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@andrewknapp   New book: Find Momo Across Europe 🔎🐶

4 days ago

Ordered some extra towels. Cute concierge.⁣ ⁣ On the road again, come by @hicklebees in San Jose today at 2PM and meet Momo and I, we’ll be talking about European things and Momo will bark for about 15 minutes I promise. ⁣ ⁣ Thanks for having us, @hotelzoefw ☁️. After a week of snowstorms and rain storms a fluffy bed and a warm shower feels like heaven.

5 days ago

You can spend your life trying to hold on to the good days and expel the bad. Regardless, each day will come and go as certain and steady as a wave. To watch a day end without regret or longing is to accept the day exactly as it comes, to know that it is the perfect day, exactly the day you were meant to hold. But damn I miss that day I sat under the stars on a hot summer night with a girl I liked and we saw a shooting star. And I don’t miss the kids that repeatedly called me a cow in high school and that day I finally snapped and tried to tackle one of them right when the teacher walked in and I got in trouble. That day can suck it.

5 days ago

You know what? Stuff your valentines in a sack and wish my dad a happy birthday. I always forget how old you are but I know it’s much older than I am. Happy birthday, Daddio. We oughta have another adventure together.

5 days ago

Happy Valentine’s Dog. 💞

1 week ago

Sunshine and concrete. 🌞

1 week ago

Finally wrapped up my #catalystdogs project, you can read a bit about it in the link in my stories. It was made possible with the help of the amazing compassionate people at @gohealthypaws. They fund a lot of amazing projects and really care about the wellness of our animals. I truly recommend them. There was no request for me to ask you to sign up for insurance, they just wanted to support my project. But these guys are great and I put the link in my story to sign up if you’re looking for pet insurance. PS. This is Cody and his border collie sheep ranchers. Read about them at and share your own story with the tag #catalystdogs #mamiya645

1 week ago

Find Momo & come to Sacramento tomorrow (Monday) to meet him. (Incredible Pets on Folsom at 3PM)

1 week ago

Still sneaking around Washington, such amazing events. I forget why I do this sometimes, and then a crowd shows up and listens and engages and it suddenly means something deeper. Tonight we’re on Bainbridge Island and there’s a storm about to hit but the event is still on. @eagleharborbooks at 6PM! If you don’t feel like risking the drive, don’t! We’ll leave signed books at the store you can pick up later. But if you wanna meet Momo, I don’t blame ya. UPDATE: I’ll be there at 5:30, due to weather.

1 week ago

-7°C (20°F) isn’t ideal for camping but it only gets warmer, right? Heading to @thirdplacebooks tonight in Seattle, details in my story highlights. Who’s gonna be there? Check out those curtains, my friend Jackie at @elpatchaembroidery made them. You should go check her patch work out.

1 week ago

This photo was taken from inside some ruins near Sorrento, Italy. But tonight we’re taking our tales to @village_books in Bellingham, WA. Come by if you’re in the area. More details in my story! So far I’m blown away by the feedback we’ve received about the book and it’s only day one. Thank you so much to all who are enjoying it and who have supported my along this journey. If you really loved it and want to give it a review over on Amazon or Barnes & Noble that would help me out a lot! PS. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

2 weeks ago

It’s book day! Get down to your local store and grab a copy! This book has so many contributors and I have so many thanks to give. To the friends I met along the way and everyone at my publisher and my agent and of course to Momo. So much went into this tiny little blip and I really hope you enjoy it. It’s fitting that the cover photo was taken atop a mountain in Switzerland 🏔 Give it a #FindMomoAcrossEurope tag if you share it ❤️

2 weeks ago

Find Momo in the snowy sunny slanted woods. Look I know it’s late and I already posted today but in anticipation of my book coming out tomorrow (!!!) I took a bunch of photos of Momo hiding in the snowy sunny woods. I thought you might like to practice. Let me know when you’ve found him in all three.