. Every day I try to fix my mistakes, but you'll never see me being rude! For a moment I thought of leaving all this social network, such was my disappointment, but I know I can make my contribution to a better world through my attitudes and words, but I did not give up my moment of reflection. Forgive me the outburst! Have a good day and the spirit of Christmas touch your heart!🙏🤷😇🎄♥️ . . #Repost @sennarelax • • • It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.🇬🇧 . 🇫🇷 C'est pendant nos moments les plus sombres que nous devons nous concentrer pour voir la lumière. (Aristote) 🍂⛅️🏡🍁 . . #aristote #yeg #albertaviews #agameoftones #worldwide_moods #travelalberta #exploreedmonton #wonderfuldestinations #ig_dynamic   #reflectiongram #earthoutdoors #sharecangeo #tv_allskies_vip   #earthpix #mybanff #ig_serenity   #artofvisuals #wildernessculture #ourplanetdaily #usa #world_bestsky #instagood   #earthfocus #splendid_mountains #thediscoverer   #paradisecanada #earth_shotz #nature_perfection #explore

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“We tell all our friends to go to the laundromat for a great cup of coffee!” Thanks Karen! Yes, you can find us sharing space with the Coin Clean Laundry! #alwaysbeyourself

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One month until these two say I DO! The countdown is on!!

1 hour ago

Bring on those winter tones! Counting down the days till I'm back in the mountains 😍

1 hour ago

Missing mornings spent in the woods watching the sunrise.

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It’s not even 9 o’clock yet, and all I want to eat is cheese and crackers. What are you craving today?

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It's coming up on 9months of me living in Canada. The time here has gone so fast and it got me thinking about all the things I've done. I had a look back at my photos from earlier this year and this is one of the first few I took in the Rockies. I remember being so blown away at the incredible size of the mountains here and how dramatically steep some were. - The wonderful thing is, they never get old. I now live in a town surrounded by enormous peaks and it still takes my breath away every single day. Just makes me appreciate where I am and how I got here. Thanks Canada. How many of you have been to the Canadian Rockies, and what was your favourite thing about them?

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Last chance seasonal spirit. We are down to our last bottles of Vanilla Fig Moonshine. Thank you for your support! We love that you love these new seasonal spirits! 🎅 . . . . #MakeItWithMoonshine #HansenSpirit

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Tomorrow, #BYF will launch 12 Days of Wellness on our page! . That’s 12 days of giveaways featuring 12 collaborating businesses we know and love from Dec 13th - 24th! . To win one of these giveaways, you must: 1. Follow both BYF and the contributing business 2. Like and tag a friend in the giveaway post you wish to win. . Contestants are not limited to enter one giveaway. In fact, the more you enter, the higher your chances are to win 2 #BYF2019 standard weekend tickets! . Each time you enter a giveaway from Dec 13 - 23rd. You will be entered that many times to win BYF’s giveaway on Dec 24th! . To get us warmed up, lululemon Banff’s Rockies Run Collective will be donating $25 to Santa’s Anonymous for every person that attends: The Monday night run (Dec17 at 630PM), meeting at the Banff Ave store. OR The Saturday morning run, meeting at their pop-up Fairmont store at 7AM! . Follow @rockiesruncollective for updates! . 📸: BYF Classic by

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Another year has come and gone. Here are the top nine post chosen by my wonderful followers. Can you take a guess at what my favourite subjects to photograph are......? 😊

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A #temple ⛩in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰. “ It’s not down in any map; true places never are! ✈️🌎.

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First time checking out ice in the ghost this weekend, what a wild place! Here's Haydy leading the way up Anorexia 👻📷: @climbthatpitch

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Imprints in the dark at Abraham Lake under a wash of aurora filled skies! ....................................... Check out @sarahlyndsayphotography and her photo from this spot! We are offering a workshop together next June here in The Canadian Rockies! (June 2-8) - more details at the link in my bio if you would like to join 😊

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Surrounded by a lifetime’s worth of jaw-dropping sights and adventures, the world famous Lake Louise is a rare place that must be experienced to be believed. You couldn’t ask for more natural beauty every time you open your eyes in Banff 🙌👌 . . . #lakelouise #banff #banffnationalpark #alberta #travelalberta #canada #canadianrockies #glacierlake #turquoise #emerald #waters #fairmont #chateau #rugged #mountains #peaks #glacier #dramatic #beautiful #mtvictoria #beautifuldestinations #worldfamous #lake #nature #naturegram #naturelovers #hiking #stayoutdoors #surreal #traveler

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Can't commit to a long term relationship? Skip the plastic next time you go through a check out. ____________________⠀ Tell our Mayor @Nenshi and our city councillors that we’re worried about human health and plastics! Write, email, or call your councilors --> link in bio! ____________________⠀ #crushplastic #greenhero #travelalberta #banthebagyyc #banthebag #plasticbagban #plasticpollution #explorecanada #greencalgary #ourplanetourhome #choosetoreuse #rethink #ecofriendly #zerowaste #yyc #calgary #alberta #canada #yyclife #yycbuzz #yyclocal #calgarylife #calgaryliving #thinkgreen #actonclimate #green #greenlife #recycle #noexcuseforsingluse #reducereuserecycle

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Throwback to fall, and as always cute as heck bridges. 🍂

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And his head grew 3 sizes that day 😛 Been playing around more with my camera and trying new things - so why not try and make one of the most photographed structures in Calgary a little unique?

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When you are outside, you are free. Free from the burden of what task to do next, what tasks you haven’t done, who you need to phone and how you are going to get it all done this week. You are free from all of that. Those are mountain moments to remember, that’s why we go outside. #rockymountaindog #nsdtr #canmore #getoutside

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Happy Belated International Mountain Day 12/12 ⛰ And if you think I’ve seen this picture before I can assure you, you haven’t. I’m standing here and sitting in the other, big difference, like bigly different 😂

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Today is International Mountain Day, established 15 years ago by the UN to identify sustainable development opportunities in the mountains and help manage its fragile ecosystems. I am sharing this photo from July of last year, as it was on this day that I truly began to understand how intertwined our lives are with nature and the environment we exist in. How? The mountains showed me. On this trip, a solo scramble in the Kananaskis backcountry, I felt like I was able to tap into a tremendous amount of energy and life. For the first time, I truly believed that I was part of the landscape, the ecosystem; of the mountains. From that day, I knew that we as humans needed to stop drawing lines between us and nature, because we are very much nature itself. It is our duty as this planet's inhabitants to find ways to nurture, protect and love the very earth we stand on. Just because... #mountainsmatter . . . . . #explorealberta #explorecanada #travelalberta #adventure #allaboutadventures #kananaskis #mountains #mountainlife #pnwcollective #scrambling #wildernessculture #westcoast #nature #summer #getoutside #liveoutdoors #lifeofadventure #keepitwild #goexplore #roamtheplanet #visualscollective #stayandwander #keepitwild #exploretocreate #roam247 #thenorthface_climb #samsungphotography #backcountry

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Our 7K CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) holiday beef bags are available to order. Purchase a bag and you (and your guest) are invited to join us for a holiday lunch at the Ranch. Lunch will be prepared by Chef Joel Cumberland of Last Best Brewing and features Porter-braised beef short rib, creamy polenta, roasted root vegetables from our root cellar and Last Best "There Will Be Porter" beer jus. You have a choice to sample a Last Best brew or a 7K Ranch cocktail made with premium Eau Claire Distillery spirits. Last Best Brewing & Distilling Eau Claire Distillery cōchu chocolatier Your order of lean 7K Longhorn beef comes in a reusable insulated tote. True to a Community Supported Agriculture offering the tote contains a variety of cuts to provide a sampling of lean Longhorn beef. Your bag will have 10-12 lbs total and can include 1-2 rib eye, tenderloin and NY strip steak, 1-2 skirt , flank or minute streak, 1-2 chuck, inside round or cross rib roast; 5- 6oz burgers, 6 smokies and 5oz beef jerky. We include a recipe card incorporating the Longhorn beef created by Chef Joel Cumberland. Also included in the tote are a few culinary extras of homemade BBQ sauce and jam. Thank you for your continued interest in 7K Ranch and Community Supported Agriculture. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday December 15th between 11:30am and 2pm. 🎄Link to order in bio🎄 The 7K Team Mike, Deb, Diane, Jeff, Janet and Daniel #alberta #ranchlife #horsesofinstagram #travelalberta #explorecanada #ourplanetdaily #nature