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17 hours ago

Ask @stephaniegoto about her work, and the Manhattan designer talks ingredients. “There’s not one way to understand a material,” she says, pointing out a shiny black table in her rooftop studio on Union Square. The sparkling jewel-box workspace that she has devised for herself and her staff is set in a caretaker’s shed that was once part of creative-polymath Jean-Paul Goude’s apartment. The grain of the Douglas-fir floor floods the space like rippling water. (The same honey-blond planks have been used for shelves that hold Goto’s collection of plumb bobs.) The exposed-metal superstructure appears covered with suede, thanks to @benjaminmoore ’s Distant Gray, Goto’s signature paint; Flemming Lassen chairs are clad in fluffy sheepskin; and a vintage Charlotte Perriand door leads to a tiny chamber where a team member can ruminate as a beam of sunlight traces the space. Take a closer look inside the space via the link in our bio. Photo by Christopher Sturman; text by @adaesthete

22 hours ago

Built in the 1980s, the Doolittle house by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg is organic architecture at its sublime and also at its most dramatic. The underlying shape is soft and rounded like a pebble, and yet, like a desert plant, the house has an overarching spikiness to it. It is surrounded by a foreboding fence made of numerous metal blades that point upward. Its front door looks like a medieval portcullis. Inside there are no traditional windows; instead, light seeps in through the gaps in the ribbed roof overhead. Boulders and parts of the rocky land are integrated into the walls. The master bathroom backs into the hill and has a waterfall that trickles down the boulders. All these details blend to create a unique sense of being both inside and outside, and was what attracted writer @kristopherdukes and her Facebook executive husband Matt Jacobson ( @mfj20th ) to it when they first came to view it in 2015. “It looked like a desert mirage,” reflects Dukes. “I couldn’t believe that something so radical and beautiful could actually be built.” Learn more about the iconic home and take a look inside through the link in our profile. Photo by @elizabethdaniels01 ; text by @tom___morris

1 day ago

As the daughter of @degournay founder Claud Cecil Gurney, it was natural for @hannahcecilharden to design almost every room in her family’s London home from the walls in. “All relatively new designs,” she says. “For me, it’s fun to use wallpapers that people haven’t seen so much.” (Coveted for its couture artisanship, de Gournay is highly sought after among top designers and tastemakers, who wait months for each paper to be rendered by hand.) For the couple’s bath, she chose a paper of pink flamingos to which she added an ombré yellow effect at the top, even lining the shower in it. “I was quoted some crazy price for marble, and I remember my dad saying, ‘That’s ridiculous. Just put wallpaper inside, glaze it, and install a glass shower on top.’ It makes the room feel much bigger because the shower kind of becomes invisible.” The wallcovering is coordinated with a terrazzo floor, sconces by the @urbanelectricco and @reidandwright mirrors. Click the link in our bio to see more of the home. Photo by @douglasfriedman ; text by @janekeltnerdev

1 day ago

The Mexico City apartment of @rodmanprimack of @rpmiller and Rudy Weissenberg sits in a high-rise they’d long admired, designed by Augusto Álvarez in the early 1950s. A handful of slick ’70s pieces Weissenberg had inherited from his Guatemalan grandparents serves as the backbone of the interior, including Afra and Tobia Scarpa’s trippy caramel leather lounge seating, which now commands the living room, above. To round things out, they decided to shop locally. As they began visiting artists and designers around the city, Primack notes, “we realized that there’s so much great design happening in Mexico right now, but not really a platform for it. It just became clear that this would be something exciting for both of us to work on together.” And why not? Their new collaboration, @agoprojects , debuted in September and will represent a stable of contemporary creators and aid in the realization of new work. Also adorning the living room, above, are wicker armchairs by @fabien.cappello , an @ana.sgv painting, a custom marble cocktail table by Weissenberg, and a custom rug by Take a tour of the space via the link in our profile. Photo by @stephenkentjohnson ; text by @samedford

1 day ago

Art lovers, prepare to take a dip. On the grounds of Edinburgh’s @jupiterartland sculpture park, Portuguese artist @joana_vasconcelos_official has unveiled Gateway, a flower-like swimming pool lined with nearly 11,400 azulejo tiles. From above, the permanent installation reads like a drop of water with six petals, each representing a member of the Wilson family, which founded the estate. But the pool’s sinuous form also relates to the site, thought to be an intersection of the leylines—or ancient energy paths—that some believe link spiritual loci around the world. “We’re connecting the elements, sky and earth, with water,” explains Vasconcelos, who based the vibrant tilework, custom made in Portugal, on her own and the Wilsons’ astrological charts. Learn more about the project via the link in our profile. Photo by Allan Pollok Morris; text by @efazzare

2 days ago

Situated on the @jameshyattstudio –designed grounds behind @kourtneykardash ’s residence in Calabasas, CA is a modern playhouse for her and Scott Disick’s three children. Fashioned from ipe wood to match the property’s pergolas, the playhouse is decidedly more modern than the @poosh founder’s Italian-influenced home, but there’s a freshness to it that enhances the sprawling estate. Watch the full Open Door tour through the link in our profile.

2 days ago

Branden Williams, a luxury real estate broker at @williamsandwilliams , had been searching for a designer for his dream home, purchased with his wife and business partner, Rayni. Located in the historic Trousdale Estates neighborhood of Beverly Hills—once the stomping ground of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Groucho Marx—the Williamses’ new house was designed by iconic midcentury architect Jack Charney. “We wanted the house to be an homage to Trousdale’s midcentury heyday but more over-the-top and funky, without any rules,” notes Williams. “Think Slim Aarons meets ‘Casino.’” In spite of meeting several top designers, he was unable to find a fit, until one night he stumbled across rockstar @lennykravitz ’s @kravitz_design website. “I stayed up for four hours looking at the site, until 3 a.m., and thought, Oh, my God, this is our designer.” Fortuitously, Williams spied Kravitz on the road the next day and decided to seize the moment, making an illegal U-turn, speeding up beside the rock legend and delivering his pitch. As soon as Williams established he was not a “crazy stalker fan,” the two realized they shared a common vision. According to Kravitz, “My design aesthetic can go in many different directions depending on the client and the project, but where Branden and I align is in the extravagant and bold expression of 1970s Los Angeles glamour.” Go inside the finished home via the link in our profile. Photo by @trevortondro ; text by @kamalanair

2 days ago

Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen had clear objectives when it came to furniture design: “It must be classic, in the sense of responding to an often recurring need.” One such need emerged in the mid-1950s, while he was designing dining furniture for @knollinc. “I wanted to clear up the slum of legs,” he said, speaking of the unsatisfactory undercarriages he observed in the chairs and tables of his day. The streamlined, mass-producible table concept he presented to Knoll scrapped the legs altogether. Instead, the Pedestal Collection’s star was a tabletop of wood veneer, marble, or plastic set atop a cast-aluminum swoop. Soon after its 1957 introduction, the Pedestal table was everywhere, from modern homes across the nation to commercial interiors. Copies emerged, too, but Knoll continues to produce the originals in varying sizes and finishes (from $2,221) for designers such as the #AD100 ’s @tomscheerer. Learn more of the story behind the iconic design through the link in our profile. Photo of a Pedestal dining table for Knoll in an @axelvervoordt -decorated 19th-century London home by @mpaulfoto , courtesy of @living_inside_agency ; text by @_h_mart_

3 days ago

Decorator @francesreathmerrill of Los Angeles–based @reathdesign has a reputation for fearlessness when it comes to color and pattern. But she met her match in clients @frankieshaw , creator of the @showtime comedy “SMILF”, and her husband, television writer Zach Strauss. “They really tested my limits,” Merrill confesses, describing the jubilant Franklin Hills home she designed for the young couple. Swathes of terra-cotta, yellow, green, and blue, strategically set against a kaleidoscopic array of fabrics and wallpapers, create an ambience that feels joyous and uplifting. Says Merrill, “It takes discipline to design a rainbow house that doesn’t look terrifying.” See more of the home through the link in our profile. Photo by @laurejoliet ; text by @mayer.rus

3 days ago

The oft-photographed @apple glass cube on 5th Avenue and 59th Street has been under renovation since early 2017 and will finally reopen to the public on Friday, September 20. An exclusive first look at the newly renovated cube shows how @fosterandpartners , in collaboration with Apple, used smart design to provide guests the best experience possible. The plaza above the store now features 18 shiny Skylenses (a term Apple has coined for them) which reflect blue skies, scudding clouds, and the series of vertical buildings surrounding the plaza. Below, however, is where the effect can really be realized. "We wanted to completely dematerialize the roof of the store and flood the interior space with daylight," says Stefan Behling, the Head of Studio at Foster + Partners. "The Skylenses literally bring the skies underground and the innovative tunable white light ceiling allows us to match the exact wavelengths of sunlight at different times of day, blurring the boundary between inside and outside." Adds Jony Ive, Apple's chief design officer, "The Fifth Avenue store means a great deal to me personally. Originally, it was about solving the challenging problem of getting light down to a sub-terrain space: our solution with the glass cube eventually became iconic." Learn more about the renovation through the link in our profile. Photo shot on iPhone 11 Pro by @oharpaz ; text by @iamnickmafi

3 days ago

English-born music sensation @charli_xcx has inhabited this charactered manse since she relocated from London to L.A. in 2015. She has since decorated its three floors (and four bedrooms) with bold-colored furnishings—and close friends. “I feel like it’s the people in your home that make it a home,” she says. The retro residence is Tudor-influenced, featuring details like dark-wood beams and diamond-shaped windows—a warm and welcome sense of the U.K. on the West Coast. “It’s funny that I moved across the world and still ended up in an archetype of a British house,” she comments. “I liked that this was an old place and immediately loved it. I love the dark wood. I love that it’s a little creepy and weird. It just felt really right for me.” Take a look inside the singer’s home via the link in our profile. Photo by @timhirschmann ; text by @elizabethquinnbrown

4 days ago

After falling in love with Portugal’s Alentejo region, textile designer @carolinairving purchased a plot of land to build her own retreat there. She writes about the experience in our October issue: “My great indulgence was the living room floor, for which I chose hexagonal, handmade emerald-green tiles from a traditional workshop called Azulejos de Azeitão. I went and chose the exact shade of green, my favorite color. All the tiles are made by hand, so I had to wait a long time for them, but it was worth it. To be honest, the tiles were more expensive than anything else in the house! In a little nook under the stairs up to the roof terrace sits an Ikea sofa covered in sunflower-yellow cotton. Above it hangs a tapestry from Crete of the most beautiful crimson with multi-colored bouquets of flowers. It looks totally at home with the rest of the objects, as I truly think that all crafts from southern Europe and the Balkans share a common thread.” Visit the link in our profile to see more of the home from @lisafinetextiles ’s new book “Near & Far: Interiors I Love” ( @vendomepress ). Photo by @miguelfloresvianna ; text and styling by @carolinairving