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5 days ago

Happy Valentines Day! I'm so happy I'm celebrating with my beautiful girlfriend @annadouangphachanh who has been my adventure partner for the last 3+ years now. I love her so much for a variety of reasons, but for the purposes of this post, I love her for braving cold temperatures, early mornings, long hikes up and down mountains, and of course cold water (like in this photo - she was freezing!) to help get the shot! I can't wait for more adventures with you in the months and years to come!

6 days ago

β€œSmile, it the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart; brings joy and kindness. And, a kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.” Anthony De’Angelo & Washington Irving 🧑 There was nothing that brought more smiles and joy than exploring the canyons while I was on my tour of Arizona last spring. I was in awe of the different shapes created by the walls of antelope canyon. I particularly love this shot of the heart and the memory of a wonderfully happy day it brings. I enjoy reliving this feeling when I see this photo and I love the smile it brings! 🧑 Happy Valentine’s Day! Hopes it’s full of joy, kindness and lots of smiles! #ExploreArizona #VisitArizona #UnrealAZContest #desert #arizonadesert #westbysouthwest #igsouthwest #naturegramy #shotwithpride #natures_marvels #idhikethatcrew #wondermore #allbeauty_addiction #navajo #navajonation #antelopecanyon #canyon #valentinesday2019 #heartshape #heartsinnature #heartshaped #travelusa #bestnatureshot #bewild #wildme #wildernesstones #agameoftones #hikingheart #alltrails #exploremore

1 month ago

So, after I recalibrated my monitor I have been slowly going through photos to see if they actually look like I want them to look. You can see the before of this image a few posts back, along with the story behind it. . This photo from Ironwood is finally exactly how I want it, and I can say I’m officially done and ready to share it with you all. I have also been able to print this and happy to say it is had become my first successful print of the Milky Way!! 🌌 🌌 #arizonasky #unrealazcontest #netgeotravel #arizonacollective #nightphotography #tucsonaz #tucsonarizona #milkywaygalaxy #milkywaychasers

1 month ago

I feel pretty lucky to have been able to row this ditch twice in 2018. The permit holder on my first trip liked to tell us β€œback on the sticks” anytime she felt we were taking our time more than necessary. We all joked a bit about it. Now I’m counting down the weeks until March when I can get back on the sticks again!

2 months ago

There aren’t many things quite as relaxing as the sound of white water and the glow of these canyon walls.

2 months ago

Hey look, the ledge hole. I just put a link in my bio to a carnage compilation of that rapid visible near the bottom of the frame. Fair warning, you might want the volume off if there are kids around.