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3 hours ago

Kitty shirts are here!!! Art by @scherwil , design and printing by @fullbleedmfg ! $25 and all the profits will support my Drag Me to Hell costuming, set pieces, gore, and more!! I'll have them available for purchase at Play but if you preorder through my venmo ( @kittystvincent ) you'll also get a surprise free gift! 💖 just write your size in the tagline! If you want it shipped I can do that too! Rep this ghoul and help me snatch a crown👹

5 hours ago

From meatballs to rosebuds, this week’s LaLaPaRuZa runway served Ruvenge on an All Star platter 👑 Swipe thru to see all ten of your #AllStars4 queens strut the main stage before the lip sync smackdown of the season 💅 Watch it all go down now on #WOWPresents Plus in select territories!

7 hours ago

You wanna talk about core strength? Let’s talk about CORE STRENGTH 💋 Watch the full #AllStars4 lipsync LaLaPaRuZa eleganza NOW in select territories on #WOWPresents Plus! And girl, grab the popcorn, grab the wine, grab your inhaler, because this one is MAJOR. 💫

9 hours ago

The DRAMA of it all! 💋 #AllStars4 is airing NOW on the East Coast, y’all ready for the most dramatic challenge in #DragRace herstory? 👀 Watch it now on @VH1 + catch it right after on #WOWPresents Plus in select territories~

11 hours ago

“The Queen of Melbourne™️”- O.R.

11 hours ago

I’m a fan of 🍆 on my face...too bad it’s just as my brow color. 🤣😭 • • • | 🤡: @vag4short | | 📸: @moodyshark |

11 hours ago

i love them so much. 💕😍

11 hours ago

it may not be tuesday, but i do like attention 🤷🏻‍♂️➡️🤷🏼‍♀️

15 hours ago

🤖 THIS SUNDAY 🤖 YALL DONT WANNA MISS IT!!! I’ll be doing the number i thought of doing even before I started drag, and I can’t wait to showcase it at its 100%!!!

15 hours ago

Κυρίες μου!!! Την Κυριακή 20.01.2019 κ ωρα 17,30 σας περιμένουμε για τη κοπή πίτας της παρέας μας Yves Rocher!! Εκπλήξεις κ δωράκια Γενάρη 2019!!!! Στο καφέ ΝΟΤΟΣ!!!!! #beautycare #caffetime #evening_time #wowpresents

16 hours ago

So it’s been 1 week since I got 3rd place at open call and yeah... I’M SILL A PIECE OF GARBAGE

16 hours ago

Have I told you this week ... yellow is my fav color 💛🌕🌝☀️ 📸: @moodyshark 💇🏼‍♀️: original wig @aurorasexton but bob cut and restyle by me and the Maniacs lol (thanks aurora for the wig 😘)

23 hours ago

this jacket is so elegant 😍

1 day ago

Cue the telenovela music 🙊 The eliminated queens of #AllStars4 rejoin the competition this week for a lipsync LaLaPaRuZa extravaganza and the CONFLAMA 👏 IS 👏 REAL 👏 Don’t miss the Ruvenge on tomorrow’s #DragRace at 8/7c on @VH1 + catch it right after in select territories on #WOWPresents Plus! 👑

1 day ago

So happy that I got to do Yellow Rose USofA Newcomer! Be sure to come out and show lots of love and support at Nationals in August for Miss Gay USofA Newcomer! Thank you @queenevadeleon for being such a great mentor at the pageant and being so loving! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #gay #gayboy #dragqueen #drag #dragmakeup #atx #atxlife #austin #austintx #rupaulsdragrace #rupaul #rpdr #rpdr11 #rpdrallstars4 #rpdr12 #makeup #showgirls #showgirl #love #hearts #thecastingfirm #worldofwonder #wowpresents #logotv #logo #qwerrrkout

1 day ago

Ocelot–it’s a lot. 👑 @ageofaquaria and @bradgoreski are getting extra AF goin’ thru her legendary looks in today’s brand new episode of ICONIC 💅 Touch the fashion NOW on #WOWPresents Plus!

1 day ago

do i look like i would punch you in your mouth? good. i would love to. 🖤✨👅 • • 📸: @itsaudreycortez

1 day ago

actual woman alert at the meet and greet!!