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3 minutes ago

Gettin’ dirty for thirty, that smile says it all • 👑🌿 #birthdayweekend . . . So long 20’s, it’s been a slice!

3 minutes ago

Oh baby! I’m stocked up on small pouches and natural keyfobs, and I’ll have some black keyfobs ready to go tomorrow. 💥 Also working on a couple ideas for dog collars, shoot me a message for orders!!! 💥 Key fobs $30 Pouches $40 Dog Collars TBD

11 minutes ago

Reason #1 ,651 why Bowser is awesome: the long-running annual Lawnmower Rodeo put on by the local Legion. Great to see lots of young families joining the masses at this fun events!

11 minutes ago

So fitting to find this today on the trail up to the Campbell River Lookout. A heart shaped ROCK! So cool. Definitely was a full heart weekend. Vitamin nature was at its best. Very thankful to my legs for allowing me to enjoy two days of "punishment ;)" and so nice to catch up with some friends in the process. The things we do for fun!!! Grateful and blessed. Feeling in need of a weekend from the weekend...still smiling ear to ear. #trailfun #naturetime #trailrunning #traineatsleeprepeat #dowhatmakesyoufeelalive #grateful #outdoorfun #beautifulbc #islandlife #hikeandrun #fullheart #happyrunner #goodlife #vancouverisland #campbellriverbc

21 minutes ago

Was lucky enough to have a friend take me to a local swimming hole on the island dubbed the Quarry, which used to be an old limestone quarry that hit an underground spring and closed in 1980 #vancouverisland #explorebc #swimminghole

26 minutes ago

Summer days, perfect heat, great adventure, and a wonderful time ▪ ▪ ▪ Facts below ▪ 1/2 people in this photo survived with only minor sunburns 1/1 photographer did not make it unburned(became lobster) 10/10 would do again ▪ Recommendations below ▪ Bring sunscreen, or better yet, put it on before going 🕶☀️ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ #lakecowichan #river #sunny #water #cowichanriver #sky #tubes #fun #summer #hot #swimming #vancouverisland #sunburn #bringsunscreen

28 minutes ago

Got this coffer cup for the roomie. It basically says "don't look for me" 😁🤛 Got it in knowlton, Qc in a store call "Le Panier Champêtre"

30 minutes ago

The adventure begins! 🇨🇦

34 minutes ago

Blue Elderberry / Twana ( Sambucus Cerulea ) . This is one of the most amazing native plants here and has so many uses aside from looking beautiful. Generally in mid August you can find this shrub growing in shady well drained areas or sometimes along the side of the road or on open hillsides. This shrub is a safe haven for many birds and small critters as it provides cool shade in the hot summer months. The berries which are safe to eat when they are frosted blue contain many medicinal benefits like providing a decent source of Vitamin A,B and C as well as minerals and bioflavonoid compounds that will boost your immune system and strengthen your eyes and kidneys. Many people still use these berries to make syrup or in various baking and candies. The entire plant was used by First Nations people for thousands of years as a food source. The twigs made excellent arrows for hunting and the leaves were mashed and applied to burns. The leaves also are a excellent mosquito repellent if you can tolerate the mild smell. Another well known use is the flower which blooms in spring which makes a pleasant tea and is used in many edibles. The stems can be used once dried to make flutes and whistles which gives the shrub the name “ The Tree of Music “. The berry juice can be collected and used as a blue dye for fabrics and wool. #blueelderberry #sambucuscerulea #elderberry #nativeplants #plantsofbc #plantsofvancouverisland #ethnobotany #medicinalplants #vancouverisland #foraging #wildberriesofbc #wildberries #naturaldye #twana

37 minutes ago

My haul from the Merville Community Association 8th Annual Garlic Fest on Vancouver Island (sans the Garlic Peanut Butter I forgot on the kitchen counter from Nut Valley.)⠀ ⠀ I loved stopping and supporting so many amazing local business while hanging with a great friends. ⠀ ⠀ Special shout out to Arzeena from Amara Farms for sharing her knowledge about garlic growing and care during last year's Garlic 101 Workshop at the Compost Education Center in Campbell River. ⠀ ⠀ This year I bought Susan Delafield, Endurance, & Korean Purple garlic for next year's harvest. ⠀ ⠀ What is your favorite garlic to grow and why? I would love to know.

39 minutes ago

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. For those of you on the water... 🛥 or ⛵️? #smartboats

49 minutes ago

What’s your favourite way to eat honey? We’ve been dreaming up ideas for how we’ll use the raw honey - so far naturally fermented honey wine and a medicinal fermented honey garlic are my top two. Would love to know your fav honey products!

52 minutes ago

Sometimes ya just gotta see where the current takes you. 🌊