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57 minutes ago

love love love

59 minutes ago

She looks so beautiful 😍

1 hour ago

i’m so soft for her

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2 hours ago

My favourite redhead 🍊❣️

3 hours ago

happy birthday nilou !! i love you with all my heart and i am so glad i met you, in the past year me n you have been through so much but we always stick together and we're always here for eachother and im so grateful for that. you've made life so much easier to handle. im happy to call you my best friend, you're absolutely amazing and i hope you have a really good day. i was gonna make an edit for you but you're a bitch with no photos of herself - bari :)

5 hours ago

The lovely lady working the @castrotheatre ticket booth today for the Troop Beverly Heels show.

5 hours ago

Brian Firkus 💞💖💕💝💗

10 months ago

🎀 Hi, I'm the 12th step that always sends you spiraling back down, Trixie Mattel 🎀 ❤️ And I'm the visual depiction of untreated mental illness, Katya ❤️ • Makeup look inspired by @trixiemattel and @katya_zamo

10 months ago

🎀 If you can’t find the fire exit, you didn’t want to live Linda 🎀 • Makeup look inspired by @trixiemattel