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3 days ago

My lil boolala @gabby3shabby came to kill as a director and literally did just that. Proud of you and proud to be bossed around by you any episode of any show. Love you. #FollowTheBlackWomanYouShallGoFar 👍🏿❤️❤️❤️

3 days ago

Every word, every action still stands today. On what would’ve been your 90th... Happy birthday Dr. King. Grateful for your life. 🙏🏿 #MLK #KING 👑✊🏿👑

4 days ago

Once the government actually found a way to make money off of marijuana the “legal way”... there will now be mass production of it and they will be putting pesticides and hormones just like they do with our meats, fruits and vegetables to grow more, faster...with a bigger profit for them. MORAL TO THE STORY? As with anything... GROW YOUR OWN. Thank you for coming to MY TED talk. 👍🏿 ☕️ 🍵👀✊🏿 #YallProbablyWontSeeThisPost #RandomThoughtsOfClarity #ButWhatDoIKnow ? #StillSistersAndBrothersLockedUpForWeedChargesTho 🤔👀☕️📸 @rontyoung

1 week ago

Listen... this is not a test. Babygirl is 14. This👏🏿 is 👏🏿what👏🏿a👏🏿boss👏🏿looks👏🏿like! Celebrating and raising you up young queen @marsaimartin and mama queen @carolb_martin and pops and your whole fam/team. Keep rising and shining and showing the world how it’s done. Love y’all. Future of the industry. Future of the world. #Repost @carolb_martin ・・・ Ever, ever, ever @marsaimartin #proudmom black, White, male, female... ever. For a major studio full length motion picture. ✊🏽

1 week ago

Y’all help me wish a Happy 143rd birthday to one of my best friends in the world... my mofo @nolankutz. Whenever you see my hair on @empirefox looking right... that’s him... whenever I look like shizznit... that’s him too (I’m KIDDING!)😂😂😂 nah but this is a real, genuine, brother with a heart bigger than his head. Love you brother. Turn up central tonight. #HappyBirthdayHeaux #ThreeMuskaNiccas