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3 days ago

Had press all day today in nyc and ran into my Queen @mariahcarey 😩🙌🏿 (i actually ran out of an interview with @claycane when i saw her🤦🏾‍♂️) i love her so much. Ps all new @empirefox tonight! Gonna be bomb. 👊🏿

4 days ago

@jadapinkettsmith just be knowing. And she almost gave herself the Holy Ghost cuz she knows she be knowing... I get too hyped. Hope everyone is doing better this week and ready to fight the good fight for love. ❤️

1 week ago

#WatchThis : co-wrote this song called #FUW with my brother @jimbeanzofficial and then I directed the video almost two years ago... sadly it seems even more relevant right now. We gotta do better in this world man. We are blessed enough to still be here. Let’s do something with that blessing and stop this madness now. Hearts and thoughts out to my people in #ThousandOaks Love y’all. #Borderline #Resist #MasksOff

1 week ago

Shoot at you actors like movie directors... tonight not only did i get to direct my psychotic family on @empirefox but i also had the honor of directing my real life big brother @jojosmollett as Karl Binyan... plus the introduction of @noblewood As #DamonCross. Hope you enjoy. Let’s live tweet in a minute. Love you @followfeliciad & @tpwestfall for the fun script. And listen to my babies @junesdiary song #takeMe in this episode. Ok that’s it. Love y’all. #empire ps... don’t let @tarajiphenson face fool you... she respects me and listened to everything i said 👀👍🏿

1 week ago

TRUTH(noun): the body of real things, events and facts; A transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality. Are you walking, speaking, living in yours? If not... start right now. Just a thought. Love y’all. #Truth ✊🏿 📷: @sharonmoryosef 👕: @apuje

2 weeks ago

15 hours in #Orlando stomping for Mayor and First Lady of #Tallahassee @andrewgillum and @rjaigillum to become Governor and First Lady for the state of #Florida. Ran with my sis-in-the-fight @erikaalexanderthegreat brother @common and the great @valeriebjarrett. Met some incredible activists, community organizers, Mothers and just concerned citizens. I am not a Floridian but i urge you all to get out and vote #GillumForGovernor. I am not a Georgian but I urge you to vote for @staceyabrams for Governor. See? This is bigger than us, a city, a state... this is about our entire nation. So let’s get to it. This Tuesday, November 6... go out and #VOTE. #BringItHome