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🇳🇱Heelnederland_fotografeert presenteert u: @alexdehaan.photography Gefeliciteerd met je feature bij ons!👏🏆🇳🇱 🔴 ⚪ 🔵 ❗Deel met ons je mooiste foto's doormiddel ons te volgen en de tags @heelnederland_fotografeert & #heelnederland_fotografeert & #hn_f te gebruiken❗ •🇳🇱🏆🇳🇱🏆🇳🇱🏆🇳🇱🏆🇳🇱🏆🇳🇱🏆🇳🇱🏆🇳🇱🏆🇳🇱 • Foto gekozen door: @fackphotos Heelnederland_fotografeert team: 📍Owner: @photo.sabine 📍Mod & admin's : @fackphotos & @memoirefotografiemargalubberts & @anitavhh_fotografie @hit.that.shutter & @pieter.roest Kijk eens bij onze vrienden hubs: @super_holland @igholland @ig_discover_holland @instaveluwe @holland_photolovers @dutch_connextion @zonnig_nederland @hollandinbeeld @worldwide_moods

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Plain plane

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Panorama City

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Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 "LA to Chicago" & Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 "NYC to Paris" Relese date: 05/25/19 Personally prefer the more subtle "NYC to Paris" colorway. Comment your favorite⬇️

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In the market

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Super psyched to share this series of stills from a travel video I’ve shot in the Kansai area of Japan. I’ve been working on it for quite a while and doing selects from two weeks worth of footage is painstaking. Still far from finishing but I wanted to share some stills as swiftly as I can. A word of caution: this will be another month of upload so I suggest you unfollow if this type of content will annoy you. Otherwise, enjoy! 😀 - Candidly took this shot of a man on his phone in Namba. The backdrop was gorgeous and I can’t resist taking a snap of this one. - #osaka #大阪 #오사카 #일본 #namba #도톤보리 #오사카여행 #일본여행 #心斎橋 #道頓堀 #kansai #梅田 #日本 #関西 #japantrip #난바 #ミナミ #bikes #businessman #travelfilm #asia #streetphotography #streetphoto #urbanandstreet #lensculture #ig_street #urbanphotography #people #streetshared

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USA 192

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All the way down

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L’existence c’est aussi la trace qu’on laisse là où l’on passe.

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Space age 🌌

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I live in void between “the guy she deserves” and “the man I used to be”. Tethered to reality by the idea that love nonsensical and true love is only something that exists in fiction... I’m off balance |•

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Into the night

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Put your hands on the air. . Today evening was the day I would never miss yes I was alone to enjoy the evening but I was gone crazy. Today was weakened last day I was waiting for this day from the day first of the weak. . I feel tired but when you listen music you get relaxed and feel stressfree so today I am going to tell you how music impact in our life. . Sometimes music motivates you have you ever seen this like when people doing their workout they used to listen music because music motivates them. Sometimes your favourite song selection is actually linked to your emotional mood because your top favourite song selection in your Playlist is not your favourite because it has the beats, lyrics or singer but your favorite song is your favourite because it associates an emotional event or any memory related to the song. . Now it's time to go to home and the same day as like always will start from tomorrow. But anyways I will be looking for peace everyday everywhere. . Now its time to share your thoughts what do you think about your daily Work were you looking for peace in your day to day life? . #mkexplore #shotzdelight #rsa_streetview #vscoportrait #urbanandstreet #gearednomad #uncalculated #symmetricalmonsters #quietthechaos #thecreative #yngkillers #seemycity #skyporn #sunsetsniper #skylovers #sunrise_and_sunsets #sunsets #sunset_hub #sunsetlovers #instasunsets #all_sunsets #sunsethunter #sunset_madness #sunset_stream #focalmarked

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"Often remind yourself that God is with you." - St. John Baptist De La Salle, Letter 47

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My Artwork

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